During pregnancy, taking medication is highly undesirable because of a health hazard to the child. Some drugs are prohibited in the treatment of pregnant women. Some medicines - only in case of emergency. Therefore, to not cure a cold, it should be avoided.


  • 1 General rules
  • 2 Special recommendations for trimesters
  • 3 Some safe medicines

General rules

  1. During epidemics, avoid public transport and places with a large number of people .But if absolutely impossible to avoid, then going to crowded places, lubricate the nasal mucosa with oxolinic or viferon ointment - these are safe antiviral agents. Preventing colds during pregnancy
  2. After returning home, wash the nasopharynx and rinse the throat with saline solution .You can also use decoctions of herbs( chamomile, calendula).If the viruses penetrate the respiratory tract, you will wash them off. For convenience, use special devices Dolphin, Aqualor.
  3. Take care of your immunity, and for this, eat vegetables,
    fruits, in which there are many vitamins and microelements
    .In winter and early spring, take special vitamin complexes, but the doctor should pick them up.
  4. Dress on the weather, do not let become too cold.
  5. Wash your hands often, especially carefully, when you come home from the street.
  6. The room in which you spend time should be regularly ventilated, because in a dry air, infections spread faster.
  7. If someone is sick from a loved one, contact him less, using a cotton-gauze bandage.

Immunomodulating interferons are indicated for prophylaxis. They are safe, they can not completely protect against viruses, but they will effectively help the body to resist them. A doctor can recommend a suitable preparation.

Special recommendations for trimesters

First trimester. Infectious colds are extremely dangerous, in advanced cases, even embryo rejection can occur. The immune system is weakened, the organism of the future mother has not yet adapted to the "position" and the chances of getting ARI are very high. If you still can not avoid a cold, you should start treating it at the first signs.

Basic treatment algorithm:

  1. Clean cool moist( not dry) air.
  2. Warm clothes.
  3. Rinse the nose and rinse the throat with saline or saline.
  4. Abundant drink.

On video prevention of colds during pregnancy:

All treatment should be based on recipes of traditional medicine, basically it is a plentiful drink, lemons, honey, viburnum, raspberries.

In case of fever, use only the recipes of folk medicine: antipyretic effect is possessed by tea from linden flowers and tea with raspberries( in winter it is better to take frozen berries or ground with sugar, the efficiency of boiled jam is less).

Antipyretics tablets in the first trimester are prohibited, even for everyone the usual aspirin and paracetamol. At a temperature above 38, as a last resort, a tablet of ibuprofen will help out. Preparations with paracetamol - only with the permission of the doctor! But how to apply Ibuprofen for colds, you can learn from this article.

cold treatment of folk remedies at home How is cold treated folk remedies at home, and what tools are the most effective, will help understand this article.

And here's how to take acetylsalicylic acid for a cold, and as far as this remedy is effective, is indicated in this article.

How the treatment of a cold without temperature takes place, and what medicines should be used in the first place, you can learn from the contents in this article: http: //prolor.ru/n/ lechenie-n / chto-pit-pri-prostude-bez-temperatury.html

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If all measures are taken and the condition does not improve in 3-4 days, then there may be a suspicion of a bacterial infection. Treatment with antibiotics is attributed only to a doctor.

Second trimester of .It is believed that the colds in the 2nd trimester of pregnancy are not as dangerous to the health of the fetus as in the first or third. But still they need to beware. Both prevention and symptomatic treatment at the first sign of the disease are also important.

Runny nose is treated with a saline solution and the sprays apply only those that are not contraindicated in pregnancy( read the instructions!).second trimester

Nasal passages can be lubricated with essential oils of tea tree or eucalyptus.

When coughing from traditional medicine, a tea of ​​herbs of thyme, mother-and-stepmother or antitussive herbal collection from the pharmacy will suit. Pay attention to the tablets "Mukaltin" - affordable and safe at this time, a plant product. You can also use Vietnamese balsam "star", if there is no individual intolerance or allergy to any component component. Ointment rubs the feet, the upper part of the chest. And with a cold, you can use a pencil for inhalation with the same name.

If your throat shows frequent rinsings with decoction of herbs( chamomile flowers, calendula flowers, but do not abuse sage - it does not suit pregnant women).

At a temperature necessarily abundant drink: compote, mors, tea with lemon, raspberries, honey. A good antipyretic effect has tea with lime flowers.

Important! To abuse linden tea it is not necessary, since it affects the kidneys and the heart, for a long time and it is not recommended to drink it haphazardly. The third trimester of .Prevention and treatment of ARVI in this period is the same as in the first trimester. Fresh air, warm clothing, fruits, vegetables - is the basis of prevention. third trimester


  • adhere to general recommendations;
  • take care of its immunity. To do this, supplement the diet with vitamins, especially vitamin C is relevant for the prevention and control of viruses;
  • consult a doctor about the vitamin complex.

With a cold, it is shown to wash your nose, rinse your throat, drink a lot. The temperature above 38 will effectively knock off a lime tea or tea with raspberries.

Some safe medicines

Treatment of ARI can completely do without pharmaceuticals! Although they are safe for pregnant women:

With the slightest discomfort in the nose( congestion, sneezing, itching, rhinitis), you can use Alfaron, Grippferon, Viferon ( and here's how to apply Viferon suppositons during pregnancy for a cold, you can understand by clicking on this link).The composition of these drugs is human interferon alpha. Convenient to use - Grippferon in the form of a spray or drops, as well as a gel or ointment Viferon. Alfarone is sold in the form of a powder, which must be diluted with water before burying it in the nose. Use drugs up to 6 times a day.


On photo-alpha for pregnant

Gel Viferon is used for the treatment of herpes( lubricate the common cold on the lip 4 times a day).Against herpes will help drugs with acyclovir( tablets "Acyclovir", and here's how to use Acyclovir tablets for cold and flu, will help understand this article, "Virolex", cream "Zovirax" and "Virolex").These drugs have undergone clinical studies, their effects on fetal development have not been detected, so they can be used.

gel viferon

On the photo-gel viferon

With a cold, you need to rinse your nose, drip the drug with interferon, and after 15 minutes, drip the antiseptic Cameton or apply Pinosol( choose the form that is convenient for you: spray, drops, ointment, cream).


On the photo- a cameron for a pregnant woman

Attention! As part of Pinosol plant extracts and essential oils, which are actually strong allergens. Therefore, the drug may not be suitable for allergic women, although in general the drug is indicated during pregnancy.

Vasodilating drops can be used only with full nasal congestion when it is impossible to breathe through the nose. It will be justified to use them when there is no possibility to wash the nose.

On video prevention of colds during pregnancy in the early stages:

In antiseptic therapy need a throat and a pharynx. For pregnant women fit Bioporox and Hexaspree. These are medicinal sprays of local effect, their application to the fetus is not affected.

There are other medications, but it is better to consult the doctor( family doctor, therapist or gynecologist) about the use of the above and other medications.

It is not very difficult to treat colds for pregnant women, but all the same you need to make every effort and take preventive measures to avoid getting sick.