Catarrhal diseases, accompanied by a runny nose and a cough, can be cured with normal mineral water, if properly administered by inhalation. Better for this use a special device - a nebulizer. Water for the procedure is better to buy "Borjomi", which is sold in glass bottles of 0.5 liters, it has a shelf life of two years, you can buy it for 80 rubles, both in the store and in the pharmacy. Such an affordable medicine is suitable for adults and children.


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Indications for procedure

inhalation with Borjomi in nebulizer

Regular inhalations with Borjomi can immediately improve the patient's condition, relievecough and reduce the common cold. They are simply performed at home, they are effective not only with a simple cold, but with allergies, bronchial asthma, sinusitis and throat di

seases( tonsillitis, laryngitis and other diseases).The effectiveness of Borjomi as a therapeutic drug depends on the systematic use of inhalation.

If you treat a runny nose, then exhale therapeutic steam through the nose, and with a throat through the mouth. Such inhalations are safe even for children, they will not do any harm, but due to their rich natural composition, water penetrates deeply and cures the disease from the inside, unlike the pharmaceutical sprays that act locally.

The healing effect of

Borjomi in the nebulizer

This mineral water is rich in useful trace elements, which, when inhaled through a nebulizer, penetrate deeply into the lungs and soften the upper respiratory tract, facilitating the production of sputum. The only thing to consider is that you can not use inhalation at high temperature.

"Borjomi" has an alkaline environment, which is provided in it with salts included in its composition. They not only accelerate the release of sputum, but also reduce inflammation, while improving the overall condition of the patient. A large number of anions and cations improve immunity.

Doctors often prescribe such treatment not only for mild colds, but also for bronchitis, only in parallel with inhalations other medications should be used to avoid complications in the form of sinusitis or sinusitis.

Dry cough, which does not go to wet for a long time, causes additional irritation of the throat, it can be converted into productive, using inhalation with Borjomi and various herbal mixtures: sage, St. John's wort, chamomile, eucalyptus and calendula. This combination has a powerful expectorant property.

You can perform inhalations on a nebulizer after eating, waiting 1.5-2 hours, the same time you need to withstand after training or physical work. The body needs to be prepared so that it is in a relaxed state, necessarily restoring normal breathing.

Overdose in this procedure is not possible, the device itself regulates the dosage of the mineral medication. The mask, which closely embraces the face, provides a directional penetration of water particles into the respiratory system, facilitating the quickest disposal of the common cold.

On the video - inhalation with Borjomi in a nebulizer:


For adults

inhalation with Borjomi in the nebulizer for adults

Mineral water before use must be prepared, it is fizzy, so you should release the gas by opening the lid and leaving the bottle in this form for the night.

Borjomi must first be heated to 40 degrees, then pour into a nebulizer. For one procedure, you need to pour from 3 to 5 milliliters of mineral water. You can take inhalations every hour, but not more often. You need to inhale the medicine from the nebulizer for 10 minutes, not longer.

For the process to be more effective, it is necessary to add essential oils to the water, the properties of which can be read directly on the package.

In the absence or breakdown of a nebulizer, an old method can be used, in which a pan is used as a medicine container. In it you need to pour in enough water, bring it to a temperature of 50 degrees, then remove it from the fire and cover your head with a towel to bend over it, inhale the steam until it becomes easier to breathe.

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For pregnant women

inhalation with Borjomi in a nebulizer for pregnant women

Treatment of girls in this situation is complicated by the fact that many medicines and folk remedies are contraindicated to them, they can be dangerous for the baby. Mineral water for them is safe, it does not affect the development of the child, on the contrary, it strengthens the weakened organism of the future mother.

Borjomi can be used for prevention or in those periods when there is a weakened immunity, and times of massive colds are coming. It is sufficient to conduct sessions before bedtime to enable the body to metabolize the beneficial substances found in the mineral medicine. Prevention may be from 10 to 14 days. In case of a prolonged epidemiological situation, treatment can be extended, or the number of procedures per day increased, but this should be agreed with the doctor.

For children

for children

For babies, the use of a nebulizer with mineral water is safe, it does not contain harmful synthetic impurities, it is an absolutely pure product derived from the natural bowels of

. Such inhalations with water may well replace effective medicines, but this if the child does not sufferheart failure, he does not have frequent nosebleeds, in such cases the nebulizer is contraindicated, as well as other inhalations.

Before pouring water into the appliance, pour water into the beaker and let it sit for at least 4 hours. Before inhaling Borjomi, the child should be instructed on how to behave and perform inhalation.

After inhaling the medicine, the baby should not talk, eat or drink for an hour.

The duration of the procedure for children is:

  • for babies under 5 years old - 3 minutes;
  • for children from 5 and above years - the time varies from 5 to 10 minutes.

In a day a child can do one or two inhalations. To heat water for inhalation is not higher than 35 degrees, otherwise the baby can get a burn.


There are several factors in which inhalation through the nebulizer can not be performed:

  • Cardiac diseases, especially those accompanied by swelling.
  • Mental disorders.
  • Nervous overvoltage and stall.
  • Severe form of hypertension.
  • Alcoholism.
  • Various bleeding, even those that go from the nose.
  • Pathological kidney disease.
  • Acute stomach diseases.

In the case of tonsillitis, pneumonia and pulmonary edema, any inhalation is prohibited, not just a nebulizer. With the help of them, only residual effects after such diseases can be cured.

Choosing inhalation with Borjomi on a nebulizer should protect yourself from unforeseen consequences, after consulting a doctor. He will be able to specify the exact dosage and advise how best to carry out the procedure, so that the fine aerosol particles purposefully hit the inflamed areas. Such inhalations can eliminate cough, sinusitis and sore throats.

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  • Lika, 25 years old: "I have a child, as soon as a cough starts, he immediately goes into bronchitis, the mucus accumulates in the upper part and it is difficult to remove from there, without inhalations it is difficult to cope with such a phenomenon. I use a nebulizer with water "Borjomi" and "Essentiku".Both these minerals act quickly and dilute mucus, the son begins to expectorate it after the second procedure. The cough itself passes on the sixth day. I consider this method to be the best for small children, because I try not to give him pharmacies because of a lot of counterfeits and side effects. "
  • Katerina, 33: " I recently succumbed to the persuasion of a friend and bought a nebulizer for a company with her. When I fell ill in the winter, I immediately decided to try it in action, poured into it warmed-up water "Borjomi" and conducted the procedure five times a day. I want to say that I got a double effect: the mucus from the nose itself poured, and then I could not take it away, and the pores on my face widened so much that I wiped the moisture off my skin and got rid of the black spots. So I not only recovered, but also cleansed my skin, this alkaline water I liked. "
  • Vika, 36 years old: " My child is asthmatic, recently was on hormone therapy, during which a cough began. I was afraid that the virus infection, which he had picked up, could turn out for us to stay at the hospital. I decided that I need to make inhalations, chose which solution to use for a long time, eventually began alternating Borjomi and saline, but after consulting with the doctor I stopped at the latter. After four days of using the nebulizer, the cough has passed, and about the mineral water the doctor said that she is not strong enough medicine in our case. "