Liquid yellow discharge from the ear is a symptom that indicates the presence of an inflammatory process in the auricle. In this case, it is necessary to seek medical help as soon as possible. The fact is that many different reasons can influence this state. The doctor's task is to determine the underlying factor and eliminate the unpleasant symptoms.


  • 1 What are the main reasons
  • 2 treatment methods in adults
    • 2.1 Features of hygiene
    • 2.2 Antibiotics
    • 2.3 Folk remedies
    • 2.4 Operation
  • 3 reasons a child
  • 4 Treatment
  • 5 in infants

What are the main reasons

When an adult suddenlythe liquid of yellow color from the ear began to flow out, then it can be caused by such reasons: A yellow liquid flows from the ear in an adult

  1. ORZ, sinusitis, which causes swelling of the auditory tube and infection in the mediumear.
  2. Trauma of the tympanic membrane.
  3. Prolonged exposure to cold.
  4. Penetration of dirty water. This occurs most often in
    swimmers. Through the mucosa of the ear canal microbes penetrate, which lead to the development of otitis.
  5. Injury of the external ear during improper sanitation.
  6. Wearing hearing aids.

Treatment methods in adults

The treatment process should begin after the cause of the pathological process has been established. Further, all therapeutic events are divided into stages, the implementation of which is mandatory.

Features of carrying out of hygienic procedures

At all it is necessary to prevent exit of a yellow liquid from ears. So you have to give up on prolonged wearing of cotton swabs. It is necessary to ensure a constant outflow of liquid. For such purposes, it is better to use a cotton ball with a loose structure. If you use a cotton base, it will absorb the liquid perfectly. In this case, you must always change the cotton swabs. The more intensive the discharge, the more often the swab is changed. adult ear cleaning

To remove from the ear passage accumulated dirt and discharge, it is necessary to use a cotton swab with a soft texture. In this case, it must be impregnated with an antiseptic solution. It is best to use chlorhexidine or hydrogen peroxide. If the outflow fluid from the ear has impurities of pus, it is forbidden to perform any warming procedures. It is better to use boric acid, tincture of calendula or Dioxydin.


Taking antibiotics with yellow discharge from the ear in adults is a necessary measure. The duration of such treatment should not exceed 7 days. As a rule, the next day, there is relief. Taking antibacterial drugs, you need to take care of taking probiotic drugs, with which you can reduce the negative effects of antibiotics on the digestive tract.

As a rule, the following antibiotics are used:

  • Levofloxacin;


  • Supraks;
    Suprax tablets


  • Cefuroxime acetyl.
    tablets Cefuroxime acetyl

    Cefuroxime acetyl

Before appointing a particular drug, the physician should take the patient's assay for bacteriosia in order to understand what kind of bacteria the lesion has caused.

Folk remedies

With the help of non-traditional remedies it is possible to relieve the condition and eliminate such unpleasant symptoms as earache and yellow discharge. But they need to be used only as an additional method of therapy. The most effective are the following recipes:

  1. Juice of plantain .It has a bactericidal effect. You need to drip 2-3 drops 3 times a day. Honey, mint broth. This composition drip 3 times a day for 4 drops.
  2. Aloe juice .This juice must be obtained from a fresh plant. Extrude it better before use. Then connect in equal amounts with water. Drip 3 drops once a day.


There are situations when after the appointed treatment the relief does not come. Then the doctor decides on the operation. The essence of surgical intervention is that the specialist restores the integrity of the tympanic membrane and the damaged bones of the middle ear. Another operation can be prescribed to stop the affected tissue.

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Causes in a child

There may be yellow discharge from the ear for a child for various reasons. Most often, the culprits of inflammation are the bacteria that are concentrated in the auditory canal. fluid in the child from the ear

Very seldom secreted from the ear yellow liquid indicates a dissolving plug, which when heated has flowed out. Concentration of the fluid occurs in the middle ear and in the eardrum


The first thing parents should do with the child is to consult a doctor. Then he will conduct the necessary diagnostics and pinpoint the cause of the inflammatory process.

The therapy process consists of the following steps:

  1. If there is purulent discharge from the ear, the child should use the alcohol-free drops. To drip them it is necessary in the cleared ear. Here it is possible to carry Otyreklax( to learn more about drops Otirelaks, it is possible from the given instruction), drops in Othof's ears.


  2. The therapy regimen may contain non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that help to stop pain and inflammation.
  3. To prevent the spread of infection in the middle ear and nasopharynx, children are prescribed vasoconstrictive drops in the nose. Most often, this is Nazivin( and here's how to use Nazivin sensitive for children under one year, described in detail in this article).


  4. If a child has only one ear hurts, it is better that he sleeps on the sore side. This will allow the liquid to flow freely and not accumulate.

If the above measures do not give a positive result, the doctor decides on the appointment of antibiotic therapy.


If the infants have a purulent fluid from the ear, the reason for the penetration of various fungi, bacteria and viruses. And this is due to the fact that the crumbs have a weak immune system. The development of the pathological process provokes various ailments of the respiratory tract. It's tonsillitis, sinusitis and colds. problems with the ears of the baby

Increased risk of purulent discharge from the ear in infants may be caused by:

  • severe trauma to the auricle;
  • prolonged exposure to cold;
  • infectious diseases that disrupt epithelial function;
  • traumatic tympanic injury.

Regarding treatment, it includes the following recommendations:

  1. For purulent discharge, alcohol-free drops should be used. Most often these are Otoph ear drops. Before manipulation, the child's ear should be thoroughly cleaned.


  2. Since the yellow color of the discharge indicates the presence of pus, the parents should in no case perform any warming procedures. This is fraught with serious consequences, because it is not known exactly where the pus can pass during its breakthrough.
  3. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. With their help you manage to stop the flow of fluid. Nurofen( and here's how to use Nurofen for earache in a child, described in this article) and Paracetamol reduce the volume of secreted fluid, stop inflammation and pain.
    paracetamol for infants

    Paracetamol for infants

  4. Necessarily need to drip the nose with vasoconstrictive drops - children's drops in the nose of Nazivin. Thanks to this, it is possible to prevent the spread of the infection to the other ear and nasopharynx.

The yellow liquid that emerges from the ear indicates that the inflammatory process is taking place there. In addition, this process is purulent, so pull with treatment is not necessary. Treatment can be conservative and operative. At first, the doctor uses more sparing methods, and in case of inefficiency, he makes a decision to conduct the operation.