Pain in the ears can not be tolerated. She does not give a full sleep, work and do everyday business. If you do not start treatment, then this can lead to the development of serious disorders, resulting in a decrease in hearing. Pain when swallowed in the ears can occur in both an adult and a child. To contribute to this may be different reasons, from which the doctor will be in the preparation of the scheme of therapy.


  • 1 reasons
    • 1.1 Otitis externa
    • 1.2 Otitis media
    • 1.3 Otitis inner ear
    • 1.4 Trauma ear
    • 1.5 Eustace
  • 2 medicines Treatment
  • 3 Folk remedies
    • 3.1 Garlic
    • 3.2 Onion
    • 3.3 Warming hot water
    • 3.4 Ginger root
    • 3.5 Bishop weed
    • 3.6 Camphoric oil


Pain in the ears when swallowing indicates that there is an inflammatory process there. The doctor will be able to determine the cause of unpleasant symptoms during the examination.

Otitis externa

Ear pain with external ear inflammation is one of the leading signs. It can take any character - insignificant, intense, increasing when pressure is applied to the tragus.

otitis externa

Otitis externa

In addition, a painful sensation can cause a disturbed sleep, temporary loss or loss of hearing. The pain can last a couple of days, and then it goes to a decline. In addition to the pain in the ear, otitis externa suggests the following symptoms:

  • itching;
  • noise;
  • congestion;
  • ringing;
  • temperature rise;
  • redness of ear skin;
  • discharge from the auditory canal.

Average Otitis

When the inflammation of the middle ear develops, the patient will feel unbearable and severe pain when swallowing. Because of this, many people refuse to even eat. Similarly, with external otitis painful sensations increase during pressure on the shell of the ear.

otitis media

Average Otitis

Intense pain with moderate ear inflammation can disturb the patient for a long time. And if the inflammatory process goes into a chronic form, the pain syndrome will take a regular and permanent character. With more in the ear during middle otitis, the following symptoms are typical:

  • temporary or persistent hearing loss,
  • body temperature rise, general weakness, malaise,
  • feelings of discomfort: congestion, ringing, ear noise.

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Internal ear otitis

Pain on swallowing may indicate internal otitis media.

otitis of inner ear

Internal ear otitis

In this case, the patient has the following symptoms:

  • tinnitus,
  • dizziness, nausea and other signs reminiscent of seasickness,
  • hearing loss.

For patients with a diagnosis of otitis in the inner ear, a shaky gait, jerking of the eyeballs, a rise in temperature is characteristic. Since during the disease there was a destruction of the structures of the inner ear, it leads to deafness and persistent imbalance.

Ear injury

Acute pain in the ear during swallowing can occur if the integrity of the tympanic membrane is violated. The pain can be so intense that the person loses consciousness.


The canal, which serves as a connecting element for the middle ear cavity and nasopharynx, is called the Eustachian tube. With its inflammation, the patient feels severe pain. In addition to pain, there is such a symptomatology:

  • stuffiness of the ear,
  • sensation of transfusion in the ear of water,
  • changes in audibility: own voice is heard very clearly, and others - blurry.

The video tells about the disease eustachiitis:

Treatment with medicines

If during swallowing there is a pain in the ear, then remove the unpleasant sensations will help medications. But they can only be used if the diagnosis was correctly established. To date, effective such preparations remain:

  1. Ear drops of Sophradex. These are ear drops that have an antibacterial effect. Active components of the drug have a negative effect on staphylococci, streptococci and other bacteria. Drops have a pronounced analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antihistamine effect. Successfully reduces pain, itching, swelling and redness of the tissues of the affected ear. Apply 3-4 drops in each ear canal. Carry out such activities 1-3 times a day.


  2. Garazon .This medication is presented in the form of drops that have an antifungal, bactericidal and antiviral effect. With their help you manage to stop pain, inflammation. It is necessary to drip 3 times a day for 3-4 drops in each ear canal.


  3. Anauran .Combined drug, which has antibacterial, analgesic effect. The development of drops involved antibacterial components that have a wide range of effects, and lidocaine. Apply the drug for 3-5 drops every 3 hours.but what analogies exist, this article will help to understand.


Folk remedies

With the help of traditional medicine it is possible to reduce ear pain and improve the effect of drug therapy.


With the help of this product it is possible to stop pain and exert antibiotic effect. It is necessary to clean a few cloves of garlic, pass them through the garlic. Heat 40 ml of sesame oil. Connect with garlic gruel. garlic for the ears

Use the product as drops, sending them into the ear with severe pain. You can do without oil, if you drip the juice of garlic. But how to use onions and garlic for colds, is described in this article.


This budget option effectively cures pain in the ear. Moreover, onions still have antiseptic and antibacterial effects. During the therapy, it is possible to stop the inflammatory process.

It is necessary to take one bulb, remove the husks and crush them. Wrap the gruel in gauze. Apply a compress for 20 minutes to the affected ear. Perform this procedure can be 2-3 times a day. You can take onion juice in an amount of 20 ml, preheat and drip 2 drops.

Hot water heating

It is necessary to fill the plastic bottle with thermal water. Attach it to the affected ear, and lay a towel over it. The duration of the thermal procedure is 5 minutes. This option allows you to remove pain when swallowing in the ear. warming up the ears with hot water

Ginger root

With the help of this plant it is possible to have an anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, the root of ginger perfectly suppresses painful sensations. It is necessary to get juice from it, and then send it to the affected ear. You can still combine 20 g of fresh ginger juice and combine with 50 ml of warm sesame oil. The resulting mass is applied to the affected ear when it cools. But how to use ginger against flu and cold, described in this article.

Bishop's weed

To remove pain in the ear, use the oil of this plant. It is necessary to connect 20 ml of bishop oil with 40 ml of sesame oil. Drip the medication into the affected ear for 3-4 drops. Before use, the mixture must be heated.

Camphor oil

This product can be used in the treatment of ear pain in two versions:

  1. Compress .It is necessary to take 20 ml of the main product, to warm and dip the gauze in it, folded in several layers. Apply the compress to your ear for 30 minutes. Then put in the ear a cotton swab. camphor oil compress
  2. Drops. You can drip 4 drops of camphor oil into the affected ear, and then install the fleece. So lie for 10 minutes, and leave a tampon for the night. But how to use oil from dryness in the throat, will help to understand this article.

Before using this product, it is necessary to make sure that there is no allergic reaction.

Pain in the ear on swallowing is an unpleasant symptom that can indicate the presence of an inflammatory process. Most often this occurs with otitis and injury to the tympanic membrane. For each case, a different therapy regimen is assigned, the essence of which is to eliminate unpleasant symptoms and the underlying factor.