Most people today want to use tablets on a plant basis in the treatment of cough. This choice is completely justified, because it is possible to protect your body from the harmful effects of synthetic drugs. Today, one of the most popular medicines in the treatment of cough is Termopsol. It is shown to be used for tracheitis, bronchitis, when there is a cough with a difficult separation of sputum. But before taking the drug, you need to study all its features, contraindications and dosage.


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Action of the drug

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Thermopsol is a tablet preparation that is used to combat coughing. In its composition there are components of plant origin. Assign in a complex therapy with other drugs to combat coughing. Has an expectorant effect.

When developing the drug used active components such as grass lanceolate, sod

ium hydrogen carbonate, and additional components - potato powder and talc .They release the medication in tablet format. One pellet contains 6.7 ml of latent thermopsis powder and 250 ml of sodium hydrogencarbonate.

In itself, lanceolate thermopsis is a poisonous component, so it is forbidden to use it in its pure form. The plant grows in Siberia and Kazakhstan. They collect it even before the flowering began. Since there is cytisine in the composition, it is used in the production of cough preparations.

Do not use Thermopsol during child-bearing. This is due to the fact that the composition contains alkaloids. They increase the tone of the uterus, which can cause spontaneous abortion, especially in the early stages of pregnancy. Although sometimes there are situations when the doctor decides on the appointment of a medication to pregnant girls. tablets thermopsol

If you follow the exact instructions of the doctor, the side effects are excluded. As can be seen from the composition, the preparation has a plant basis, so that a harmful effect on the body is most often absent. There are some cases when the patient feels nauseous, but already on the second day it disappears. If the patient has a dubious change in health, then you need to see a doctor who can pick up another mucolytic drug.

Even when taking Thermopsol, allergic and local reactions may occur. They arise because of the intolerance of the body's active components. But to exceed this daily dosage can not be, so that in this case there will be signs of intoxication. Such patients will perform gastric lavage followed by the use of sorbents, as well as symptomatic treatment according to indications.

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The drug is used in the treatment of a cough that has arisen against the background of tracheitis, bronchitis, pneumonia and impaired respiratory function. Also Thermopsol can be used in complex therapy with other medicines. In this case, the effect of Thermopsol will intensify.

How to Take Adults

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The drug is for oral use. Thus, take the medicine to be on a regular basis. Dosage for an adult is 0.1 g, and per day the rate will be 0.3 g. This means that you need to drink 3 tablets a day.

Cases of overdose if these requirements are met are excluded. If the positive dynamics after 5 days of admission was not observed, that the doctor decides on the appointment of another medication. Only the district doctor can correct the dosage of the drug, paying attention to the indications.

How to take the children

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For small patients, there is a dosage - 1 tablet 3 times a day. The oral use of the expectorant drug in question is not related to food intake. Tablets need to dissolve under the tongue, until it completely dissolves. The duration of therapy will be 3-5 days.

Given the dynamics of the pathological process and the characteristics of the child's body, the pediatrician can adjust the dosage and the regimen of admission. If a child's cough does not stop after 5 days, then it must be agreed with the doctor.

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You can buy the drug at the drugstore without a prescription. The cost is 57 rubles.


  • Michael, 25 years old: "I used to buy Termopsol pills very often, when my baby is sicker. Thanks to them, we managed to cure a cough with bronchitis. The reception was carried 1 tablet 3 times a day. After 4 days, there was relief. But in addition to this drug, the doctor appointed us some more medications. After home therapy, his son breathed easier, he began to rest easy at night. And recently I fell ill with a cold, and the cough that arose was tormenting me day and night. Then I remembered about Termopsol and decided to use it. To my surprise, after 5 days the cough became productive, and the sputum discharge increased. "
  • Anna, 26 years old: "At first I did not really believe that this cheap drug could cure a cough. But when my daughter prescribed it to my doctor, I decided that I must obey his instructions. After 5 days, the doctor noted that there is no positive dynamics. He included dry medicine in the therapy scheme. I do not know why it arose, because we exactly observed the dosage and the rules of reception. In general, the result was unhappy, only wasted and bought time for treatment. "
  • Catherine, 32: "With the help of this drug, I managed to overcome a cough during pregnancy. The doctor convinced me that the components of the medicine do not harm the baby's health. I took the drug for a week, after which the unpleasant symptom disappeared. The kid was born to me absolutely healthy. On personal experience, I was able to make sure that you can apply Termopsol even during the bearing of the child. I advise all future mothers who are faced with this problem to use the drug, but only be sure to consult a doctor before that. "

Thermopsol is an effective antitussive drug that can be used by children and adults. It has an excellent expectorant effect, so that cough becomes productive, and sputum production becomes more intense. Since the drug has a natural composition, it does not harm the body, but it does not negate the need to consult a doctor.