Anti-inflammatory drug "Erespal" in children and adults will significantly reduce allergic manifestations and help cope with spasms in the bronchi in conjunction with other means."Erespal" should be used to reduce infectious and inflammatory and allergic phenomena in the respiratory tract.

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Action of

When taking Erespal, you prevent spasms and swelling of the bronchi, as Erespal antagonizes inflammatory and allergic symptoms with histamine, bradykininand serotonin. The drug will relax the muscles and blood vessels, as it is an antispasmodic."Erespal" in large doses will reduce the effects of inflammation. The safety of the antipyretic and anti-inflammatory "Erespal" has been proved.

at which cough to take

The drug does not allow the development of the main biologically active provocators of allergy, inflammation and bronchospasm. As a result,

the effect on the body of provoking factors decreases. Shortness of breath decreases, coughing attacks and painful phenomena associated with it decrease.

Erespal tablets are absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract and begin to function in the body after about six hours or even faster. The active substance of the drug - fenspiride hydrochloride - is excreted from the body with urine( mostly) and feces. crespers

"Erespal" is produced in tablets for adults and in the form of syrup for toddlers.

When to use

The drug is very effective:

  • If you are experiencing respiratory symptoms accompanying acute respiratory infections, whooping cough, with measles disease, etc.
  • For chronic bronchitis with obstruction.
  • For the treatment of rhinitis, otitis, pharyngitis and sinusitis.
  • With chronic bronchial asthma.
  • To reduce and eliminate allergic rhinitis.

The use of "Erespal" for infectious diseases and allergic manifestations is shown, since it acts only on the tissues of the respiratory system. An allergic cough in a child is also an indication.

Which cough to take?"Erespal" has proven itself with a dry and moist cough. cough syrup Erespal

For children with a dry cough, the drug is given before meals on a teaspoon. With the started states, up to 320 ml of syrup can be taken per day. When fighting a wet cough dose should be calculated in accordance with the weight of the patient: 4 milligrams per kilogram, 2 teaspoons before meals.

With prolonged exhausting barking cough, Erespal is also an indispensable preparation. When exacerbations of bronchitis, tracheitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis, otitis use of the drug is justified in combination with antibiotics and expectorants. The inflammatory process will cease to develop with the use of "Erespal," and when taken along with the antibiotics prescribed by the doctor, the infection will win, significantly accelerating the process of recovery.

If obstruction of the bronchi has appeared after a long inflammatory process, with chronic pulmonary obstruction, taking Erespal for three months will prevent relapse and reduce developing dyspnea.

With bronchial asthma, "Erespal" should be used in conjunction with other drugs to suppress the development of bronchospasms and attacks of allergy.

The course of treatment "Erespalom" can last for acute diseases from a week to three months with chronic diseases of the bronchi and lungs.

Instruction for receiving

"Erespal" cough syrup, both for getting rid of dry or wet cough, must be taken before eating.

Children over 14 years of age and adults take Erespal at 80 milligrams( equal to one tablet or 45 to 90 milliliters of syrup) in the morning and before bedtime. The dose increase is possible up to a volume of 320 milligrams, for two or three doses per day.

Syrup is given to children according to the number of years and body weight:

  • up to a year( weighing less than 10 kilograms) one - two spoons of syrup two to three times per day,
  • for children a year and older( weighing from 10 kilograms) one - two tablespoons up to three times a day.

Pregnant women and lactating mothers are not assigned Erespal, because some of its safety indicators are not clinically proven.

What is the price? The cost of "Erespal" in tablets ranges from 210 to 280 rubles.

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Reviews and advice of doctors

  • "Effective in otorhinolaryngology: I prescribe with vasomotor rhinitis, otitis, sinusitis."Kanashina V., city of Orsk.
  • "Used for themselves and patients with dry cough older than 10 years. There were no side-effects. The cough persisted. "Fedorchuk EI, Khanty-Mansiysk.
  • "I often prescribe in tablets, with a damp cough. Syrup is more effective than tablets. As for safety, I can say that adding orange flavor seriously limits the use in children with allergies. "Gromov VS, Yaroslavl.
  • "Erespal is an auxiliary drug for chronic pulmonary disease of moderate severity and ancillary for ARVI in children."Fadeev SS, Moscow.
  • "I prescribe the drug at the beginning of the OIVDP.Decreased mucosal edema, mucus overproduction, catarrhal symptoms. "Barinova Maria Mikhailovna, Yekaterinburg.
  • "Erespal perfectly acts as an adjuvant in ARVI with interferons. Negative side effect - allergic reactions and vomiting( due to additives in the composition). "Nikitenko Marina, the city of Krymsk.
  • "Takes a grandson 2 and a half years, helps! !!No problem. And the patients too.) ".Esenina E.P.Permian.
  • "Effectively: repeatedly applied to family members and myself. Side effects were not observed. "Zhanna Popova, St. Petersburg.
  • "I actively apply for appointments. It often causes drowsiness in adults and pain in the epigastric region. "Igor P. Petrovich, Tyumen.
  • "I assign" Erespal "after a course of anti-inflammatory therapy. Then it is more effective and in most cases is well tolerated. "I. Grischuk, Perm.

cough syrup Erespal

Reviews of patients

  • "Erespal in our family - cough medicine number one. Helps everyone and everything is suitable. But it's better to be healthy after all, than to take even good medicines. "Medkov R., Chelyabinsk.
  • "The child started a very strong dry cough, snot appeared. The child is five months old. The doctor advised "Erespal".She did not hesitate. Taste did not like his son trying to spit. But the next time I will give this syrup when coughing with a syringe from nurofen, so that I do not spit anything out. "
  • "They suffered for a long time with a child's cough, such a nuisance was to treat it. He was then wet, then again dry, then again passed into the wet one. When the pediatrician prescribed Erespal, I began to doubt, at home we have the whole pharmacy. But since other means did not help, they decided to test Erespal. During the three days of treatment, nothing changed. Nearly disappointed in the drug, but it took 5 days, and cough stopped expecting. The child ceased to torment cough at night, and began to sleep. A week later, the cough was completely gone. But put 10 days we drank the medicine. "
  • "Erespal" was a good tool, helped to cope with a durable protracted cough. I used to try to treat herbs differently or by rinsing them for the throat. But every time this nauseous night cough just made me angry. In the afternoon it seems to be unnoticeable, you just cough. .. But if you go to bed - it starts a real torture - for 3 hours you choke on a cough. I was tormented for a week. I was afraid that my daughter, when she was cold, would also suffer. But "Erespal" did an excellent job. The cough was not hard, but the sputum began to go off normally. "Marina, mother of 2-year-old Irina.

Thus, the use of the new drug "Erespal" can be considered effective in diseases of the lungs and bronchi, which are in a neglected chronic stage. It is interesting that this drug successfully helps the body cope with and viral infections. Reception "Erespala" will accelerate recovery, stimulates the body's cleansing from accumulated during the disease toxins.