Rotokan is a drug that is presented as a liquid solution. Has an anti-inflammatory effect, because in its development involved calendula, chamomile and yarrow. Apply medication for inhalation nebulizer for the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the airways. When using the medication, there is no allergic reaction, since it is a low-toxic substance. It can be used even during pregnancy and children of any age


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Rotokan is a medicinal product that is very popular today because it consists of naturalcomponents. It can be used to treat various diseases of the throat and respiratory system. If you use the drug inhalation, then you can solve a number of health problems in a child and an adult in a short time. rotoocan for inhalation by nebulizer

In the course of performing the medical manipulation it is possible to obtain the following effect:

  • to stop inflammation from the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx;
  • to repair damaged tissue;
  • relieve spasms, pain and stop bleeding.

Rotokan can be used in the treatment of angina, pharyngitis, sinusitis and a number of other diseases, which are characterized by a runny nose and sore throat.

How to dilute, dosage

It is known that inhalation is the most effective way to cure various diseases of the respiratory system in children. Rotokan solution for nebulizer is actively used in the treatment of diseases, which are characterized by proliferation of adenoids. Can be used for children under 12 years. But only if you apply the inhalation agent, you can get a soft effect on the affected areas. rotocan

Unfortunately, the instructions for use of the drug do not contain information on how to use a medicine for inhalations. For this reason, the doctor before the appointment of the drug should carefully explain how to prepare a solution for the nebulizer. The dosage of Rotocaine and saline solution is chosen in the same way as in the other cases of drug administration. The proportion is 1:40.The figures presented indicate that 1 ml of the drug must be taken 40 ml of saline.

Before you dilute the medicine with saline solution, it is worthwhile to disinfect the container, where the inhalation solution will be sent. The product can be stored in the refrigerator for no longer than one day. To carry out manipulation in the nebulizer, 4 ml of the solution must be prepared.

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In addition, it is important to take into account the properties of the drug dissolved in the walls of the device used in its work, a small amount of solution settles. The volume of such a liquid is not more than 1.5 ml.if you need to perform the procedure to the child, then the remaining medicine will be enough. But adults must take 5-5.5 ml of solution for one manipulation.

And although the drug is completely safe due to its natural composition, it can be used by children under 3 years only with the permission of a doctor. The reason is that the composition of the drug is alcohol. In addition, even the most inhalation procedure should be performed only under the supervision of adults

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How to use

As already mentioned above, you can apply the drug for inhalation to both children and pregnant women. After the solution for the procedure has been prepared, the following recommendations can be used:

  1. Manipulation should be performed no more than one hour after ingestion.
  2. Do not smoke before and after inhalation. Best if you do not smoke 1 hour before the manipulation. use of a nebulizer
  3. Next the patient should sit down and not make any sounds. He is breathing normally and evenly. If you perform deep breaths, as with steam inhalation, it will lead to the development of intensive ventilation. In addition, this causes a side effect such as dizziness. If such symptoms occur, then stop the procedure immediately.
  4. If necessary, you can use the face mask during the procedure. As a rule, it is done with the treatment of laryngitis. It is also allowed for children.
  5. The solution for the procedure should be exhausted within 24 hours. When this is stored it stands in the refrigerator. Before using the solution, preheat it in a water bath.
  6. After completion of the manipulation, all parts of the device should be washed and treated with alcohol solution.
  7. With regard to the number of procedures per day, then approximately this will leave 3-4 times.

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One of the main advantages of Rotokan is its low cost. You can buy it at a pharmacy at a price of 20 rubles.


  • Maxim, 43 years: "This drug has a therapeutic effect, even if it is used to rinse the mouth, despite the fact that the doctor appoints it when added to the nebulizer. It can be used in the treatment of bronchi and trachea. As for the tonsils, they can just rinse. I use Rotokan so that the mucus from the nose goes away as quickly as possible and the better I sit down in a more comfortable way and start to breathe deeply with my mouth. Before sending the solution to the device, I dilute it with saline solution in a ratio of 1:40.The ready solution should be used no longer than a day. "
  • Svetlana, 24: "I used Rotokan even when I was 4 months pregnant. And the doctor told me that this is a practical single drug that can be used by women in the situation. I performed inhalations during the usual cold, as a result of which I had a sore throat and had a runny nose. The day did 2 procedures, and after 3 days the condition returned to normal. "
  • Marina, 34 years old: "I used Rotokan during inhalations, when I was diagnosed with maxillary sinusitis. Then I had terrible pains in my head, the stuffiness of my nose literally did not leave me. Then the doctor advised me to perform inhalations with Rotokan. I did everything according to the instructions and after 4 days there was relief. My breathing was relieved, and the pus began to come out. In addition, I was relieved of the general condition. In total, I was treated for 7 days. "

Rotokan is a popular medication that is now actively used in the treatment of various respiratory diseases. Its main advantage lies in the fact that it was developed using natural components. Thanks to this, the tool can be used by both children and women during the carrying out of the child, without fear for the state of health.