Cough is a symptom of catarrhal disease, causing a lot of trouble. Most people with the onset of colds suffer from coughing, working, resting, sleeping normally and eating becomes harder. Discomfort is not only delivered to the sick person, but to everyone around him. When choosing a cough medicine, you do not need to self-medicate, it is worthwhile to see a doctor for help and prescribing the drug. But, if you decide to choose a remedy on your own, remember that the medicine should be bought first depending on the type of cough: dry or wet. Here is a list of not only the most effective tools, but also affordable. Cough medicine is inexpensive and effective.

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From dry

In the absence of sputum cough, cough is called dry. For its treatment, drugs are used:

  1. Falimint. Based on properties similar to menthol. Causes a feeling of coolnes
    s and freshness in the mouth. Do not dry the mucous membranes, the effect and cessation of reflex cough is seen after the first application. It is available in the form of dragees for resorption, it can be given to a child, suitable for children from 5 years of age, contraindications, except for minor allergic reactions, does not. Price: 150 rubles. Falimint
  2. Libexin. Has a triple action, reducing the sensitivity of nerve endings, relaxing the bronchi and reducing the reaction to irritation. It is used for the treatment of severe dry cough, the effect is observed within four hours after administration. Produced in the form of tablets and syrup, not contraindicated to children, there are side effects( dizziness, allergy, fatigue).Price: 300 rubles. Libexin for coughing
  3. Kodelak. An antitussive agent of plant origin. Produced in various forms: tablets, syrups, elixirs. Has a combined effect, reduces excitability, increases the viscosity of phlegm with a damp cough, does not cause respiratory depression. It is not recommended to use a long term - the drug causes dependence. Children are appointed from 6 years. The price: 140 rubles. Codel Codel
  4. Herbion with plantain .Syrup has antitussive and antibacterial effect. Increases the amount of sputum, reduces its viscosity. Due to vitamin C increases immunity. The drug forms a protective film on the mucous membrane, reduces irritation, reduces inflammation. Suitable for children from 2 years. Has almost no contraindications. Price: 250 rubles. cough medicines are inexpensive and effective
  5. Halixol. One of the most effective drugs, the effect comes after half an hour after application, dilutes sputum, reduces its viscosity, soothes the mucous membrane. Produced in the form of syrup, has a number of contraindications. It is forbidden in pregnancy and with gastrointestinal diseases. Children are appointed from 5 years. The price of the drug: 100 rubles. Haliksol
  6. Lazolvan. It is prescribed for acute pneumonia, chronic sinusitis, acute bronchitis. The effect is observed after half an hour after administration, the effect lasts up to 10 hours. Cough is eased, sputum is diluted, respiratory tract irritation decreases. Produced in the form of tablets, syrup and solution for inhalation. Suitable for children over 6 years. Price: 150 rubles. Phlegm of dry cough
  7. Ambrohexal. The agent is used for chronic and acute bronchial diseases, asthma, rhinitis, sinusitis, laryngitis. Used in the treatment of complications after surgery, as well as to stimulate the fetus during pregnancy. It has well-pronounced properties, well-established in the market. The price: 70 rubles. Ambrohexal when dry cough
  8. Omnitus. Produced in the form of tablets and syrup. Reduces the inflammatory process, fights infections, relieves dry cough, positively affects the general condition of the body. Has a number of side effects, including.drowsiness, dizziness, vomiting, stool. Contraindicated in pregnant women and children under 6 years. The price of the drug: 90 rubles. Omnitus from dry cough
  9. Stoptussin. Is a combined agent, has antitussive and mucolytic effect. It is used in the treatment of dry and unproductive cough, is made in the Czech Republic. Produced in the form of tablets, drops and syrup of vegetable origin. Price: 150 rubles. Stoptussin when worried about dry cough
  10. Lorraine. The product is suitable for combating dry cough, it is available in various forms: powder, capsules, tablets, suspension and solution. Eliminates the symptoms of ARI and colds, has antipyretic properties, suitable for children from 6 years. Side effects include increased blood pressure, dizziness, mild irritability. The price: 200 rubles.

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From wet

Cough with sputum is called wet or productive. For its treatment, preparations with an expectorant effect are used:

  1. ACTS. Dissolves phlegm, promotes cough production, relief comes in the first days of admission. Has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It does not combine with paracetamol and other cough drugs. Not recommended for pregnant and lactating mothers. Price: 130 rubles. ATSTS with a damp cough
  2. Doctor Mom. Vegetable agent fights against diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract, relieves of cold, colds and bronchitis. Available in the form of lozenges, lozenges, syrups, tablets, ointments, roller pencils. Suitable for children from 2 years. The cost in pharmacies: 140 rubles. Doctor Mom from a wet cough
  3. Broncholitin. Enjoys great popularity as a trustworthy tool. Suppresses the center of a cough, does not depress breathing, treats acute respiratory illnesses, displays phlegm, relieves the mucous membrane from swelling. Effective in childhood. Has only a few side effects: allergies, increased blood pressure, increased heart rate. The price: 55 rubles. Broncholitin from a wet cough
  4. Bromhexine. The agent is used for acute and chronic bronchial diseases with high viscous sputum. The drug is well tolerated, prescribed from the age of 6, combined with antibiotics, contributing to their penetration into the bronchial secret. When treating, you need to consume more fluid, exclude driving and performing hazardous work. Price: 30 rubles. Bromhexine from a wet cough
  5. Ambroxol. The Bulgarian preparation of expectorant anti-inflammatory effect. It is also used for the prevention of respiratory tract infections, it is available in the form of a syrup with a pleasant smell and raspberry taste. Helps in a short time cure cough, tracheitis, pneumonia, whooping cough and bronchitis. The price: 25 rubles. Ambroxol from a wet cough
  6. Mukaltin. A natural remedy combats wet cough, relieves viscous sputum, which prevents normal breathing. The effect of taking tablets is observed a couple of days after the start of the course. Contraindications: gastrointestinal diseases, allergies, diabetes mellitus. It is not addictive, children can be taken from the age of 12.Cost: 15 rubles. Mucaltin from a wet cough
  7. Ambrobe. The chemical preparation of the expectorant and diluting effect, facilitates the outflow of sputum from the bronchi, neutralizes the damaged molecules. The action is seen after only half an hour after taking, lasts about 10 hours. Produced in the form of capsules, syrups, tablets, solutions for inhalation and injection. Children are appointed from 2 years. The packing price: 105 rubles. Ambrogen from a wet cough
  8. Fluidite. It is used for acute diseases of the lower and upper respiratory tract, accompanied by viscous sputum. Poorly combined with other drugs, weakening their effect. Struggles with infections without clarifying their form and localization. Available for adults and children in the form of syrup, as well as granules for suspension. Price: 250 rubles. Fluditik from a wet cough
  9. Herbion with primrose. The preparation is produced using vegetable raw materials. A syrup is prescribed not only with a moist but also senile cough, when the lungs are not adequately supplied with blood. Improves the work of the adrenal glands, is a diaphoretic, expectorant, diuretic, strengthening agent. It facilitates breathing, removes inflammation of the mucous membrane. Children are appointed from 2 years. The price: 200 rubles. Herbion with primrose when tormented by a wet cough
  10. Gedelix. Has proven itself as a means to combat productive cough in children. Has spasmolytic properties, removes sputum from the bronchi, relieves inflammation of the respiratory tract. Form release: syrup with mint extract, eucalyptus, menthol. Side effects usually do not appear, does not contain sugars and alcohol. Price: 150 rubles. Gedelix
  11. Pertussin. One of the most inexpensive, but very effective tools in the fight against wet cough. Has an expectorant property, dilutes sputum, promotes its excretion. In the preparation of a substance of chemical and vegetable origin, incl.thyme. Children are appointed from the age of 3, during the reception it is necessary to dilute with water. The price: 15 rubles. Pertussin

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Among the most effective drugs for dry and wet cough in the Russian market, you can find inexpensive means. Before using it is worth consulting with specialists, since cough is just a symptom of other diseases, you need to fight first and foremost with the cause of the cough. Remember that timely diagnosis can save a person's life.