When a dry cough suffers, the doctor can prescribe to the patient various medications, the result of which is not always effective. Today many people use for this purpose such folk remedies as honey, lemon and glycerin. Let us consider in more detail the effect of these products on the human body, as well as the methods of preparing an effective medicine.


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To understand how a glycerin, honey and lemon-based remedy affects cough, you need to understand each component separately, because glycerine honey lemon from cough is the best folk remedy:

  1. Glycerin - has a softening effect on the mucous membranes. Its formation occurs in the body due to the enzymatic breakdown of fats. It is produced from fats or lard of animal origin. According to external signs, glycerin looks like a transparent liquid, and its co
    nsistency is slightly viscous. glycerol from cough
  2. Lemon is a product with many useful properties. Thanks to a large number of vitamins, this fruit is an effective preventative. Lemon oil and its acid has a therapeutic effect. This affordable product is actively involved in the production of various drugs, cosmetics for hair and face. If you regularly use lemon, you can improve the immunity, function and endurance of the body. citric lemon
  3. Honey together with lemon are considered the most natural natural remedies. Honey perfectly fights bacteria and has a pleasant taste. Use for treatment is allowed any honey, if there are several varieties, then it is necessary to apply floral. honey from coughing


To combat cough you can use a lot of folk remedies for coryza and cough. Someone prefers nursing fees, herbal infusions, compresses, essential oils. Effective inhalation saline with cough. But the best result can be obtained with the use of folk medicine, which includes products such as honey, glycerin and lemon.

Effective cure for children's cough

Lemon juice and honey from coughing

If your child has a severe dry cough, then it will help to eliminate the effective tincture. It can be used even for children older than a year. The cooking process is very simple and economical, so it is in great demand.

To prepare a healing tincture, you need to take a large lemon, wash it thoroughly and make a puncture in several places with a fork. After this, put the fruit in boiling water for 10 minutes. Such measures will make it possible to better stand out the juice. Then get hold of the sour fruit and divide into two parts. Squeeze carefully the juice and place it in a separate bowl. Add to it 2 large spoons of glycerin and liquid honey to the brim. After thorough mixing, the mixture is sent to the refrigerator for 4 hours.

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Storage of the medicine can be carried out in a cool place. If there is a strong, debilitating cough, then use the remedy on a dessert spoon 6-8 times a day. During the cough formation at night, you can give the patient a medicine on a dessert spoon before going to sleep. Due to pleasant taste, the cooked mixture is very popular with children.

When there is a paroxysmal cough, then the lemon must be washed in boiling water, and then chopped in a blender. After the crushed fruit mixed with a spoon of honey and glycerin. As soon as you have this unpleasant symptom, you need to take a dessert spoonful of the healing mixture.

When the baby has a strong attack of cough, it is worth using such a recipe:

  1. Squeeze out the juice using a large lemon. Add a few spoons of purified glycerin.
  2. Now you can put honey to taste and mix everything thoroughly. Take the remedy on a dessert spoon 6-8 times a day. honey from cough with lemon

Drug composition for adults

remedy for cough honey glycerin lemon

If you do not have enough time, you can use this simple recipe:

  1. Finely chop a lemon with a peel or grind it in a blender.
  2. Add honey and apply as a preventive against colds and flu. It should be taken in the morning before eating, washed down with a small amount of water.

If you can not prevent a cold, then as an additional remedy for cough elimination is to use a mixture of ½ lemon and a spoon of bee products. Use the drug is hourly.

The following recipe assumes the use of two large spoons of medical glycerin, honey. Before you squeeze out the juice from the lemon, you need to boil it. Mix all the ingredients and use a tablespoon 5 times a day. Shake before mixing.

The number of receptions of the given remedy depends on the frequency of coughing attacks. If you suffer from a mild cough, then you can use a dessert spoon a day, with a strong - 4 tablespoons a day. The presented syrup has a threefold effect: glycerin - softens the throat tissue, lemon - satiates the weakened organism with vitamin C, and honey promotes the increase of immune forces and the destruction of microorganisms. Honey is a frequent component of cough remedies. Here you will find a recipe for cough with honey and and radish. On the link you can read how to make a honey cake from a cough. Another popular recipe for coughing includes milk, honey and butter. Babies really like candy from honey and ginger from cough.

glycerine honey lemon from cough


Tamara, 25 years old : "Not so long ago I had bronchitis, and very much I suffered from coughing. Sometimes, even at night I could not rest normally. I bought the most expensive drugs in the pharmacy, but I could not get the desired effect. After my grandmother advised me to make a tincture of lemon, honey and glycerin. I took the medicine 5 times a day and at bedtime. Coughing attacks began to decrease significantly after 4 days. I managed to get rid of this unpleasant symptom in a week. "

Catherine, 35 years old : "My daughter had a strong cough a year ago against a cold. Just remembered about the recipe, which my mother used as a child. For cooking, I used honey, glycerine and lemon. The prepared composition very much was pleasant to the child, therefore to eliminate a cough at us it has turned out for 5 days ».

Alexey, 43 years old : "I very rarely trust traditional methods of treatment. When I had a tracheitis, I immediately decided to use the drug. I took it for the night and slept peacefully. I managed to eliminate the dry cough in 2 weeks. Now I use the remedy constantly and I advise everyone I know. "

Cough is a very unpleasant manifestation of the disease. Sometimes he overtakes a person completely at the wrong time, preventing him from living fully. Eliminate it with a tincture of honey, glycerin and lemon. But it is worthwhile to understand that such a medicine helps to overcome only a cough, but does not eliminate the cause of its formation.