Do not follow the novelties of medicines. When a child begins to get sick, doctors immediately prescribe new medications to prevent addiction to the previous ones. And coming to the pharmacy, there is not always an opportunity to ask the pharmacist about their actions. Therefore, the Internet is an indispensable assistant in the explanation of not completely understandable instructions of the drugs. In this article, we will try to disclose the action and features of a unique tool - bioparox.

How to use Bioparox with laryngitis in children, please see this article.


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This drug is an antibacterial agent. Has a local effect on a number of infectious and inflammatory diseases associated with ENT - organs. This medicine has no toxic effect on the body, so it can be used by both pregnant women and children.

bioparox instructions for use for children

Bioparox is presented in the

form of an aerosol, the main component of which is fusafungin - a polypeptide antibiotic. Its effectiveness is proved by numerous clinical studies. It prevents the occurrence of complications.

He himself acts locally and does not spread his treatment to the whole body. This drug should be used from the first days of illness, do not be afraid that it is an antibiotic.

How to correctly use Bioparox in angina is indicated in the article.

It's better to be safe and not start a disease. The same runny nose that does not pass within a week can be caused by viruses that are deeply embedded in the body. And bacteria can join them, which permanently inhabit the mucous respiratory organs. All this can eliminate bioparox.

On the photo - instruction on the use of bioparox for children and adults:


Those suffering from sinusitis should resort to using this medication at the first signs of a malaise and then do not have to take other antibacterial drugs that will have negative effects on the body as a whole. It can be used for chronic rhinitis, bronchitis, laryngitis and stomatitis. However, if after a week of aerosol treatment the inflammatory process does not go away, then it is necessary to consult a doctor and it is possible to switch to a general treatment of the whole organism.

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Need to know

than to replace a bioparox with a child

Can I use bioparox to treat children under one year? Bioparox is prescribed for children who have reached the age of 2.5 years. Smaller children should not be used because inhalation of this aerosol can cause laryngospasm in them. This is a reduction in the glottis. It serves as a passage for the air that enters the lungs, so breathing may break. For a child, treatment with antibiotics should take place under the supervision of a doctor.that is, children 3 4 years in the absence of contraindications the doctor can safely prescribe the drug.

Before using the drug on the bottom of the aerosol bottle, it is necessary to press four times and check its operation.

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In case of a cold, inhalation with the drug is done through the nose. Before instilling the nasal canals should be thoroughly cleaned, especially with green snots. To fix on the balloon with the composition a special nozzle for the nose( transparent, intended for children).The bottle should be held vertically, holding it between the fingers, while the nozzle should be placed upwards. After all the preparations, it is necessary to insert the nozzle neatly into one nostril, simultaneously holding the second nasal canal with your fingers and closing your mouth. Then take a deep breath through the nose and press hard on the bottom of the vial. It turns out that the inspiration is accompanied by the injection of the medicine. This is especially important. The drug should be injected specifically on inhalation, and not vice versa.

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With laryngitis, tonsillitis and pharyngitis, inhalations are carried out through the oral cavity. The mouthpiece( white) is put on the balloon and inserted into it. The bottle must be held vertically slightly inclined, and the mouthpiece tightly clamped. Then you need to perform a powerful breath and at the same time strongly press the bottom of the bottle so that the aerosol can well water the tonsils and larynx. When inhaling, air seizes droplets of the drug and carries them to all upper respiratory tracts.

In bronchitis and tracheitis, aerosol is applied through the mouth. In the manner described above. But in the case of these diseases, before using the drug, you must first clear your throat, clearing up your throat. Then, inhale deeply the aerosol particles and hold them in for a few seconds, so that the bronchi and trachea are completely irrigated.

Bioparox in some cases can be effective even when coughing. He will be able to penetrate into the most remote parts of the bronchi and identify the causative agent of a cough. Inhalation is also done through the mouth.

The drug is administered four times a day. Children at one time should try to make from 2 to 4 injections. bioparox with how many years can children, an essential issue of parents.

Every day after the end of inhalations for the night, the nozzles should be disinfected. This action is carried out with a cotton swab dipped in 90% alcohol, if it is not, then the usual vodka will do. In no case can it be replaced with ammonia or salicylic alcohol. Although they have common names - alcohol, the principle of their actions is different.

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It is also necessary to know that a topical antibiotic can not be used for more than 10 days. Because a prolonged course of treatment can lead to generalization of the infection, and after this will require the intervention of more powerful antibiotics. If within a week there is no improvement in the condition of the sick child, then it is necessary to change the treatment and use complex therapy.

The opinion of Dr. Komarovsky EO O.

He believes that all viral diseases must pass by themselves, without drug intervention. Bioparox is an antibacterial drug and it is not needed in case of a viral infection at all. If a child has a reddish throat, this does not indicate a diagnosis. After all, he does not have snot. Angina one Bioparoks not cured, it should be used in conjunction with other drugs. In the acute form of chronic tonsillitis, the local use of an antibiotic or an antibacterial agent( other than conjunctivitis and purulent otitis media) is a misconception of medicine.

than gargle with purulent angina child

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The video tells about, at what age can bioparox be used for children:

The average price of Bioparox is 450 rubles. But its quality and efficiency pays for it. Especially if the drug was used at the very beginning of the disease, then the duration of the disease can be significantly reduced. And if you use this drug in combination with other drugs, you can eliminate the causes of the disease faster than the strongest antibiotics.


  • Olga, 28 years old: " The first visit of my daughter's kindergarten coincided with the appearance of the eye teeth. The first symptoms were snot and cough. I left her at home and called a doctor. I was confused by the fact that an incredible fit of coughing began in the sitting position and she was gasping for breath. According to the doctor because of the cutting teeth in the nasopharynx babies accumulated a lot of mucus, and cough - is a protective reaction, preventing this sputum from getting onto the bronchi. We were prescribed Aflubin, vitamins and Bioparox. The last drug I heard for the first time and did not know why he was discharged. As it turned out - an antibiotic in the form of an aerosol, which helped together with other medicines to save the daughter from a cold and cough. I did her inhalations with him alternately in the mouth, then in the nose. "
  • Marina, 40 years old: " I have two children and my oldest son was always sick. I always listened to the advice of doctors and stuffed it with all the drugs that they wrote us, without understanding their effects on the body. At a usual ORVI at times discharged set of additional medicines for a liver, an intestine, and also from an allergy. Now I have become more experienced, and when the second child appeared, I began to monitor the effectiveness of the funds used. At the slightest doubt, I consult a home doctor who advised me to use Bioparox from a cold in children. I wash them directly with my favorite noses, and the children recover faster. By the way, our doctor is watching the broadcasts with Dr. Komarovsky and in many respects agrees with him, but she prescribes drugs when she sees the child a, not based on generally accepted norms. "
  • Katerina, 34 years old: " You know, the advice of a doctor is, of course, great. But all of us have time and again become convinced that sometimes they get directly to the goal, and in some cases they fly by. And it's not the fault of specialists. Just for each child needs an individual approach to treatment. Have not yet invented a potion that would suit absolutely everything. General recommendations can be taken into consideration, but I, as a mother, know what illness and how my child can have, so I do not take off my parental responsibility and carefully select medications for my baby. On the appointment of a doctor last year, we applied Bioparox from laryngitis. I can not say that this particular remedy helped us, because besides him we drank two additional drugs. But the fact that the child recovered a week is a fact. And the restoration of the intestinal microflora occurred within a few days. Usually for this we used strong bacteria, and at that time we managed with lungs. So, that the drug has approached us. "