Almost every year in our country and not only epidemics and pandemics of acute respiratory infections and influenza erupt. Infectious disease pathogens, there are more than 200 different viruses. They change and mutate from year to year. For this reason, vaccination of the population, as a means of prevention, is not justified. Antibiotics viruses are not treated, they are only suitable for the treatment of complications that have already appeared after ARI.To prevent the disease, Amyxin is able to help the body recover faster.

Amiksin( active ingredient Tyrolon) is an immunostimulant. The main property of the tyrolon - a powerful stimulation of the production in the body of all four kinds of interferon( proteins that protect the person from infections).Interferon has several problems in the body: antimicrobial protection, antitumor protection, radioprotective properties. But its main function is protection from viruses. Thanks to the immunostimulant, the body itself manages, without fore

ign substances.

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Countries where

is most often used Amixin perfectly stimulates and supports immunity, if it is weakened, restores the balance of important elements of the immune system.

Amiksin is registered in Ukraine and Russia. amyxin influenza

Developed it in the Soviet Union military doctors for increased prevention and treatment of acute respiratory infections during emergencies, large-scale disasters, military operations. Scientists interferon studied in 1975, in Odessa in FSI of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR.Clinical trials have been conducted in many health facilities of the former Union.

A lot of experimental studies were carried out, for which the direct antiviral effect of the drug was confirmed. Clinical studies were first conducted among health professionals. And as a result, it was noted its high effectiveness, as a means for prevention. Doctors concluded that many symptoms of flu and colds were cured faster twice. The effect from Amiksin is noticeable already during the day: it becomes much easier.

Advantages of the preparation

  • High efficiency. At reception for prophylaxis the probability of disease decreases in some times. And when treating the flu, the patient recovers much faster. amixin influenza for the treatment of influenza
  • Good portability. No cases of drug intolerance have been established.
  • Prolonged action.
  • Safe in therapeutic doses. Adverse reactions are extremely few.
  • In pharmacies is sold without a prescription.
  • Once a week for prevention can be used during epidemics.

Indications and contraindications for use

Not always a modern person is obtained at the first sign of a cold or flu to lie down at home to heal: wrap himself in a blanket, absorb tea, liters, and work and day-to-day affairs. To stay functional, you need to take Amiksin. The drug has been widely known for several decades, thousands of people have benefited from it for the prevention and treatment of acute respiratory infections.

Assign Amixin for symptoms of the disease: nasal congestion, headache, joint pain, chills.

amoxin flu variety

Amiksin influenza of various kinds for the treatment of influenza

It can be used for prophylaxis: once a week for 6 weeks, drink enough 1 tablet( 125 mg).The reason for the prevention can be the onset of the cold season, it is worth taking care of yourself in the event that someone from close relatives or employees working nearby is ill.

Side effects are extremely rare. They show chills, upset stomach, nausea, allergies in the form of rashes on the skin, itching. If you notice after taking Amixin something like that - cancel the drug. Cases of an overdose were not.

Amiksin has a wide spectrum of action: it is active not only against influenza viruses, it resists all viruses in general, such as herpes and hepatitis, Amixin is also used to treat urogenital infections.


  • pregnancy;
  • individual intolerance;
  • lactation period;
  • for children under 7 years.

Warning! Amiksin is not taken in case of alcoholic intoxication. The substance together with alcohol poison the body, there is a large load on the liver.

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How to take

The special convenience of taking Amixin is a form of release( oral) and a low frequency of admission.

Take this immunostimulant for treatment should be immediately when you have flu symptoms: 1-2 tablets the first two days, then enough one tablet every other day. If you take a pill( 125 mg) in the first day, it is more likely that the symptoms of intoxication will be eliminated within three days: fever, headache, weakness, runny nose, severe coughing, lacrimation pass during this time, the likelihood of complications also sharply decreases. Without Amiksin, you'll have to be sick longer. taking drugs for flu

The drug is combined with antibiotics in the treatment of complications after the flu. Amiksin itself is not an antibiotic and it is not necessary to restore the intestinal flora after it.

The active ingredient( Tylorone) is coated with a shell that dissolves only in the intestine, it is there that Tyloron stimulates the production of interferon by the body. Therefore, tablets can not be broken or taken with a damaged shell. After all, then the substance will be destroyed in the stomach with hydrochloric acid, in the right state until the intestine does not reach and the effect will not be necessary!

Can I take medicine with children?

For children Amiksin is produced for children, reduced dose.

Warning! Children can be used to treat only colds, flu and ARVI after reaching the age of seven.

Tablets 60 mg - in this form is produced this drug for children. It is recommended to take only three times: on the first, second day, one tablet, then one day to pass and on the fourth to take another pill. In case of complication of the disease, the reception of one more tablet every other day( already on the sixth day) is shown. taking drugs by children

Immunomodulators, thanks to marketers and advertising, are especially common during the cold season. With regard to their application, opinions were divided: in addition to excellent results, there are also their absence. This afflicts consumers, because, in addition to disappointment, money is lost, and the drug costs a lot( 600-900 rubles).

Often you can hear an opinion about the effect of a placebo effect.

The fact that Amixin is not registered and used in America and Europe is also alarming. In studies that have been conducted abroad, the tyrolon is recognized as a toxic substance. They are opposed to the development and clinical studies of Russian and Ukrainian doctors.

Whether you want to take this medication, decide for yourself( ideally, after consulting a doctor) you can only do it yourself.

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  • Maria. Took in accordance with the scheme, when ARVI was already ill. She came for medicines to the pharmacy, Amiksin persistently recommended the pharmacist. She was ill, as usual, for two weeks. There were no side reactions from him. But I did not feel a special effect either. When the child was ill, I asked the pediatrician if he needed a son( he is 14 years old) to take Amiksin. The doctor said that it was possible for prevention, but now there will not be much sense. If there is extra money, we can poprinimat. But it is better to have tea with raspberries.
  • Elena. I started taking Amixin for prophylaxis as soon as the cold season began. And she did not get sick the whole winter, although many colleagues took a sick leave. I liked the tool very much, it justified its value. I will use it in the future and recommend it to everyone!