Anti-cold remedy "Doctor Mom" ​​in the form of ointment helps to softly and quickly relieve cough. Ointment "Doctor Mom" ​​has an organic basis. Thanks to this and the external form of application, the danger to the body is minimal.

The appearance of the ointment is represented by an almost transparent white mixture with a fresh smell of menthol. The drug is suitable for both complex treatment of colds, and for single use of .Can be used as a prophylaxis of viral diseases.


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doctor moth ointment for cold instruction

Ointment has a warming and antimicrobial effect. One jar in 20 grams suffices for a long time

The basis of a preparation is made

with natural components.

  • Camphor. It acts as an irritant and helps to anesthetize.
  • Levomentol .Provides a pleasant smell of the drug, dilates the blood vessels when ingested. Causes a feeling of chills on the body. Also, like camphor, plays the role of an anesthetic.
  • Timol. It serves to fight against microbes, plays the role of antiseptic, it has antifungal action.
  • Oil of eucalyptus and turpentine. They serve to irritate the skin, and how snoring is treated with sea buckthorn oil, is indicated here in the article.
  • Muscat oil .This component effectively reduces the production of prostaglandins in the body.
  • White paraffin. This soft substance is taken as the basis for the preparation.

In addition to the ointment, under the brand "Doctor Mom" ​​are produced and other dosage forms, such as cough syringes Dr. Mom.

Properties of the preparation

Ointment provokes the appearance of a reaction of mild irritation of the skin receptors, which distracts them. It has a warming and antimicrobial effect. Also helps to fight inflammatory reactions. When applied to the skin forms a cool layer.

Indications for use

ointment doctor application Ointment can not be ingested. Do not lubricate the inside of the nose! The drug is sold without a doctor's prescription. It is intended for adults and children over 3 years. Ointment "Doctor Mom" ​​is used as a separate treatment. But it can also be part of the complex to combat acute diseases. Used ointment for headaches and lumbar pains, edema of the nasal mucosa.

The drug treats dry and moist cough . In the first case, the remedy facilitates coughing, has a curative effect. And in the case of the second type of cough, ointment helps to break down sputum.

Indications for use in pregnant women and children

Is it possible to give pregnant women a moth ointment

Pregnant you can use "Doctor Mom" ​​ointment, however, you should consider the possibility of a strong allergic reaction

. According to the instructions, ointment is not recommended for treatment of children under the age of three. But in practice, many young mothers, certified by the pediatrician's prescription, use ointment for early signs of a cold in the baby.

Adult very strong cough before vomiting

An adult has a very strong cough before vomiting, which is indicated in the article.

What can be the causes of cough without colds in adults, indicated in the article.

How to cure a dry paroxysmal cough at night and at bedtime, is indicated here: http: // bolezni-g /kashel/ suxoj-pristupoobraznyj.html

You need to put a minimum amount of money on the foot and tip of the baby's nose. It is recommended to wear warm socks for the night and give warm milk, mors or compote to the baby before going to bed.

No contraindications for pregnant women. This is a herbal preparation of external action, so the possible harm to the health of the baby and mom is minimized. However, expectant mothers should consult their doctor for an allergic reaction.

If even before pregnancy an allergic reaction to the ointment was not observed, this does not mean that an allergy can not occur during the ripening period of the fetus. It can be caused by weakened immunity.

Proper use of

doctor-mom-maz8 In the case of cough treatment, there are several ways to use:

  • As an inhalation. If the cough is very severe, you can use an ointment for inhalation. About how the rhinitis is treated with inhalations with a nebulizer, is indicated in the article here.
  • External application. For cold cough ointment is applied to the sternum and neck. You must carefully rub it into the skin. To enhance the effect from above, a warm thing or place is put on, lubricated with ointment, wrapped in a scarf.

Gently apply the ointment, do not let it get on the mucous membrane of the eye, otherwise there will be burning and copious discharge of tear fluid. After applying the ointment, wash your hands.

Procedures are repeated several times a day. The course of treatment is not more than 5 days.

Side effects of

An allergic reaction may occur, accompanied by itching and rashes. In this case, it is necessary to stop treatment with this drug. It is not recommended to use "Doctor Mom" ​​ointment together with other creams.


doctor mom ointment

Do not use ointment "Doctor Mom" ​​for allergic reactions to the components of the drug

Ointment is contraindicated for people who are allergic to the constituent components of the drug. It is also worthwhile to refrain from using the drug in the presence of mechanical damage( cuts, wounds) in the area of ​​use of the ointment.

People suffering from skin diseases are advised to refrain from treating colds with the help of "Doctor Mom" ​​ointment.

If you have contraindications for using ointment, use folk recipes for coughing at home, for example, cook burnt sugar from a cough. And you can also try a very good product that almost always helps, milk with cough oil.


doctor mom ointment analogues Almost all drugs have their counterparts. Ointment "Doctor Mom" ​​was no exception.

  • "The asterisk". A small jar with a star on the lid contains an ointment, similar in composition to the ointment "Doctor Mom."There also includes camphor, menthol, eucalyptus oil and other substances. But the price for this drug is slightly lower.
  • "Adzhikold Plus" . With the exception of paraffin, the composition of this analogue practically coincides with the ointment under consideration.
  • "Vix Active" balm. Its composition differs from the composition of the "Doctor Mom" ​​ointment only in the content of cedar oil.
  • Travisil. The constituent part of this ointment includes various types of paraffin, which distinguishes it from the analogue.


The price for this medication varies from 140 to 160 rubles.

Customer Reviews

Many people who tried treatment with such a drug were pleased with its effect. But there are those to whom the ointment did not produce the proper impression.

doctor mom ointment reviews - "For me it's like a wand-rescue wand, a tool for all occasions. Due to heavy loads, the daughter always has a headache, and it is not a hunt to spoil the stomach with antibiotics, and they do not help either. And here it is enough to rub this ointment into the whiskey, and the pain goes away! I use an ointment when I cough, rubbing my chest and wrapping myself in a blanket. And if the lymph nodes increase, I also apply this drug to them for the night, and by morning as if nothing had happened. The main thing after using the ointment is to stay warm, otherwise the opposite effect may occur. A big plus is that the product is natural. "

- "I have been using this ointment for more than ten years, and I have never regretted it! He coughs well and heats up very well. With a cold, I put ointment on the heels and chest, and under the blanket. The composition is completely natural, but children under two can not. Although, I put my foot on and in infancy. In a jar with ointment "Doctor Mom" ​​only 20 grams, but this is more than enough for me for 2-3 years. And the price is adequate! "

-" I decided to try this ointment after a lot of advice from colleagues and positive feedback on the net. I tested first on myself, before I treat the ointment of a child. It just hurt my throat, and my nose did not breathe freely. I put ointment on the sternum, as it was said in the instructions, at the same time and anointed the wings of the nose. The pleasant smell of menthol and the cold on the skin of Doctor on coughing were noticeable for about 15 minutes. But when I woke up in the morning, I found nothing but increased pain in my throat, which I then treated with standard methods. But, I think, maybe it did not help me, but it will work for the child. A daughter always has a severe cold, which is difficult to treat. She put it on her nose, but she also complained about the coolness of the ointment, but the sense of zero. I was upset because of this fact, now I will only use the good old "Star".It even smells sharp, but it gives an effect. "

- "Having a cold, I learned about this ointment. They advised to smear on their feet, put on woolen socks, drink hot tea with lemon, and go to bed. Then the cold will go away. But she stayed with me on the second and third day of illness. concluded that the drug is effective only in complex treatment, and if only smudge them, there will not be any sense. In addition, the shape of the jar is not comfortable, it is difficult to get the ointment when it is already finished. Of the pluses you should note a pleasant smell and a warming effect. "


Watch a video about the main mistakes in the treatment of cough:

Ointment "Doctor Mom" ​​is an excellent organic alternative to antibiotics, which should be taken internally. It gently fights with two types of cough, and when treating serious diseases it becomes an effective element of the complex of measures.