Room Kalanchoe - an indispensable assistant in the fight against colds. Its composition is maximally active and has excellent disinfecting properties. One of the most popular ways of using Kalanchoe is to fight with the common cold. How to properly perform treatment in such an unconventional way, and also whether it is possible to eliminate a runny nose with Kalanchoe juice in children will tell you our article.


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The use and action of

Kalanchoe juice from the common cold to children

The juice of this healing plant possesses simply magical abilities. Kalanchoe belongs to the family succulent, and therefore, it is able to accumulate a large number of nutrients inside the leaves and stem. The amazing resistance and resistance of plants have a truly nominal definition. The closest "relative" - ​​all known aloe, but after all, the medicinal properties of this flower can make legends.

Kalanchoe is similar in many respe

cts to its composition and useful qualities with aloe. Many recipes used in folk medicine are even advised to replace the juice of one plant with another, if there is a problem to find a flower that is widespread in principle.

Useful properties of Kalanchoe:

  • Has a good antiseptic effect.
  • Promotes better circulation.
  • Stimulates the healing of wounds and cracks.
  • Used in the treatment of trophic ulcers.
  • It is used in dentistry to strengthen the gums.
  • Actively cleans air, disinfecting and saturating it with useful phytoncides.

In addition, Kalanchoe - an excellent immunostimulant, because its tincture can be used to recover from illness and strengthen the body's defenses during seasonal colds.

All these properties largely explain the use of Kalanchoe in the treatment of colds. This is a completely natural and safe "spray" for the nose, suitable even for babies. To learn how to use this "medicine" correctly, we offer the following information.

On the video of the Kalanchoe juice from the common cold to children:

How to take

Kalanchoe juice from the common cold in the pipette

The use of this healing composition has one characteristic that many remember even from childhood colds. After instillation, the nasal mucosa begins to become irritated, and it is unbearably like to sneeze. It is this property that explains the ability to quickly and effectively cleanse sinuses in children and adults, even with severe congestion.

This feature does not harm the body at all, allowing you to get rid of accumulated mucus, even at the age when most children are not yet able to cleanse their own noses.

By the way, if you do not have a suitable plant near you, you can use the pharmacy tincture of Kalanchoe. This is just the case of a universal medicine for a mere penny. At a cost, it will not be much higher than the standard peroxide or zelenka, and will bring more benefits than expensive sprays for the nose. The shelf life of the tincture is also very high, which can not be said about standard nasal agents.

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Features of use of pharmacy tincture of Kalanchoe:

  1. The alcohol tincture is used exclusively externally. This is an excellent tool in the treatment of skin diseases and wound healing. It can not be used to dig in the nose.
  2. Juice in its pure form is also sometimes found in pharmacies, its duration is very limited, so be sure to monitor the storage and use conditions.
  3. Homeopathic remedies often only advertise their composition as natural, but in fact, there are very few original substances in them. It is best to use freshly made juice from a house plant, because this flower is unpretentious and can grow in the most extreme conditions.

Fans of exclusively natural products will like the opportunity to make drops on their own. For this, it is necessary to take into account a number of features, for example, the age of the plant. It is desirable that it was older than three years, so that the staff could be satisfied with everything necessary. By the species of Kalanchoe there are no restrictions, because even the ornamental - flowering plants have all the medicinal properties, as well as the "habitual" analogue.

On the video of the Kalanchoe juice from the common cold:

Algorithm of preparation:

  1. Take the lower leaf of the plant, wash it well and dry it.
  2. Grind in any convenient way.
  3. Turn the mixture into a clean gauze and squeeze the juice.
  4. Dilute with warm boiled water if necessary.
  5. Bury up to four times a day one by one - two drops in each nostril.

Home tincture can be used immediately by dripping drops in your nose, and you can store it in a cool place, but in this case you need to add the alcohol component to the mixture so that the useful properties do not disappear.

For children, it is better not to use alcohol tincture, so as not to damage sensitive mucous membranes. If the stuffiness of the nose is small, you can simply lubricate the inside with a cotton swab, soaking a little in juice.

For children

burying a nose to a child

The use of this drug in childhood is not forbidden at all. On the contrary, many experienced pediatricians advise this way to clean the spout in infants. In addition to good antiseptic effect, the juice of this plant helps to moisten the mucous membranes and saturates the body with useful substances.

This cardinally differs in efficiency from traditional drugstores, which at this age will do more harm than good.

There are the following features of the reception:

  • Infants are better to use the juice, diluted in half with boiled water( many advise to take the proportion of 1: 3, but the effectiveness of treatment will also be low).
  • Children over the age of three can not dilute the Kalanchoe, but use not more than one drop in each nostril.
  • Effectively use a mixture of aloe and calanchoe juice. For this, the same amount of juice is taken and buried in the nose.
  • For adults, you can enhance the effect of the medication by adding a couple of drops of fresh onion juice.
  • You can use a decoction of leaves, which probably will not hurt the little kids. To do this, you need to grind one medium sheet and pour about 100 ml of water. After the mixture boils, set aside from the heat and allow to cool. Bury in the nose one by one - two drops in each nostril.
  • If the common cold is allergic, use of this remedy is not recommended. Also, negative individual reactions may occur on the juice components, so make sure that the product is harmless before the first use.

Kalanchoe juice from the cold is a time-tested home remedy. Its use has many ways, because the active components of the plant work well for all foci of infection. The use of the healing properties of the Kalanchoe during the runny nose will help to get rid of the severe stuffiness of the nose, and also gently moisten the mucous membranes. Kalanchoe can be used in infancy, observing certain precautions. The peculiarities of treating the common cold with this method are considered in detail in the information of our article.

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  • Marina: "This is a proven tool that we have been treated with my sister. Now I use it on my home, we even have a special press for juice, I do not remember from what times I bought it. "
  • Alexander: " Unloved, but amazingly effective. I remember how in childhood I was afraid of this procedure, although it was very funny then to sneeze. Now I rarely use it, it's usually easier to go to the pharmacy. "
  • Catherine: " After numerous increases in the cost of all pharmaceutical products, gradually returned to the people tested. The juice of Kalanchoe is an excellent remedy, it helps even with severe stuffiness. For children in general, the best alternative, especially since it is always at hand. "