Nursing and suffocating cough is found in most smokers. And it is not necessary for this to smoke for decades. There are some smokers who seem to have a half-life experience, and even a stranger coughs. But his family because of passive smoking cough was a frequent guest. There is one myth about the harmlessness of light cigarettes. Like, light cigarettes do not cause harm because of the reduced tar content. Blessed is the believer, but will have to return to reality and understand: it does not matter the fact of facilitating cigarettes.


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Causes cough from

how to cure a smoker smoking Tobacco smoke contains around 4 000 000 the most powerful toxins and morea hundred products of combustion. All this when inhaled falls into the bronchi

and lungs. Mucous bronchus is lined with a special epithelium: cilia. They are constantly in motion, like janitors on the car, clean out foreign bodies. They manage to cope with tobacco components for a while. But as the smoker's experience progresses, the toxins accumulate, settle on these cilia and they are already powerless to perform their function. The protective barrier and natural cleansing cease.

The bronchial lesion begins, the destruction of special pouches. And chronic bronchitis of non-infectious nature with periodic obstruction is born. Heavy, tearing, seizure occurs until the cough fails to yield productivity.

Mucus accumulates, causing a powerful irritation in the bronchi by its presence. But the expectorant function is suppressed, the cilia can not help in the usual rhythm. As a result, mucus increases the number and the next morning the person starts to choke on suffocating morning cough. The body tries to push out the mucus, clean the respiratory system, as far as it can still do it.

Symptoms of a smoker's cough

cough smoker treatment

A person who suffers from a person's coughing cough, literally tearing his throat and respiratory tract

A cough of this kind is peculiar, it is difficult to confuse it with another. He does not have a permanent character, he is often active from the early morning or as soon as a smoker smokes in the morning. Cough suffocating, powerful, exhausting. Sometimes patients say so because of the strength of the cough: soon the lungs will spit out.

The patient can not take a deep breath because his diaphragm is changed. This immediately provokes a cough. At first it is a periodic cough that can appear at any time. But it is insignificant and does not cause trouble. Over time, it is gaining strength, it becomes almost dry, which further aggravates the condition. The person coughs, literally tearing his throat and airways. After the attack, the patient feels pain behind the sternum, perspiration, pain in the ribs due to attempts.

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The cough will continue until the bronchi separate all accumulated mucus. This condition is accompanied by signs that will always distinguish a cough:

  • no temperature;
  • Department of sputum;
  • with a sharp inhalation cough, shortness of breath;
  • seizures in the morning or immediately after the first cigarette;
  • there are no additional symptoms indicative of the disease.

Cough cure


cough medicine The first thing for any treatment is to give up a cigarette. At first, you can replace an electronic cigarette, then refuse it. Electronka gives everything that is usual, except for toxins. The main thing is to learn how to use and choose the right level.

The second task is to remove all the mucus from the bronchi and restore the natural ability of the epithelium to clean the mucous membrane. Medications are selected taking into account the state of the bronchi and on the basis of instrumental research. Usually, drugs are prescribed that enhance the separation of mucus and increase the mucus itself. It can be such drugs as Bronholitin, the root of the althaea. Medicines in the form of syrups, are easily digested, soften attacks. If the examination showed the presence of an inflammatory process, then antibiotics are prescribed.

If cough is difficult and phlegm almost does not go away, it is good to prescribe mucolytic drugs: Mukaltin. They will help to cope with the separation of sputum, cough will become less sour. The doctor will give a recommendation on how to drink mukaltin while coughing. In severe conditions, when there is a violation of breathing, oxygen therapy and glucocorticoid therapy are prescribed.

pills for smoker

Herbal lozenges - a good way to ease the cough of the smoker

A good action is given by medical plates, tablets from cough. These can be lollipops or special sweets. They help to thin the sputum and reduce the aggression of seizures and, at least for a while, get rid of the irritating cough. Particularly useful if these plates and sweets based on herbs. In this regard, Dr. IOM has become a good helper for anyone. Syrup can be drunk twice a day, but sweets dissolve several times.

Gedelix, Eucabal are preparations of a new generation. At them the spectrum is much wider: expectorant, bactericidal and protective. They are much faster cope with dry cough, even if it is cold or chronic.

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Aftercough became less torment, you can go to other methods of treatment: massages and warming. Excellent effect on bronchial visits to a sauna or a true bathhouse. Just do not forget that saunas and baths have restrictions on visiting( hypertension, weak blood vessels, cardiac disorders)

Folk remedies

expectorant for smokers It's important not to bend over and forget that the best is the deadly enemy of the good. This means that if you already take syrup from the althea, do not drink broths and infusions from this herb. Herbs have the property of accumulating by effect and it does not always pass without consequences. Therefore, carefully study: what you already take and what you drank before. You need to add from the herbs something that was not yet there.
More often these are decoctions of thyme, chamomile and coltsfoot, there are many effective recipes for coughing at home. Sometimes chamomile strengthens elecampane, it is necessary to prepare by instructions.

It will be more effective if all the decoctions are used only for inhalations. Steam heating is necessary for recovery and recovery, and herbs will complement the effect of medicines.

Recommendations for facilitating the state of

how to cure a smoker The most important thing is to forget about cigarettes and to ensure the maximum possible amount of fresh air. Accustom yourself to walk in the morning, and when the cough goes to zero, begin to accustom yourself to the exercises. Do not rush to become a sprinter or gymnast. A few slopes, a couple of hundred meters for a run, a couple of push-ups - this is enough to supply the blood with oxygen and refresh the whole body.

Do not tell yourself that you are sick. Cough smoker is not a sore in full, but just some inconvenience.

If you really want to smoke and nothing helps, you can do one experiment. It is not easy and is based on an emetic reflex: soak the cigarettes in milk and dry it. Then smoke, just near the toilet or away from people. Several such approaches will strengthen the reflex of "Pavlov's dogs": a cigarette - vomiting.

Try to switch to a healthy diet, saturated with the necessary ingredients. But watch the diet, as many former smokers become gluttons.

Complications of cough

The most serious complication is the likelihood of developing lung cancer. Over time, tar penetrates into the lungs, destroying the organ. The person begins to breathe heavily, feels problems with inhalation. The impossibility of full breathing destabilizes the entire body, causing pathology.


You will learn more about the cough of a smoker from this video:

The cough of the smoker prevents not only the family, but also to him. An angry, painful, bending in half such cough frightens the surrounding people. Therefore it is necessary to study it and start constructive treatment.