To date, the most frequently diagnosed disease is tonsillitis. It can have acute or chronic course. The most important manifestation of it remains acute pain in the throat, which occurs when swallowing. If to consider innovative methods of treatment of a tonsillitis in a category of the most effective it is necessary to carry a vacuum washing.

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What is this

The essence of vacuum washing is that with the help of a special device you can remove pus and pests accumulated on tonsils and pathogenic organisms. To perform the manipulation, doctors use a device called Tonsillor. The basis of the technique is cavitation and phonophoresis. You can treat both children and adults.
The waveguide, which functions on the principle of cavitation, stops the abscesses. Thanks to a special device in the focus of the pathological process, the drug solution

is delivered in the right amount, and then it is absorbed. Thanks to this, it is possible to get an anesthetic and anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, the blood begins to circulate in the area of ​​damage better, and this suggests that tissue regeneration occurs faster. Improved blood flow positively affects the process of saturation of tissues with nutrients, oxygen.

On video vacuum washing of tonsils:

The main advantages of the method are:

  1. High efficiency. With the help of vacuum washing of tonsils, tonsillitis can be cured in a chronic form, removing it in a prolonged stage of remission.
  2. Security .The procedure does not injure the pharynx mucosa and the tonsils themselves.
  3. No allergy.
  4. After washing, there is no dysbiosis or conditions for increased growth of the fungal infection.
  5. Affordable price.
  6. With timely washing of the tonsils, it is possible to reduce the likelihood of operative removal of the affected tissue.
  7. All patients can apply vacuum flushing, regardless of age and gender. But during pregnancy from such treatment will have to be abandoned.

Indications for the procedure

vacuum washing of tonsils The largest tonsils in the throat are the palatines. They are presented in the form of lymphoid tissue, and their main task is to protect the body and form the immune system. If the oral cavity is developing infection, the tonsils no longer perform their functions, in fact, they serve as a hotbed of disease in the body.

At tonsillitis in lacunae there is a congestion of microbes. All this leads to the development of purulent plugs, which create excellent conditions for the propagation of pathogenic microorganisms. Self-cleansing with angina is not observed, the congestion of microbes continues, and intoxication affects the entire body. This leads to a decrease in immunity. To prevent such an outcome of events, it is necessary to perform vacuum purification of the tonsils. And although today there are many ways to perform this manipulation, the most effective is the vacuum one.

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How the

vacuum flushing almonds reviews

occurs Before carrying out the lavage, it is necessary to carry out a number of preparatory measures, and also to know some recommendations that must be followed after treatment:

  1. The last meal should be one hour before the procedure.
  2. Do not tilt your head back during cleaning.
  3. Do not breathe deeply.
  4. After the procedure, you can not eat and drink for about 2 hours. This time is necessary for the drug to resolve.

Vacuum cleaning performs a course of 8-10 procedures. In the first 2-3 procedures, only the scoring of the tonsils occurs. This is required in order to plug the lacunae widened, and the accumulated pus released. After that, there is a sound and a phonetic. To get maximum effect, children in combination with this procedure are given a course of physiotherapy.
The second course can be conducted after 90 days, and the third one - through 30. When the course of therapy is completed, the doctor can evaluate the treatment. The vacuum cleaning procedure with hydrocortisone can be performed once a year. In this case, the use of medications can not be stopped.

On the video flushing of the tonsils by the vacuum method:

Before the beginning of the manipulation, the anesthetic is applied to the tonsil mucosa by irrigation. Thus, it is possible to reduce the reflex swallowing. On the amygdala the applicator of distribution of a solution of peroxide of hydrogen is fixed. It is necessary in order to activate the ultrasound effect, resulting in purulent clusters, microbes will go away. Suction is performed using an electric suction device. During this procedure, the lymphoid tissue absorbs oxygen, which is released from the reaction of peroxide to ultrasonic waves. Oxygen will quickly remove microbes.

Each almond is washed for 2 minutes. After the procedure, you need to hold your breath to remove the applicator.

Code cleaning is completed, then the glands of the waveguide supply solution and low-frequency sound waves. Thanks to them, the effect of the drug is increased. Since the active components of the medicine go deep into the tissues, the maximum effect that lasts longer is achieved.

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To perform vacuum washing of tonsils today is possible at a price of 1500 rubles.


  • Helena, 34 years old: "I was vacuum washed about 3 years ago. Then I began to exacerbate chronic tonsillitis. There were terrible pains, the temperature was rising. When I came to the doctor, he appointed me this procedure, after which I began to live normally. Of course, there is not much pleasant in it, but what an effect. After that, I had an aggravation only once, and then it did not last long, so we can say that it went unnoticed. "
  • Vitaliy, 25 years old: "I did not think that after the vacuum cleaning of the tonsils, such relief would come. In this way, I was treated with an angina in acute form. The fact is that home washing did not give the desired effect. The pain still did not allow me to eat normally, talk. Then the doctor sent me for vacuum cleaning. We conducted a full course, after which I became absolutely healthy. "
  • Inna, 45 years old: "When I became sick with angina, the doctor prescribed an operation for me, since in my case nothing can be helped. I decided to consult another specialist, and he told me that you can try vacuuming the tonsils. Of course, I agreed. I went through all 3 sessions, after which the long-awaited relief came. Now the throat does not hurt, the temperature keeps within the limits of the norm. They performed the procedure so neatly that I did not feel any discomfort. "

Vacuum cleansing of tonsils is an innovative method for the treatment of infectious diseases, the media of which are tonsillitis and chronic tonsillitis. The uniqueness of the procedure is that it is suitable for everyone, and it can be used to treat acute and chronic pathogens. In this case, in the first case the disease recedes completely, and in the second case it is possible to prolong the period of remission as much as possible.