Inexpensive and effective hemorrhoids tablets - review of the best drugs

A delicate problem, which is not customary to say - hemorrhoids. People try to keep silent about it even in the doctor's office.

Of course, hemorrhoids - it's unpleasant, painful and uncomfortable.

If a person postpones treatment, applying any funds on a case-by-case basis to remove pain and symptoms, the consequences can be very serious.


  • Provoking Factors and Causes of Disease
  • Treatment Approach
  • Place of Tablets in Treatment Package
  • Pros and cons of using tablets
  • What types of drugs are used?
  • Popular phlebotonics
    • Detralex - the most popular tool
    • Venarus is cheaper, but there are contraindications
  • Best angioprotectants
  • Best of nonsteroid drugs
  • Nitrate group
  • What else will help?
  • Thoughts of patients

Provoking factors and causes of illness

Therefore, the problem is at the same time delicate, but it is necessary to talk about it, putting aside all the embarrassments. In addition, in our time, hemorrhoids occur

in a large number of people.

The reasons for all are different, but the most common are:

  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • pregnancy and childbirth in women;
  • frequent lifting of weights;
  • is overweight;
  • improper power supply, overvoltage, fixed lifestyle;
  • frequent constipation.

Approach to treatment

Treatment of hemorrhoids can be carried out by various drugs. It's candles, pills, ointments and stuff.

What kind of medicines to choose in each specific case should the doctor decide.

Since the hemorrhoidal nodes, as well as the degree of their inflammation, can all be different.

Some people worry only occasionally, after lifting the severity or constipation, while others suffer daily.

At present, it is the pills from hemorrhoids that are very popular. But, despite their effectiveness, it is better to carry out treatment in a complex way.

This refers to the use of a combination of tablets, suppositories, ointments, folk remedies and special exercises.

You can not quit treatment immediately after the first symptoms and pain have gone away, this is a very common problem among patients suffering from hemorrhoids.

Place of tablets in the package of therapeutic measures

Tablets are one of the main drugs that are prescribed for the treatment and prevention of hemorrhoids. They play a very important role.

After all, taking tablets can be done even without the appointment of a doctor, since most drugs are made from natural ingredients that have no side effects.

In addition, when a person falls ill, his first question is which pills to take to get rid of the pain and solve the problem. Therefore, these remedies are always more popular than candles, ointments, gels and others.

The purpose of the pill can be different. Everything depends on what purpose they were given by the manufacturer.

Hemorrhoids, like many other diseases, can have different forms, so when developing drugs, all the problems that a person has with regard to this disease are taken into account.

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Main direction and goals of treatment:

  • to reduce pain;
  • to eliminate spasm;
  • cope with constipation;
  • heal cracks;
  • strengthen the walls of veins and capillaries;
  • to relieve a person from uncomfortable sensations.

Take the pill should be started immediately after the appearance of the first signs of this delicate disease.

Since hemorrhoids - this is a very serious problem that does not allow negligent treatment of yourself. Also, pills are taken to prevent hemorrhoids in women during pregnancy or with a sedentary lifestyle.

If you start a disease, do not pay attention to symptoms, drop-down nodes and carry out treatment over and over again just to relieve pain and discomfort, then the consequences can threaten a person's life. Since running hemorrhoids leads to the formation of oncology.

For many decades people have been using medicines to treat various ailments. Thanks to them, a person became easier to bear even very serious diseases, which could not but affect the life expectancy. Hemorrhoids was no exception.

Tablets can be taken alone, and in conjunction with candles. Here everything will depend on the complexity of the disease. Appointment can be both at the beginning of the disease, and already in its chronic stage.

Pros and cons of using tablets

Why is the popularity of tablets growing day by day? Because their use has several advantages:

  1. First, most hemorrhoids tablets contain only natural and natural components of .What makes them safe for taking even to lactating and pregnant women. This is very important, because childbirth is one of the most important reasons for the appearance of such a delicate problem. Tablets, which in the composition have natural components, are an environmentally friendly product.
  2. Secondly, the use of tablets is more convenient than, candles .Both from the aesthetic point of view, and from the practical. For many people, using candles is psychological discomfort. In addition, this method of treatment can not be used everywhere. Tablets are easy to drink anywhere, while a person does not need to look for a bathroom to start hygiene first.
  3. Third, the range of .Nowadays, pharmaceutical companies offer a wide variety of drugs from hemorrhoids. This makes them easily accessible. Also, the price is also diverse. Buy tablets can even people with a limited budget.
  4. Fourthly, tablets relieve pain very quickly, which is the main factor for every ill person.
  5. Fifthly, many products are sold without prescription , which facilitates the reception without the need for a visit to the doctor.
Important point! Despite the fact that the tablets are made from natural ingredients and sold without prescriptions, you should not prescribe self-treatment yourself. After all, the body can react with an allergic reaction to the components. Also, tablets can have different uses.

As in any case, in the treatment of hemorrhoids with pills there are also negative sides. But they are in the preparations themselves.

Many of them have no contraindications, but there are those that can still cause harm.

For example, Vikasol can cause the formation of blood clots. There is also a risk of seizures.

This only confirms the fact that self-medication can be very dangerous. Do not hesitate to contact a specialist.

What kinds of drugs are used?

Medical treatment of hemorrhoids has its own peculiarities, which consist in the therapeutic effect of drugs on the body.

Tablets are of a variety of types and perform various functions. Also, the preparation can have a whole complex of components.

For the treatment of hemorrhoids apply such tablets:

  1. Phlebotonics .These tablets are among the most sought after by virtue of their effectiveness. Also they are the most secure action. In the composition, as a rule, only natural components from nature. This category is a powerful remedy against inflammation. They also have a beneficial effect on the walls of the veins, contributes to the outflow of blood. Often appointed before surgery and during the postoperative period.
  2. Angioprotectors .Regulate blood flow, reduce inflammation, swelling, pain. The walls of the vessels make this category of agents less permeable.
  3. Non-steroidal preparations .They take off inflammations, swelling, make blood less foldable. This category of tablets should be taken only as prescribed by the doctor, since there is a risk of bleeding.
  4. Nitrates .These are medicines, the main purpose of which is to solve the problem of constipation, which greatly exacerbate the disease, also nitrates relieve spasms. During the reception, the tablet is placed under the tongue.
  5. Enzymes of .These are medicines, the composition of which is based on plant and animal origin. Their main task is to relieve inflammation and improve metabolism.

These are the main groups of tablets used in the treatment of the disease, we describe the most effective drugs from each group that are most commonly used and have proven themselves in the treatment of hemorrhoids.

Popular phlebotonics

The best of this group of drugs.

Detralex is the most popular tool

Detralex is one of the most effective pills for hemorrhoids, this is evidenced by doctors and those people who took the medicine.

The drug is of vegetable origin. In its structure there are such phlebotonics, as gesperedin, diosmin.

Used to treat the course also during the preparation of patients for surgery. The drug is prescribed in the postoperative period.

It is used for the treatment of acute and chronic stage of the disease. Helps to strengthen the vessels, and the veins give the desired tone.

In the chronic stage of the disease should take 1 tablet twice a day with food. If the illness worsens, the intake is 3 tablets twice a day, the first four days. After drinking, you need 3 more days for 2 tablets a day.

Can be used during pregnancy and nursing.

The cost of the drug is about 700 rubles.

Venarus is cheaper, but there are contraindications

Venarus is designed to strengthen the walls of veins, reduce capillary permeability, help drain blood, strengthen venous plexuses so that they do not fall out of the rectum.

Also pills relieve pain and inflammation, have antioxidant action. The drug is prescribed for chronic and acute stage of hemorrhoids, with trophic ulcers, varicose leg disease.

It is recommended to take one tablet twice a day for the first week, two tablets in one session once a day in the second week. During pregnancy, the drug may be prescribed only by a doctor.

Contraindications: Sensitivity to components. The average cost of 450 rubles.

The best angioprotectors

These include:

  1. Escuzan - a tablet aimed at improving the state of the vessels. They relieve inflammation, pain, improve blood microcirculation , reduce puffiness. Assign at the first manifestations of hemorrhoids. The drug is based on chestnut. Take recommended three times a day for two tablets before eating. The average cost is about 150 rubles.
  2. Flebodia - tablets that strengthen the walls of the capillaries also impart a tone to the veins. A drug is prescribed if a person has a chronic stage of venous insufficiency, with severe pain, with blood stasis and bleeding not in acute form. Admission is carried out on two tablets per day for the first week. Further one tablet is taken up to two to three months. It can be taken during pregnancy from the second and third trimester. The average cost is 400 rubles.

Best of non-steroidal preparations

Non-steroidal drugs:

  1. Ginkor fort .The drug has a tonic effect on veins, with the help of natural components. Ginkor fort reduces bleeding, itching, discomfort. It is prescribed at any stage of the disease. Also used as a prophylaxis. Take recommended for a week for two capsules per day. The cost of the drug is about 250 rubles. Rarely causes side effects.
  2. Pilex .The drug is combined. Removes inflammation, heals and reduces bleeding, eliminates pain, inflammation, prevents microorganisms from developing. Not recommended for use in pregnant women, and if there is heavy bleeding. Drink two tablets twice a day. The average cost of 500 rubles.

Nitrate group


  1. Anthrasennin .The drug, whose direction in the treatment of hemorrhoids - is constipation. The senna extract in the tablets is a good laxative. Emptying occurs gently, without causing pain. The drug can not cure itself hemorrhoids, but it will help to solve one of the main reasons for its occurrence. Take one to three tablets recommended until elimination of constipation.
  2. Guttalax .Like the previous drug, Guttalax does not treat hemorrhoids, but it helps to get rid of constipation. Has a soft effect. Allowed for admission during pregnancy at the 2nd and 3rd trimester. Also recommended for reception before and after operations. There are side effects. Take it as directed by the doctor. The recommended dose is two tablets per day. The average cost of 250 rubles.

As already mentioned above, the main direction of enzyme action is the improvement of digestion, metabolism. Then a person will not suffer from constipation and as a consequence of hemorrhoids. Such means include Mezim, Motilium.

What else will help?

It is worth noting other tablets from hemorrhoids that are tested in practice:

  • the most effective are Mil-Par, Detralex, Posterizan, Escuzan, Ginkor Fort, Dufalak, Ketonal;
  • is the cheapest - it's Troxerutin, Vramed, Pileks.

Best-priced, and very effective, is Detralex, its cost is about 200 rubles, which is relatively inexpensive.

Their effective effect is confirmed by doctors, as well as their patients. You can also note Litovit B, and Venarus.

Our readers recommend!
For the treatment and prevention of varicose veins and hemorrhoids, our readers use the method first voiced by Malysheva. Having carefully studied it, we decided to offer it to your attention. Opinion of doctors. .. »

Thoughts of patients

To determine which hemorrhoids tablets are the best, the testimonies of people who have encountered the problem of hemorrhoids personally will help.

I never thought that I would face the problem of hemorrhoids. Honestly did not even know what it was. I saw an advertisement on TV, but I never thought that it was, in general, a disease.

During pregnancy, I also did not have the prerequisites that soon I will not what I learn indirectly, what is hemorrhoids, but, so to speak, will face the problem face to face.

On the third day after the birth, I began to have severe pain in the pelvic area, it seemed that the organs would simply fall out. I was very frightened, I could not even imagine that I would have nodes of hemorrhoids outside. I was uncomfortable to ask the doctor, but my health got worse.

I went about the problem with a crawl. Then I learned that hemorrhoids after birth are normal, if so, you can say.

He advised me Detraleks and ointment Aurobin. For which thanks to him. Already in the first week I forgot about the pain, the nodes got inside, now hemorrhoids worried me extremely rarely.

Елена 29 years old

I am a driver with experience of almost fifty years. A professional disease - hemorrhoids did not bypass me. I started this business.

Over the years, hemorrhoids ceased to pass even for a while. Pain, bleeding increased, knots did not vanish. Decided to do, finally, his treatment.

Did exercises, used candles Relief and tablets of Flebodia.

Has helped or assisted quickly, but now I spend on drink periodically medicines for prophylaxis. Never joke with this problem, hemorrhoids - this is a serious illness.

Vladimir 65 years old

I have hemorrhoids since the birth of the first child. That is, eight years. I, probably, like most of us did not attach much importance to him.

Since he rarely bothered me. If only I'll drag the weight. But all the same I decided to get rid of hemorrhoids forever. Began to take Ginkor.

The choice fell on him because I'm allergic and only these pills proved to be completely harmless and most importantly effective for me. And I agree with the previous opinion that it is not worthwhile to postpone this problem to the remote box.

Olga 35 years old

I never thought that I would have hemorrhoids. I was always amused to hear when advertising of different candles and other products was going on somewhere.

But hard physical work at work did its job. I was assigned a fort at the first sign of Ginkor. And, incidentally, helped instantly. The disease does not bother me more. And, I hope - it's forever.

Alexey 30 years old

I am a man who has lived a long life. I had to carry the weight, and gave birth to many children. But that's not the point. The ailment mentioned above I had for many years. Periodically passed, then again began.

But one day, the hemorrhoids became more aggravated than ever, restraining all my movements. I had to go to the hospital. Where my doctor scolded me, then I prescribed a complex treatment.

I used Candlelight Relief, Ourobin Ointment and Phlebodia tablets. And for the first time in so many years, I began to feel like, in my youth. Heal, never put off, life is one.

Irina 75 years old

Hemorrhoids are a very common problem. To overtake the disease can at any age and regardless of sex.

But, thanks to a wide range of medications, treatment can give positive dynamics very quickly.

And you will forever forget about this problem. So, why postpone for tomorrow, something that can be done now.

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