Kalina is a delicious and healthy berry, which is used today to treat numerous ailments, including colds. This popularity is connected with the fact that the fruits of this miracle plant contain many useful components. With the help of viburnum, you can prepare a decoction, tea or jelly. Each of these products favorably affects the healing process and facilitates the overall condition of the patient.


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Benefits for cold

viburnum with cold

Ordinary viburnum are red berries, which are a real helper in the treatment of colds. They not only lower body temperature, but also have antiseptic effects. If you regularly eat berries of viburnum or preparations based on them, you can reduce the concentration of cholesterol in the body.

In addition, taking this natural remedy restores normal blood circulation and the work of the genitourinary system. Kalina is one of the most effective agents that have a diuretic effect. Specialists prescribe calina to patients as a sedative and for relief of pain of different origins.

The rich composition of the berry contributes to the fact that it is increasingly used in the treatment of unpleasant cold symptoms. The bark, root and flowers of the plant contain a high concentration of ascorbic acid, iron and vitamins.

Berry itself is a natural antioxidant. All components that make up the viburnum are extremely necessary for the human body to quickly and effectively get rid of the common cold.

Today, on the shelves of pharmacies, you can replace a wide range of medicines, in the development of which used the common calf. If you have time, then at home you can independently prepare no less effective means, using the root and berries of the plant. They can be used not only for cold therapy, but also as a prophylaxis for strengthening the defenses of the body.

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Popular prescriptions and rules for taking

To choose an effective remedy for treating colds today is quite easy. Each of the following recipes offers the maximum benefit, reducing the symptoms and pathogenic microorganisms that led to the development of the disease. Kalina is such a safe plant that it can be used by both adults and small patients.

Strengthening tea

It is necessary to take the red red viburnum fruit in the amount of 50 g and wash it with a fork. Add 200 ml of boiling water and wait 15 minutes for the compote to infuse. You need to consume it in the amount of 600 ml per day. The purpose of this therapy is to strengthen the defenses of the body. viburnum and tea for colds

Decoction for external use

In this case, you need to use dried berries of the viburnum. Connect with the bark of the plant in equal proportions. Pour raw materials with boiling water and insist for about 15 minutes.

decoction of cold water

On the photo, the decoction of the viburnum

The resulting broth is filtered and applied to rinse the throat. It is effective in the treatment of angina, as it removes inflammation and removes all bacteria.

Compote from a cough

Take the flowers of the viburnum and finely chop them. Send in a container and pour 1 liter of boiling water. To get a healing broth you need to use just a handful of raw materials. Place the container on the stove, cook over low heat.

compote of viburnum for colds

On the photo-compote from Kalina for cold

After 15 minutes the composition will be ready. Wait until it cools, filter, and add honey before use. Use all the broth for a day, while drinking it in small portions. With the help of this delicious drink you can quickly cope with bouts of cough during the cold, bronchitis and flu.

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Kissel against cold

To get this amazing product, you need to take 500 g of calendula berries, add water to them so that it completely covers the fruit. Install the container in the oven and simmer there at a temperature of 150-180 degrees. After 3 hours, the pan can be removed, its contents, cooled and rubed through a sieve.

Kissel from the viburnum for colds

On a photo-jelly from a viburnum for a cold

Add 1 liter of water, honey and set again on a fire. Bring to a boil, while stirring all the time so that the stones are not formed. At the end add 40 g of starch. The resulting kissel is not just a treat, but an effective remedy for treating colds. It is consumed once a day, after which unpleasant symptoms will disappear, and immunity will grow stronger.

Can a pregnant woman

Kalina refers to the approved foods during pregnancy. The fact is that during this period the woman's immunity is greatly reduced, as a result of which she is exposed to numerous ailments. But it is impossible to apply medicines to such patients, then they treat colds with the help of medicinal plants, among which a special place is occupied by viburnum. viburnum with cold during pregnancy

Delicious tea from the fruits of the viburnum is fashionable to use not only for the sake of pleasure, but also for the treatment of colds, strengthening of immunity. But to achieve a positive result can only be provided that all proportions and rules of reception are strictly observed. Very often, women in a position experiencing a shortage of hemoglobin.

This is usually observed in the first trimester of pregnancy. Raise hemoglobin and prevent anemia can the berries of the viburnum. This is achieved due to the fact that the berries contain iron, the office takes part in the formation of red blood cells.

And although viburnum has so many positive components, it is not always advisable to use it in pregnancy. The fruits of this amazing plant have a cardiologic effect, and this can lead to an increase in the tone of the uterus.

So take the funds on the basis of this natural product in large quantities to a pregnant girl, since there is a risk of developing premature births. In the early term, spontaneous abortion may occur, and in later terms, unplanned delivery may occur.

The high concentration of vitamin C in the fruits of viburnum in an overdose can lead to an allergy, which manifests itself as acne on the skin. In addition, the viburnum is represented by numerous varieties, and some of them are poisonous, so it is forbidden to use them.

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Kalina, indeed, is effective in the treatment of colds, especially when coughing. An expectorant effect is possessed by the inflorescence of the plant, and for colds, it is possible to use means from berries and honey. And when you add currant and mint leaves to tea, the remedy will be one of the most effective in treating hoarseness.

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Kalina is a plant whose useful properties have been known for a long time. Especially often it is used in the treatment of colds. And this is not surprising, because the preparations made on its basis, relieve inflammation, fight with viruses and bacteria, and also strengthen immunity.