Drainage massage - an indispensable tool to combat child cough. This method of cleansing the respiratory tract from accumulated mucus is good because it is safe, and suitable, in particular, for infants. Reception perfectly eliminates even a strong cough, safely and gently sputum, accelerates recovery.

In addition, soft tapping and stroking like a child, and are beneficial to the overall development of the body. In the article we will consider the features of drainage massage for children: we will find out what is its use, how to properly make it to infants and grown up children.


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When to apply

Coughing is a very painful condition for the baby.

Especially if the output of phlegm is difficult. Cough leads to insomnia, restlessness, shortness of breath. Drainage massage can effectively accelerate the excretion of mucus from the bronchi, quickly easing the condition of the baby.

Thus, drainage massage is a procedure aimed at the mechanical removal of accumulated sputum from the respiratory tract. We will find out in what cases the toddler is shown to conduct it.

  • in case of a cold;
  • with bronchitis;
  • for pneumonia;
  • in the case of emphysema;
  • for asthma;
  • for pneumoslerosis.

On video-drainage massage for children with cough:

As you can see, the circle of readings is wide enough. The most common case of resorting to drainage massage for today is colds and bronchitis.

The benefits of

drainage massage for children with cough

It should be noted that the procedure as a whole helps to get the sputum out of the respiratory tract as soon as possible. Due to this, it is possible to avoid the introduction of drugs into the baby's body that can cause allergies and other side effects. Drainage massage is good and that it can be done by mom and dad on their own, without visiting the hospital: the procedure is simple, and does not require special preparation.

The procedure makes the pain in cough less pronounced, and the breathing becomes deeper and better.

It should be borne in mind that this method is just an auxiliary measure. Treat massage is not a panacea, and if the doctor has prescribed medication, they should be given to the child. A massage done only to speed recovery and ease the baby's condition.

How the

drainage back massage

works Why drainage massage helps: how the internal mechanisms of the child's body work in carrying out this procedure.

By mechanical action on the chest, massage helps to detach the mucus from the walls of the bronchi, thereby accelerating its excretion. During the procedure, the bronchi warm up, so the sputum easily "falls off" from their walls, rushing towards the exit.

This method helps the thick mucus to become more liquid, which also accelerates and facilitates its excretion. The child's breathing becomes more relaxed and free.

In addition to the obvious benefits for the respiratory tract, drainage massage also stimulates blood circulation, makes the ribs more mobile. Strengthened and respiratory muscles of the baby that is beneficial to the whole body


Despite the obvious usefulness in some cases to do drainage massage is prohibited. When this happens, find out.

  • If there are rashes on the skin of the baby.
  • If the condition of the baby is bad: it is drowsy, whiny, cranky, there is a temperature.
  • With a small body weight.
  • With laryngotracheitis( false croup), the procedure can not be performed.
  • If the cough is dry, drainage massage can not be performed either. Especially if the cough is caused by whooping cough. In addition, with non-productive coughing, there will still be no benefit from the procedure, since slime has not even formed.
  • Immediately after a meal to hold a massage is not desirable, it is necessary to wait half an hour-hour.
  • If the child is uncomfortable in the "lying on the stomach" position, the massage will be difficult. It is better not to start it, not to aggravate the state of the baby.

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Massage techniques

Among all the variety of different massage movements and receptions with drainage massage, in most cases, three of them are used. These are:

  • wave massage;
  • vibrating;
  • honey.

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In this case, during the procedure, the baby's skin should be slightly pinched with fingers, gently combing. Babies do not do this massage. This technique is very effective, but not all children easily tolerate it: if the skin is very tender, the "waves" can be painful.

On video-drainage wave massage for children with cough:


This massage method is very effective in bronchitis. For his conduct, the palm forms a "boat", and tapping with the butt of the palm is performed.


This type of drainage massage is performed using honey. The method very well warms up, but should not be used for allergies to beekeeping products. Make sure before the massage that the child does not have this allergy.

How to do

We will find out exactly how the drainage massage is carried out: receptions, general recommendations, techniques.


Give the child a warm milk or tea 20 minutes before the procedure. A warm drink will help to speed up the excretion of phlegm by warming up the thorax.

To lay the child before the procedure, it is necessary so that his head is just below the body. Usually, for this purpose, put a small tight cushion under the abdomen.

Basic movements at the beginning of the massage: stroking, rubbing, light tapping. All movements are very gentle: the child should not have any discomfort and pain.

Begin the massage from the shoulders, slowly moving towards the waist. Perform movement on one site should be until the skin reddening.

The area of ​​the spine and the kidney area can not be touched. These areas are too delicate, and they have no effect on spitting.

On video, how to do a drainage massage for children with a cough:

After the preparatory warming movements in the course are the following:

  • tingling;
  • tapping with your fingers;
  • fretting with the ribs of the palms.

Most often, during the massage, the baby begins to cough up phlegm, spit it out. This sign indicates that the procedure has benefited him, and you are on the right track.

Massage is recommended not to be performed immediately after the onset of the disease, but starting only on the fifth day. Before the session, it is necessary to ventilate the room, but not to allow too low a temperature: it is important that the child is comfortable, and he does not catch a cold even more.

Course of procedures - 10 sessions for five days. You need to do the massage twice a day. It is important to spend all ten sessions, even if the baby is already actively on the mend.

If you combine massage with warming compresses, you can significantly accelerate the recovery of the baby. Compresses are applied after the massage, and not vice versa.


drainage massage technique for children with cough

Place the child without clothes on the tummy, placing a small small roller under the trunk. The baby's head should be lower than the entire body.

  • Begin by stroking the back with gentle movements, so that the skin turns slightly red.
  • Put your fingers along the spinal column, but do not touch it, and make 20 tingles from the waist to the shoulders.
  • Back away from the waist, repeat the tingling. So back off until you reach the sides.
  • The next movement is tapping with the ribs of the palms. Move from the waist to the shoulders diagonally. The number of movements is also twenty.
  • Then fold your hands into fists, and tap the back of the baby in the same direction. Ask the child to clear his throat and roll over on his back. Cough need to sit. If the kid is not yet a year, help him, supporting in this position.
  • Stir the chest with active strokes. Movements should be carried out with the palms, direction: clockwise from the center of the sternum to the clavicles.

Wrap a child in a blanket or blanket and let it lie down for a while, "depart" from the procedure.

How to massage a baby

Let's find out what features are available for the procedure of infants.

If the child is less than three months old, do not drain it at all. And after three months of age, when performing the procedure, be very careful: all movements should be soft, it is important not to damage the delicate skin of the baby, not to give him painful sensations.

Be sure to wash your hands before the procedure and, if they are cold - heat them with intense rubbing. Remove from the fingers all the rings, with your hands - bracelets. Long nails, as you know, with the conduct of a child's massage are also incompatible. To the hands were more slippery and tender, lubricate them with baby oil or cream.

Video-drainage massage for babies with cough:

Session time - 10 minutes. This is enough to achieve the goal, and not to tire the baby. For the grown up children, the massage time can be increased to twenty minutes.

In principle, the technique of carrying out a thoracic drainage massage is similar to the usual one. However, in this case, you should moderate the intensity of the movements, perform all tapping, stroking and rubbing in a gentle, extremely cautious manner.

Attention: before you do a drainage massage to a baby, be sure to consult a pediatrician beforehand. Only after his approval can proceed with the procedures.

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drainage massage for babies with cough

  • Place the toddler on the tummy. Under the belly should be a roller to give the trunk the desired position.
  • Begin by warming and rubbing movements to stroke the back of the child until redness appears.
  • With light movements, tap on the back with the backs of the palms. Turn the baby on his back.
  • Spend the time of the sternum and ribs: they need to be patted and slightly rubbed. After warming up procedures gently tap this area so that the sputum is gone at a faster rate.
  • In order for the infant to cough more easily, you can press a teaspoon on the root of the tongue.

After the massage, wrap the baby in a blanket and put him to rest. It is desirable that the baby slept. During sleep, change its position every 15 minutes to speed up the excretion of phlegm.

If a child begins to cry without reason during the procedure, stop it immediately. If the condition of the child does not improve after the massage, but on the contrary - it becomes worse, it is mandatory to visit the pediatrician.

We examined the features of a child's drainage massage. Now you know what benefits this procedure brings, how to spend it to infants and grown-up kids. Carrying out all the recommendations specified in the article, you can safely and effectively conduct the procedure, thereby easing the state of the child, and speeding up his recovery.