Probably, every person had a situation when his ears were scratching. If such a symptom does not bother often, then there is no special reason for concern. But when the itching in the ears - a constant phenomenon, it would not hurt to visit a doctor to determine the pathological process, which led to the development of unpleasant symptoms.


  • 1 reasons
  • 2 Removing attack
  • 3 How to treat the medicines
  • 4 Folk treatment
    • 4.1 oil garlic
    • 4.2 oil of lavender and calendula
    • 4.3 Celandine
    • 4.4 Hydrogen peroxide
    • 4.5 cider vinegar
    • 4.6 decoction of chamomile
    • 4.7 TincturePropolis

Causes of

Before starting to treat the symptoms, it is necessary to determine the underlying factor. There are following causes of pruritus in the ears:

  • Concentration of earwax in large quantities in the external auditory canal or the presence of the ear plug .To eliminate the itching in this case, you nee
    d to clean your ears or remove the cork. You can do this at home or in the doctor's office. ears are scraped inside
  • When diving, water can penetrate into the ear canal, resulting in itching. At the same time, a person feels that something is gurgling in his ear. If the liquid is in large quantities, you need to cover your other ear with your finger and tilt your head in the direction of the affected ear. Water should leave the ear canal itself.
  • Fungal diseases of the ears .This phenomenon is quite common today. At the same time, a person feels a strong and persistent itch. It can not be eliminated even after cleaning the ear canal. If there is a fungal disease, do not delay with a visit to the doctor. Only during the diagnosis the doctor will be able to determine the type of fungus and prescribe adequate therapy. It can be long and must be carried out in full accordance with the appointments.
  • Bacterial infection. As a rule, its development is affected by streptococci and staphylococci. They provoke the development of an acute inflammatory process in the external ear, in which there is an itch. The patient seems to have an extraneous object in his ear canal. He constantly scratches his ear, which results in wounding, and the infectious process spreads to other parts of the body. With this development of events, it is necessary to visit a doctor as soon as possible in order to understand the cause of the pathological process and choose an effective treatment regimen. ears are scratched
  • Limited or increased production of earwax, which is hereditary. If there is an excess of sulfur, it should be removed as often as possible so that it does not accumulate and does not cause itching. And in case of its lack, it is necessary to drip drops, which the doctor will appoint. Their action is aimed at stopping the excessive dryness of the ear canal and the resulting itching.
  • The appearance of pain and exudates from the external passage, accompanied by itching, may indicate otitis. This is an inflammatory process that damages the middle ear. This disease is characterized by painful sensations, which are firing and vomiting. Treatment should be comprehensive.
  • Allergy. In this pathological process, itching has a pronounced character. The symptoms can be managed after taking antihistamines and eliminating the symptoms of allergies. itches the ears inside what to do with it
  • Skin diseases, for example, eczema, can affect the occurrence of pruritus in the ears of .In addition, wet or dry crusts form in the ear canal.
  • Endocrine disorders, which include diabetes.
  • It is extremely rare for the occurrence of pruritus in the ears can affect ear mites and other parasitic ailments such as scabies.
  • If the itching in the ear is exhausting and not passing, then it can indicate a breakdown or mental illness.

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How to relieve an attack

You can heal the itch in your ears with the help of hygienic manipulations. It is necessary to perform all the actions very carefully, without using cotton buds. Then send a few drops of hydrogen peroxide to the ear canal. Lie down for 5 minutes on the side where the healthy ear is. Peroxide begins to react with sulfur, cleans and disinfects the auditory meatus. Then turn the ear down, parallel to the floor. Wait until excess fluid flows out. In the end, wipe the ear with clean fleece.

On the video, why the ears inside are very much itching:

How to treat medications

When the exact determination of the cause of the itching in the ears has been performed, the doctor makes a therapy regimen. Taking into account the nature of the ear disease, antifungal, antiviral, antihistaminic, antibacterial drugs can be used.

In case of detection of fungal infection, the doctor will prescribe to the patient medications that have an antifungal effect.

Here it is necessary to carry Ekonazol and Teryinafin. If itching occurs in the ears due to otitis media, it is necessary to take painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs in combination with antibiotics.



Otypaks ( instructions for use Otypaks for children, you can read in this article), Otynum ( and how to use ear drops Otinum for children, will help to understand this article), Normax and Fugentin remain the most effective ones. When the itching in the ears is caused by an allergy, the doctor will prescribe a comprehensive treatment.



This includes such drugs:

  • antihistamines - Tavegil, Loratadin,


  • sedatives - Valeriana, Pustyrnik,


  • non-hormonal agents for external use - Panthenol, Lanolin.


Folk medication

When the causes of itching inside the ear are single and there is no other symptomatology, then you can stop the unpleasant sensations with the help of proven folk medicine. Thanks to them, the itching should go away, and the patient will become less irritable.

Garlic oil

You can prepare it yourself. To do this, you need to take a few cloves of garlic, pass it through the garlic. Then add 50 ml of olive oil. Wait a day, filter, and then apply the soaked cotton swab in the prepared oil, insert it into the ear at night. garlic oil

Lavender and Calendula Oil

It is necessary to combine 3 drops of lavender and 10 ml of calendula tincture. Form a swab from the cotton wool, soak it in the resulting solution and install it in the ear canal for the night. You can use the mixture to treat the ear 3 times a day.


If the cause of itching in the ears is a fungus, then it can be treated with celandine. To get it, you need to take 10 g of grass, add 200 ml of boiling water. Wait 15 minutes, filter, and then drip in the ear canal 3 drops 2 times a day. And here is how treatment for adenoids in children with celandine occurs, is described in detail in this article.

Hydrogen Peroxide

To relieve the burning and itching symptoms inside the ear, it is necessary to treat the skin to remove bacteria and parasites. To obtain such a solution, you need to take 10-15 drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide. To drip their ears in the amount of 4 drops. Wait 15 minutes, then rinse the auditory canal thoroughly. But how to use hydrogen peroxide from sulfur plugs in the ears, is described in detail in this article. Apple vinegar

Apple Vinegar

It is used to treat the surface of the ear canal in order to disinfect the skin from harmful microorganisms, which lead to the development of itching and burning inside the ear.

Chamomile broth

Remove the causative agents of the fungus and stop the inflammation with a decoction of chamomile. After preparation of the drug solution with a pipette, send it into the ear in an amount of 5 drops. After this, tilt the head so that the solution back flows out. But how to use a chemist's chamomile for a cold, this article will help you understand.

Propolis tincture

This remedy is considered very effective in eliminating burning and itching in the ear, which occurs due to trauma to the ear cavity and penetration of the fungus. propolis tincture

In addition, tincture of propolis has a healing and anti-inflammatory effect. Used for washing the ear canal 2 times a day. But this procedure can be carried out only on the condition that there is no allergy to bee products.

Itching in the ear canal is an unpleasant symptom that can occur because of trauma or the presence of a pathological process. Today there is a mass of pharmacy and home remedies that successfully fight with unpleasant symptoms. But you can completely get rid of it only if the fundamental factor has been eliminated.