Cold can appear at any time, from it no one is immune. Often it is accompanied by coughing attacks, which without timely intervention can go into severe form. Therefore, when choosing a remedy for its treatment, it is necessary to take into account that it is not easy to act on the cough itself, but also effectively eliminate the cause of its occurrence. One of the effective drugs is Linkas. This tool is in the form of syrup or lozenges. They can be treated as adults and children.

How does the instructions for the cough syrup for Linkas children appear in this article.


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Action, Composition

There are three varieties of this syrup: common, Linkas sugar-free( intended for people suffering from diabetes) and Plus Eccentricantcontaining a shock dose of expectorants).

linkas cough syrup

They differ slightly in their composition, the b

asis of each of them are natural components:

  • Licorice root , which contains flavone glycosides, glycyrrhizic acid together with potassium and calcium salts, vitamins and essential oils. Its compounds act on the sick organism as anti-inflammatory, antiallergic, antioxidant and immunostimulating substances;licorice root of cough
  • Nightshade yellowfruit is valuable in the content of vitamin C, mucopolysaccharide and steroidal alkaloids. It softens the cough, has an anti-allergic effect on the body and stimulates the rapid withdrawal of sputum from the respiratory system.
  • The flowers of the althea medicinal contain pectin, fatty oils, asparagine, lecithin, starch, phytosterol, mineral salts, polysaccharides and sugar. The natural compounds of this plant envelop the mucous membranes with an invisible film and protect them from irritation. flowers of altar from cough
  • Adhadota vascular includes essential oil compositions, alkaloids and useful vitamins. Thanks to them, it has expectorant action, which increases the motor reflexes of the epithelium receptors, accelerates the production of sputum and improves the activity of the alveolar cells. It is also able to relieve the contractions of the bronchi and facilitate breathing. In this case, prevent the manifestation of asthma.
  • Fruits and rhizomes of long pepper have vitamins of group "B", alkaloid piperine and carotene. The plant itself can have antiseptic, expectorant and anti-inflammatory effects on the sick body. Fruits and rhizomes of long pepper from cough
  • Basil ordinary has ascorbic acid, glycosides, cellulose, tannins, phytoncides and flavonoids. Therefore, it has antiseptic, anesthetic and anti-inflammatory effects. Increases the activity of a depleted organism and normalizes breathing.
  • Cordy broadleaf acts on the diseased organ, as an antispasmodic and analgesic.
  • Violet violet flowers contain phenol carboxylic acids, triglycerides, fatty oils, alkaloids and leucoanthocyanides. It acts soothing and antipyretic, softens the cough and stimulates rapid withdrawal of phlegm. Flowers violet fragrant from a cough

All Linkas active ingredients consist of dry extracts of natural plants and do not contain chemicals obtained synthetically. They are aimed at treating cough, removing symptoms of the disease and eliminating its causes. As auxiliary agents are:

  • glycerol;
  • purified water;
  • peppermint oil and cloves;
  • sucrose;
  • methyl parahydroxybenzoate;
  • propyl parahydroxybenzoate.

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All components of the syrup provide complex treatment. Linkas is able to calm and soften the cough, remove swelling and inflammation on the bronchial mucosa, improve immunity. It dissolves phlegm, makes it less viscous and promotes its quicker removal from the respiratory system. Syrup «Lincas from a cough


Syrup "Linkas" is prescribed for inflammatory processes of the respiratory system, which take place with a complex separation of mucus. It is used as an independent agent, and in conjunction with other drugs. linkas cough syrup instructions

In its indications for use is:

  • pharyngitis;
  • dry cough, which is accompanied by stiff seizures;
  • tracheitis;
  • with pneumonia, he goes in duo with an antibiotic;
  • bronchitis;
  • for various inflammatory processes occurring in the respiratory tract;
  • from cough during flu, ARI and ARVI.

For what reason there is a cough and vomiting after eating, you can learn from this article. Syrup "Linkas" is taken orally. It should not be diluted and washed down with water. The medicine is consumed regardless of the meal. Duration of admission depends on the severity of the disease, the dose of the drug is prescribed by the doctor individually to each patient.

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Treatment of children

This syrup is not recommended for children under the age of six months. This is due to the lack of clinical studies in this age group, so there is no guarantee of safety. The only contraindication for this drug is individual sensitivity to one of the components of the drug. syrup for a child during a cold

For effective treatment, the Linkas should be taken to children 15 minutes before or after the same meal. It is better to maintain equal intervals of time. It should not be given to the child right before going to bed so that the coming out phlegm does not prevent him from sleeping. For children, the course of treatment should not exceed seven days. Most often, the result will be visible already on the third day. If no improvement is observed after a week of applying the syrup, then replace it with another remedy, having consulted a doctor beforehand.

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  • for babies from 6 months and up to 3 years of age - a half of a spoonful two to three times a day;
  • to kids from three to eight years - 1 teaspoonful.three times a day;
  • for children from 8 to 12 years - one tsp four times.

It is not necessary to zealous and exceed these indicators, it is possible to cause an allergic reaction with an overdose.

There is also Linkas in pastilles. He is appointed to children who have reached the age of five. They remove the perspiration in the throat and have the same properties as the syrup. Pastilles can not be chewed or swallowed immediately. It must be kept in the mouth and wait for complete dissolution.

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The dosage of this drug for children and adults is the same - from three to six lozenges per day. If necessary, people of adulthood can increase the number to 8 pieces.

Application for adults

In the treatment, the recommended dose is 10 ml, this is about two teaspoons at a time. It is necessary to repeat the reception of the medicine four times a day. In some cases, at the initial stage of the disease, it is practiced to apply the medicine six times a day. And when the condition improves, go to the recommended number of receptions. With a decrease in cough, they can be reduced. syrup for an adult during a cold

Pregnant women and women during lactation drug is appointed if the probable benefit from its use is higher than the threat to the fetus or baby.

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  • Elvira, 32 years old: "The eldest daughter always treated for cough with proven means, but when the youngest son appeared. Faced with the fact that their crumbs up to three years can not be used. The pediatrician ordered us Lincas syrup. For me it was a new tool, and I did not know about its operation. Therefore, buying this medicine, asked the pharmacist how often it is bought, and whether it is effective for one-year-olds. She said that she heard only positive feedback from customers. I was relieved to give it to my children. Maximum after three days they cough began to subside, and the fifth and completely gone. To the bottle with syrup was attached a measuring cup, with which it was very convenient to pour doses for each child separately. According to the instructions, the medicine can be used for children from the age of six months, whose cough was accompanied by difficult-to-separate sputum. It can be purchased at the pharmacy without a prescription. The volume of the bottle is 90 ml. "
  • Galina, 26 years old: "I used to use an inhaler for diseases, but my daughter prefers sweet syrups to them. Therefore, when she again fell ill, I acquired Linkas. He has a sweet and vegetable taste, the child drinks with pleasure. And I am satisfied that it contains natural herbal ingredients. The cost is acceptable, of course, there are cheaper analogues on sale, but I did not want to test fate. The daughter is prone to allergies, but this drug was taken without any problems. Syrup bought twice already, always as prescribed by a doctor. The effect of its effect on the cough was pleased. The child did not get used to it. Absolute sputum removal within the first four days. "
  • Larissa, 39 years old: " If someone in the house gets sick, then the kids immediately pick up the baton. Therefore, I always give preference to the means that can be taken by the whole family. Because usually viral diseases occur in all my household members equally. In a drugstore, I was advised somehow by an inexpensive herbal cough medicine called Lincas. And here already two years at us any disease connected with a dry cough does not pass or take place without participation of this medicine. It is an excellent expectorant. Usually, I take it together with other medications: outdoor walks, inhalations and a generous warm drink with raspberry jam or honey. And every time the disease receded after a week. This syrup has a pleasant mint flavor and a greenish tinge. It is easy to drink and does not cause a cloying aftertaste. "
  • Oksana, 33 years old: "In the children's clinic, waiting for their turn, they read posters on the walls with their little son and saw the description of Linkas. After that, I asked the doctor about his application, and he said that our cough remedy will be cured at a time. It turned out to be right for one hundred percent. This miracle - the syrup contains many useful herbs, from the complex use of which the cough takes place on the third day. Syrup saves my baby even with asthmatic signs of suffocation. Makes his breath free. Cough decreases after the third dose of medicine. I recommend it to all moms! "