Tracheitis is a pathological process that is accompanied by an inflammation of the trachea. There is an ailment due to the defeat of the body by a viral or bacterial infection. Diagnosis of the disease in both adults and children. If adequate therapy is not available, the cough will torment the patient for several weeks, and in children this will lead to the development of asphyxia. So do not delay the treatment with pathology.


  • 1 Adults
    • 1.1 Antibiotics
    • 1.2 Antiviral, antihistamines and expectorants medications
      • 1.2.1 Sinekod
      • 1.2.2 Lasolvan
      • 1.2.3 Erespal
      • 1.2.4 Bioparox
      • 1.2.5 Sumammed
  • 2 Dochildren
    • 2.1 Antibiotics
    • 2.2 Privovirals
    • 2.3 Antihistamines
    • 2.4 Antipyretics
    • 2.5 Expectorants and mucolytics
    • 2.6 Inhalations

In adults

The main symptom of tracheitis remains a strong and painful cough. Cope with it will be possible only if the the

rapy will have an integrated approach, as a result, you can defeat not only the symptoms, but also the infection itself.


To apply antibiotics in the treatment of tracheitis in adults is only if the bacterial infection affected the development of the disease. This is a very effective method of therapy. When the patient's body temperature rises, coughing up purulent sputum and having a violent cough, these are all symptoms of the acute course of the pathology.

In this case, the doctor should prescribe antibacterial medicines for the penicillin group. Most often they are administered intravenously 4-6 times a day. Everything depends on the severity of the pathological process. Antibiotics of the penicillin series have a wide range of effects.

The most effective medicines remain the most:

  • Augmentin,

    Augmentin for treatment of trachnite in an adult

  • Amoxiclav( and this is better with angina Amoxiclav or Sumamed, it is described in detail in this article)

    Amoxiclav in tablets

  • Flemoxin solutab( can I drink Flemoxin Solutabwith angina, will help to understand this article).
    flemoxin solute

    Flemoxin solutab

Often patients have intolerance of the drugs under consideration. Then the doctor reviews the treatment and prescribes antibiotics from cephalosporins. Today the most effective are Zinnat, Cefixim and Aksetin. The medications of this group may be in the form of tablets or injections. Their main advantage is that they need to be taken only once a day.

antibiotics for tracheitis and laryngitis What antibiotics for tracheitis and laryngitis should be used in the first place, will help to understand this article.

It will also be interesting to know whether it is possible to do inhalation with tracheitis, and how exactly this procedure takes place.

And here is how the treatment of tracheitis is treated with folk remedies at home, it will help to understand this information: http: // traxeita-narodnymi-sredstvami.html

And here is how the treatment of chronic tracheitis in adults occurs, and what medicines are used in the first place, is described inthis article.

When the tracheitis occurs with complications, the treatment will be based on the use of antibacterial drugs from the macrolide group. Most often, adults are prescribed Azithromycin( and here is how the treatment of maxillary sinusitis with Azithromycin is described in great detail in this article).


Azithromycin in tablets

Antiviral, antihistamines and expectorants

Therapy of tracheitis in adults is reduced not only to the fact that you need to drink antibiotics alone. Another doctor includes in the therapy scheme drugs that are able to combat inflammation, allergic manifestations and exert an expectorant effect. They are available in the form of aerosols, tablets, syrups and inhalants. For tracheitis, which proceeds in an easy degree, it is not worth taking antibacterial drugs.


This is one of the best antitussive drugs. He influences the cough center by suppressing it. For tracheitis, accompanied by inflammation of the bronchi, Sinekod is irreplaceable. It can be produced in the format of syrup and tablets.



It can be used not only for the treatment of illness in adults, but even in children. But pregnant women and breastfeeding women from this treatment will have to give up.


It is a medicament that acts as a stimulator of the motor properties of the respiratory system. It is prescribed by the doctor as a secretolytic. Due to its active components, it is possible to defeat the tracheitis and acute course of bronchitis.


Lazolvan from tracheitis

The drug is actively established in the treatment of laryngitis and pharyngitis, having an acute course. When using Lazolvana take with him another antitussive medication is prohibited. And here is how Lazolvan is used for inhalation, and how this remedy is effective, is described in great detail in this article.


This is a universal medication for the treatment of tracheitis in adults. It has an anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine effect. Produce it in the form of tablets. The duration of the treatment course will be 1-2 weeks.


Erespal in tablets

When the patient's tracheitis has passed into a chronic form, the duration of therapy can be 1 month. Erespan is banned when carrying a child and when breastfeeding. And here's how to use Eraspal's cough syrup, and how effective this tool is.very detailed in this article.


This is a drug that has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. It is produced in the spray format, which is used to irrigate the pharynx. It can also be used to conduct inhalations through the nasal cavity.



Applying Bioparox stands with care to ladies when carrying a baby and breastfeeding.


This is a drug that perfectly corrects the acute form of tracheitis caused by a bacterial infection. It can also be used to treat a chronic illness in the event that complications occur.



Produced in the format of capsules and tablets. Mono used by pregnant and nursing mothers.

In children

Pediatric tracheitis can be treated at home using pediatrician-prescribed effective medications. Supplement the therapy may be unconventional medications that will ease the symptoms and general condition of the small patient.


For some reason, many parents are wary of them. And somewhere they are right. When treating tracheitis, it is advisable to take them only in one hundred cases, if during the diagnosis it became known that bacterial infection affected the development of the disease. Most often, doctors prescribe Augmentin, Clarithromycin, Ospamox. These drugs have a wide range of effects.


Augmentin in tablets for children

Privovirnye drugs

It is necessary to prescribe these medicines only if it is clear that the cause of the pathology is a viral infection. Effective for children are tablets Anaferon, Arbidol, Interferon. If the pathological process itself is not difficult, the doctor will refuse to use antiviral and antibacterial agents.


Antiviral drug Anaferon for children


Their task is to stop the swelling in case of an allergic reaction to a certain irritant. When treating pediatric tracheitis, you should pay attention to tablets Tavegil, Diazolinum, Suprastinum or Erius in the form of a syrup.


Eryus in the form of syrup


If the temperature rises, the doctor prescribes to the small patient the intake of antipyretics. They are produced in the form of candles or syrup. It is worth using Paracetamol, Ibuprofen, Panadol, Nurofen.

nurofen for children

Nurofen for children

Expectorants and mucolytic agents

To facilitate an unproductive and hard cough with tracheitis in a child, it is necessary to use medications with expectorant and mucolytic effect. Today, such means as Mukoltin, Ambroxol, syrup Gerbin and Dr. IOM remain very popular.

syrup Herbion for children

Herbion Syrup for Children

Sometimes the doctor prescribes antitussive drugs to stop the cough reflex and normalize the baby's sleep. The most effective are Sinecode and Stopoutsin. But only the simultaneous reception of expectorant and antitussive drugs is prohibited.


This method of therapy will perfectly soften the mucosa of the trachea and facilitate the coughing of the child. In addition to alkaline water Borzhomi, you can use decoctions of herbs such as anise, chamomile, sage, mint, juice of onions. And the medicinal components can be delivered to the cavity of the respiratory tube if Lazolvan is used in inhalers.

lazolvan for inhalation for children

Lazolvan for inhalation for children

Tracheitis is a common ENT disease, from which both adults and children are treated. It is important to provide the patient with adequate therapy in time to not only facilitate his condition, but also to prevent the development of complications. After all, if trachyte passes into a chronic form, then it will be much more difficult to cure it and longer.