Health of gums. Factors that improve gum health.

According to statistics, every second person over thirty years old has problems with gums. People whose age is more than fifty years old, problems with gums are much more common. This is very dangerous, because the condition of the teeth depends on the state of the mucous membrane of the soft tissues in the mouth.

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IMPORTANT: One of the causes of tooth loss is gum disease.

There are several types of gum disease:
• Periodontitis;
• Periodontal disease;
• Gingivitis.

The most common gum disease is periodontal disease. In this disease due to tooth deposits the neck of the tooth is exposed. In such a pocket,

an inflammatory process starts, which can lead to tooth loss. This can happen in the absence of treatment problems and the development of a more severe form of periodontitis.

IMPORTANT: Periodontitis in the gums develops inflammation, which affects some of the soft tissues in the oral cavity. On the teeth appears plaque and tartar is formed.

In the period of severe periodontitis, purulent masses can form and accumulate in the dentogingival pockets.

Gingivitis is the development and congestion of microorganisms in the oral cavity with improper care of teeth and gums. The launch of this disease leads to the development of pathogens in the mouth and the subsequent inflammatory process. When the form is started, gingivitis can flow into the periodontitis.

IMPORTANT: If you have symptoms of gum disease, you should immediately seek help from a specialist. Only a dentist can make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the right treatment for gums. Self-medication can lead to serious negative consequences for your body.

What from a food negatively influences health of gums?

IMPORTANT: The cause of gum disease is huge. Provoke such problems in the oral cavity may impair hygiene, smoking, lack of vitamins, formation of tartar, pregnancy, impaired immune system, poor-quality dental care, etc.

Diseases such as diabetes , angina , acute respiratory infections can also provoke the appearance of problems with the gums.

The gums, like teeth, like solid food. With the help of unsweetened fruits and vegetables, you can not only feed the body with the necessary vitamins, but also massage the gums. In the field of such a massage, the blood flow improves and the mucosa of the oral cavity becomes stronger.

Frequent consumption of soft food( various desserts, buns, etc.) leads to the fact that the gums deprived of massage, become loose and there is a threat of development of the above diseases.

Negatively, gingival tissue is affected strongly by hard food. For example, such fast food as chips and biscuits. This popular snack for beer can scratch and injure the gums.

IMPORTANT: For people with problems in the oral cavity, do not eat foods that contain high amounts of sugar. It creates fertile soil on the enamel of teeth for the development of bacteria.

Which, in turn, can provoke the appearance of calculus and periodontitis. In addition, sugar blocks the absorption of calcium, an important microelement for teeth.

The best health products for gums

The best product for the oral cavity is carrots. In addition to the fact that it contains beta-carotene, an essential element for the body, raw carrots are an excellent gum massager.

IMPORTANT: The gums love vegetable food. In addition, that in such products usually a lot of vitamins and nutrients, they can also clean the tooth enamel from the plaque and massage the gums. Especially in this have succeeded: carrots, celery and greens.

Very useful for teeth and gums of broccoli cabbage. When it is used on the gums, a microfilm is formed, which protects the tissues of the oral cavity from the acid contained in the saliva.

To stop the development of pathogenic bacteria in the oral cavity, add onions to your diet. Kiwi and citrus fruits are also useful for gums. And to restore gum tissue in your food you need to add ginger.

Vitamins for gum health

The most important vitamin for gums is vitamin C .This vitamin strengthens the general condition of the body and is able to help capillaries in the mouth to properly carry out their function. Thanks to this "work" vitamin C gum receives nutrients in the amount in which it is necessary for them.

Also gums need vitamins of group B .Most of the vitamins of this group act as a "building material" for the gums. Their shortage in the body can affect the health of the gums. With periodontal disease, the dentist must prescribe a course of the vitamin B6 to the patient.

Also for oral health, vitamin A is needed. This vitamin affects many metabolic processes in the body. With a lack of this vitamin, the gums can become loose and weak.

IMPORTANT: To protect gums from bleeding, it is necessary to include foods rich in vitamin K in your diet. Such products include potatoes, corn, spinach, tomato, dog rose, and the like.

Preparations for gum health

There are many drugs that can strengthen the gums, cure them of various diseases and prevent problems in the early stages. Such preparations include vitamin complexes for teeth and gums:
"Calcinova" is a vitamin complex developed for teeth and gums;
«CalciumOsteoporosis» - a vitamin complex to maintain the correct balance of calcium in the body;
«Forever Kids» is a complex of extracts of natural products for strengthening children's teeth. Can be used by adults to prevent periodontal disease.
"Parodontocide" is a preparation for the treatment of gum disease. Contains chemical and plant components of antimicrobial and analgesic action.
HOLISAL is a gel for gums with antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. The analogue of this drug is "Mundizal-gel".
"Metrogil-delta" - gel for gums containing antibiotic and antiseptic. By its actions somewhat inferior to the above-mentioned gels.
"Kamistad" is a gel for gums containing chamomile extract and an anesthetic component.
Rotokan is a ready-made mouthwash for gum disease. Contains extract of chamomile, calendula and yarrow.

IMPORTANT: Selection of the necessary drugs and treatment course should be made only by the dentist who examined you. Do self-medication is unacceptable. This can lead to negative consequences.

People who have gum disease have a number of other diseases

Gum disease can lead to very serious consequences. According to British scientists from Imperial College in London, gum disease can provoke oncology. Specialists for more than 18 years collected data on the diet, bad habits and oral condition in 48,000 men aged 18 to 75 years. Most often, people with gum problems were found to have malignant tumors in the kidneys, lungs, pancreas and blood.

I already wrote in the previous article that

IMPORTANT: Diseases in the oral cavity can cause damage to any human body. Bacteria and microbes from gum patients can by blood "get" to any part of the body.
One of the common symptoms of gum disease is their bleeding. If you notice this symptom, then immediately go to the reception to the dentist.

Factors that improve gum health

The basis of gum health is proper nutrition .It must be balanced and diverse. In your diet you need to include healthy fruits and vegetables, products rich in calcium , with protein, useful minerals and with fiber.

To maintain the gums in a good shape, you need to periodically massage them .This can be done during oral care with a toothbrush with special rubber inserts. For this procedure it is better to use a separate toothbrush. Not the one used for cleaning teeth.

IMPORTANT: Gum massage should be done daily for 5-7 minutes.

In order for the brush to become soft, it must be periodically lowered into warm water. With the help of special toothpastes or gels during massage, it is possible to feed the gum with useful substances .

Health gums can be strengthened and with the help of pharmacy. This factor also should not be neglected. Slices of solid food can harm not only the teeth, but also the gums. Mikroranki on the gums can be "healed" with the help of special elixirs , which are sold today in each pharmacy.

Prophylaxis of gum health

Health of the gums depends on the health of the gums. The best treatment for gum problems is their prevention. Therefore, if symptoms of gum disease appear, you should immediately contact a specialist.

Prevention of gum disease in the dental office begins with the cleaning of teeth from plaque. A dark plaque on the teeth can trigger the development of calculus and gum problems later on.

IMPORTANT: Prophylaxis of gum health can be achieved with folk remedies. For example, by mouth rinse with propolis. To ensure that the gums are healthy and strong courses such rinses should be regular( 3-4 courses per year for 2-3 weeks).

Gum disease can lead to harmful effects on the entire body. Therefore, when the first signs of such a problem appear, you should immediately contact a specialist.

Video. How to Treat Inflammation of Desna? What to Do if the Desna Bleed? Periodontitis.

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