Tracheitis of allergic origin is an inflammatory process that affects the mucous membrane of the trachea. Occurs because of damage to the body by an allergen. Most often, the formation occurs because of individual intolerance to dust, animal hair, flower pollen. Pathology is not independent, but its symptoms are unpleasant.


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The primary symptom of allergic tracheitis is similar to a cold. The adult begins to change his voice, there is a sensation in the throat. After a few days, the symptomatology is growing. Painful sensations in the throat are intensified and cutting, cough is formed. allergic tracheitis

Allergic tracheitis is characterized by a dry and painful cough. If it is not treated, it becomes suffocating. The duration of seizures increases, and

after them the patient develops a headache, pain syndrome behind the sternum and in the rib area. The person begins to breathe not full, but superficially.

Mature disease is accompanied by a rise in temperature. Her performance is not that high. Possible temporary loss of voice. In the early days, the accumulated sputum is difficult to separate, it changes its consistency and can have purulent fragments. Over time, the swelling of the mucous membrane subsides, the pain behind the sternum and in the throat go away. allergic tracheitis in adults

But the symptomatology in children is manifested in the form of shallow breathing. Coughing attacks can occur due to crying, screaming or laughing. Allergic tracheitis in small patients is associated with a rise in temperature, an increase in weakness. As a result, the baby becomes irritable, he does not eat well, has a sore throat, and does not sleep well at night. A coughing attack can cause vomiting and suffocation.

Treatment in adults

In the treatment of allergic tracheitis in adults, medicines and folk remedies can be used.


In the treatment of allergic tracheitis, medicines, presented as sprays of aerosols, tablets and syrups, can be used. All drugs are able to cope with coughing, inflammation and allergic manifestations.

For therapeutic purposes they can use such medicines:

  1. To eliminate inflammation, it is necessary to use Bioparox .It is an antibacterial drug that exerts local influence. It is produced in the form of an aerosol. It must be sprayed into the nostrils and throat. In the composition there is such a component as fusafungin. It has antibacterial and antiparasitic effect.


  2. If the infection is acute, it is advisable to use the antibiotics of the penicillin group. They are administered in the form of injections. The most effective drug remains Sumamed. It can be used not only in the form of injections, but also in the format of tablets, suspensions.

    sumamed in tablets

  3. If the infectious process has arisen because of the virus, then it is advisable to use Interferon, Azithromycin, Remantadine.

    interferon in ampoules

  4. Cure dry cough for allergic tracheitis with medications such as Lazolvan( and here's how to use Lazolvan for tracheitis in a child, see here in the article), Bromhexine, Ambroxol. They are released in the form of drops, syrup and tablets.


Folk remedies

It is possible to relieve the symptoms of allergic tracheitis using non-traditional methods.

Among the most popular are:

  1. You need about 100 g of sour cream every 2 times a day. Do not swallow it immediately. Gradually dissolve sour cream in the mouth for 2-3 minutes.
  2. Take 40 g of blackberry leaves and add 2 cups of boiling water. Wait 1 hour, filter and eat hot as a tea.
  3. Allergic rhinitis can be cured with a throat rinse solution. Beetroot water must be used. You can also chew a slice of fruit for a long time.
  4. Put 500 ml of water in an enameled container, add 3 tablets of ascorbic acid. When the solution boils, then inhale rising steam. Carry out such actions 2 times a day. After the procedure, wrap yourself in a blanket and lie down to rest

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Treatment in children

In young patients, the treatment of allergic tracheitis is also complex.


This treatment option is considered one of the most basic. In the treatment of allergic tracheitis can be used at home nebulizer, inhaler. Do not worry if you do not have these devices in your home. You can take a regular basin, pour in a healing broth, cover with a towel and inhale the vapors. The main thing in this matter is to choose the right decoction. Most often, plants are used, in which ethers and phytoncides are present. And here with what to do inhalations at a genyantritis nebulajzerom, it is in detail specified in given article.

inhalation for the treatment of tracheitis

inhalation for the treatment of tracheitis

Effective plants include:

  • fir;
  • eucalyptus;
  • juniper;
  • pine;
  • ginger.

than do inhalations with tracheitis And here's what to do inhalation with tracheitis, and which drug is the best, will help understand this article.

It will also be interesting to know about which antibiotics are treated with tracheitis.

How is the treatment of folk remedies of acute tracheitis carried out, and what is the best, is described in great detail in this article: http: // traxeita-narodnymi-sredstvami.html

How is chronic tracheitis treated in adults, will help understand this information.


In the treatment of allergic tracheitis, the doctor prescribes antihistamines to small patients. Among the most effective are Suprastin, Loratadin.

In order to eliminate sputum, expectorants are used:

  • ACTS( and whether it is possible for ATSTS during pregnancy, and how to use this tool, is described in this article)

    drug ACS

  • Fluimucil( how inhalations with Fluimucil take place in the genyantritis are described in great detailin this article)

    drug fluimitsil

  • Ascoril( how to apply Ascoril for dry cough, will help to understand this article)

    ascaril for the treatment of

Folk remedies

Eliminate nepiyatnuyu symptoms of allergic tracheitis can use the people's money. They will help soften the cough, improve the general condition and stimulate immunity.

To eliminate the redness of the mouth, you can use a decoction of beets, plantain leaves. To soften the cough will help a warm drink. This can include citrus juices, decoction of rose hips, hawthorn, berries berries. Take healthful drinks in small sips.

At home, treatment for allergic tracheitis can occur with the help of mustard plasters. You can apply a compress to the sternum, soar your feet in solution or put mustard powder in your socks. Children can make potato inhalation.

Today there are several ways to prepare home medications, among which there are several tested: allergic chronic tracheitis

  1. Cook 2 medium-sized root vegetables without cleaning the rind of .While the potatoes have not cooled down, crush it to the state of mashed potatoes and add a little vegetable oil. The resulting gruel put in gauze and attach to the chest. Keep the compress until completely cooled.
  2. Take 2 cups of milk, boil and add buds of pine .For an hour, insist on a decoction. To use for a day in several receptions. If necessary, repeat the procedure.

Allergic tracheitis is a disease that is accompanied by a severe cough. There is a pathology as a result of penetration into the body of allergens. Treatment should be comprehensive, and the doctor should formulate the therapy after he can determine the underlying factor in the development of the disease.