Purulent angina is a pathological process, the development of which is influenced by viruses and bacteria. Most often, antibiotic drugs are used to treat the disease. They can be presented in the form of tablets, rinsing solutions or injections. Before you designate a particular drug, you need to understand the cause of purulent sore throat by conducting a series of diagnostic measures.


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    • 1.3 Cephalosporins Macrolides
  • 2 Children
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Tablets For Adults

Today there is a wide range of antibacterial medicines in the treatment of purulent tonsillitis. Each of them differs in the incoming components and the effect.

Penicillin preparations

This group of antibiotics is considered standard in the treatment of purulent inflammation. In addition, they are safe and inexpensive. If the pathogens are resistant to simple penic

illin, then an antibiotic is used in combination with a beta-lactmase inhibitor. When prescribing a penicillin group drug, a doctor can add to the therapy scheme such medications:

  1. Outmentin .He is involved in the therapy of an infectious process that affects the lower and respiratory tract. Duration of therapy will be 5 days for 3 pills a day. This dosage is suitable for adults, and even for children, whose age is more than 12 years. Duration of admission should not be more than 14 days. Produced in the form of powder for injections and in the form of a dragee.

    Outmentin in tablets

  2. Flemoclav Solutab. This medication is used in the treatment of purulent tonsillitis of respiratory, joint and skin diseases. For adults and patients over 12 years old, take 875 ml every 12 hours. Duration of therapy depends on the extent to which the disease occurs, but it should not be more than 14 days. And here is how it is necessary to use Flemoxin soluteba in angina and how effective this tool will help to understand this information.
    fleumoclave of Solutab

    Flemoclav Solutab

  3. Amoxicillin .This drug is considered low-budget, since it costs about 30 rubles. It can be used not only in the treatment of tonsillitis, but also in a number of other infectious diseases of the respiratory tract. Dosage is appointed by the attending physician individually. Most often for adults, it is 250-500 mg. If purulent angina has a severe course, then the dosage should be increased to 1 g. The duration of therapy will be 5 days. But what should be the dosage of Amoxicillin in angina, will help understand this article.

    Amoxicillin in tablets

  4. Flemoxin solutab .This antibiotic in the composition contains amoxicillin trihydrate. Its difference from the previous medicine is that the release occurs in a more convenient form. This is to say that the dragee can be swallowed, chewed and dissolved in water. The medicine tastes good tangerine and lemon. Receive 2 times a day for 500-700 mg. But how to use Flemoxin in tracheitis in a child is described in great detail in this article.
    flemoxin solute

    Flemoxin solutab


These antibiotics are also used in the treatment of purulent inflammation. Their main advantage remains a slight manifestation of side effects. Even to cephalosporins, bacteria are less stable. To such medicines should be attributed Rocefin, Cepheon. The most effective is the preparation of Suprax.


Suprax in tablets

It is produced in the format of granules and capsules. The dosage will be 400 mg per day. Continue treatment for 7 days.

Is it possible to gargle with chlorhexidine in angina And here is it possible to gargle with chlorhexidine in angina, very detailed in this article.

What compress with angina is worth doing and how to do it correctly.will help to understand this information.

How to use Azithromycin in angina and whether this tool helps, understand this article: http: //prolor.ru/g/lechenie/ azitromicin-pri-angine.html

But how to gargle with throat furatsilinom at angina and how quickly the effect comes, is described in this article.


When bacteria that cause inflammation are not susceptible to antibiotics with betta-lactase from the above groups, marolides are introduced into the therapy regimen. They are highly effective against the disease. The downside of this antibiotic remains frequent gastrointestinal upset. So taking macrolides is recommended when a person has an allergic reaction to the groups of antibiotics presented.

Such preparations remain effective:

  1. Sumamed .This antibacterial medicament can be used in various forms, among which are capsules, dragees, powder lyophilizate. The latter option serves to obtain a solution. It is prepared on the basis of a powder, but is used for infusions. The role of the main substance is azithromycin dihydrate. He perfectly fights bacteria, since he does not produce proteins. The daily dosage will be 500 mg. For the treatment of purulent sore throat, take it for 3 days. But how it is necessary to use Sumamed in angina in adults is described in great detail in this article.

    Sumamed in tablets

  2. Clacid. This is another drug from the macrolide group. It is based on clarithromycin. They produce medication in the form of a dragee, powder and lyophilizate. Admission is conducted 2 times a day in the amount of 250 g. If the disease is severe, then increase the dosage by 2 times. The general course of therapy will be 14 days. But is it possible to use Klacid with vasomotor rhinitis and what is the dosage indicated in this article.

    Cladicide in tablets

For children

For the prescription of antibacterial drugs, the child has certain difficulties. The fact is that for a patient who is too young, capsules or tablets can not be taken. In addition, taking into account the age, the dosage of the drug is selected. Most of the medication is designed to be taken by a child over 6 years of age.

Local preparations

In the treatment of purulent tonsillitis in children, antibiotics of local action are used:

  1. Fusafungin, Bioparox .This medicine is presented in the form of a spray to treat the affected throat. Apply it to children from 2.5 years. Treat the throat 4 times a day, observing the interval of 6 hours. The duration of treatment will be 10 days.

    Spray Fusafungin

  2. Gramicidin. This medicine has local effects. It is presented in the form of lozenges for resorption. Receive 2 dragees with an interval of 20 minutes. There should be 4 admissions per day.

    Gramicidin in tablets

  3. Hexoral .It is a drug that has an antiseptic effect. Presented in aerosol format, and it can be used by children from 3 years of age. Do 1-2 injections.


  4. Lugol .This is an iodine-based spray. An excellent tool in the treatment of chronic infectious ailments. Irrigating is done 4-6 times a day.

    Lugol Spray

  5. Lizobak is an antibacterial preparation that exerts local influence. It is presented in the format of tablets for resorption. Can be used for children from 3 years. To dissolve 3 pieces every day. If the child is 7-12 years old, then the number of tablets will be 4 pieces.

    Lizobak in tablets

  6. Furacilin .It is a tablet antibacterial preparation that is used to prepare a solution. They caress the throat 3 times a day.



For the treatment of purulent inflammation, it is possible to give the baby antibacterial preparations presented in the suspension format. In the pharmacy they are sold in the form of a powder, with which you can get a suspension.

For a newborn child, such drugs have been developed:

  • Amoxiclav,

    Amoxiclav in tablets

  • Klamosar,
  • Amoxiclav + Clavulanic acid.

These drugs belong to the group of penicillins with a beta-lactamase inhibitor. For patients from 3 months, you can use Augmentitis, and for 6 months, the drug Sumamed was developed. For more than 3 years, children can use Amosin. But only all these medicines should be bought in the powder format.


On the shelves of pharmacies today you can buy effective antibiotics to treat purulent sore throat in children in the form of a swallow for swallowing. But only children older than 3 years can take them. Some medications can be chewed or dissolved.

The most effective antibiotics are:

  1. Josamycin .This is a drug that belongs to the group of macrolides. Admission is allowed to babies, whose weight is more than 10 kg.

    Jozamycin in tablets

  2. Flemoxin Solutab .This medicine can be given to a child from birth. It has an analogue, but it is allowed only for children from 3 years old - it is Flemoklav Solutab.
    Flemoxin Solutab

    Flemoxin Solutab in tablets

Antibiotics in the treatment of purulent sore throat is an important stage of therapy, because they can stop the pathogen causing pathological process and ease the patient's condition. But taking antibacterial drugs is only appropriate if the cause of inflammation is bacteria. If they are viral, they will be powerless, since only antiviral medicines can cope with viruses.