At first glance, the flu may seem a fairly harmless disease, but its entire danger lies in complications. They can appear after recovery and significantly spoil your health, not to mention expensive treatment. To avoid complications and the disease itself, it is better to prevent it - after having been vaccinated with influenza vaccinations. Influvac is one of the newest vaccines.


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The composition is a classic three-component vaccine containing the surface particles of the influenza A and B virus types, as well as auxiliary components. It is characterized by a high degree of purification from the components of influenza viruses. Depending on the WHO recommendations, the antigenic composition is updated every year.

Influenza vaccination

On the photo-inoculation against influenza influenza

After ingestion Influvak strengthens specific

immunity. It takes 14 days for this process, and the vaccine itself is up to 1 year old. The standard dose of the vaccine is 0.5 g, and the specific dosage depends on the age of the vaccine.

Indications for use. The vaccine is suitable for adults and children, persons older than 65 years, regardless of health status. It is recommended to use the vaccine for people with diabetes, heart and vascular disease, susceptible to ARVI and influenza because of reduced immunity. And also for schoolchildren, students, employees of educational institutions and transport.

Influvac has no contraindications during pregnancy and the period of feeding.

On the video, how does the influenza vaccine work Influjuk:

It is recommended to be vaccinated once a year in the autumn-spring period. Either at the beginning of the flu epidemic. Before passing the vaccination, you should consult your doctor.

Interaction with other medications: Influvac can be used in combination with other vaccines if they are administered in different locations.


The drug is delivered in disposable ampoules of 0.5 ml and is inserted through a disposable syringe. Children 3-14 years, adults and adolescents are injected a single dose of 0.5 ml intramuscularly. For children from 6 months to 3 years, the dose is 0.25 ml, for children who have not been vaccinated before, a two-fold administration with a 4-week interval is recommended.

Before the introduction of the vaccine, the necessary conditions must be created and appropriate equipment prepared. This particularly applies to tools to prevent an anaphylactic reaction.

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The ampoule should be kept to room temperature. Then it is necessary to treat it with 70% alcohol, as well as the place for grafting. The vaccine should be administered slowly and with caution in order to avoid its entry into intravascular fibers. Within 30 minutes after the injection, the vaccine passed must be under the supervision of a doctor or paramedic.

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Important: It is strictly forbidden to administer the drug intravenously.

Side effects of

After administration of the drug, headaches may occur, sweating and fever may increase. Often there is general fatigue and lethargy on the first day of vaccination. In the first 1-2 days, there may be a small cough and runny nose, which will themselves disappear after this period. If there is a suspicious reaction or if you feel unwell, you should immediately call your doctor.


  • individual intolerance to chicken protein or components contained in the preparation;
  • presence of a strong reaction to previously introduced vaccines. For example, allergic reactions, high fever;
  • persons with susceptibility to aminoglycosides should be vaccinated with caution, as gantamicin may be present in the formulation in undetectable amounts;
  • vaccine is not suitable for children younger than 6 months;
  • the course of acute processes in the body, whether it is ARVI or exacerbation of chronic diseases. It is recommended to pass the vaccination after recovery and normalization of temperature and general condition.

On video side effects of flu vaccination:

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Inflowvax costs about 1 300 rubles. It is released by prescription.


  • Victoria, 27 years old: "During my life I had a flu case a couple of times. I decided to start learning from my mistakes and get myself vaccinated. I went to the doctor, did some tests, the therapist advised Influvak. Has bought or purchased in a drugstore under the prescription, descended or went inoculated. Surprisingly, it helped. Became inculcated whole family. No one has been ill with flu for 3 years already, even catching cold less now. I discussed this topic with my friends: it turned out that many of them are also regularly vaccinated. So we will continue to continue every year in the same spirit. "
  • Sergei Maximov, 43: " I recently came across a devastating opinion on Influvak, I could not stand it and decided to write that people should not be bullied. I use this vaccine for the fifth year, she also vaccinated my family: from my wife to my young daughter. During this time, no one complained about either the temperature or the cough, but also the redness after the injection. So I do not know what you are kote, but the vaccine helps us perfectly. We never got sick with the flu, we go to work, yes to school. "
  • Olesya, 29 years old: " Before the appearance of children, I never vaccinated and ignored all these vaccines. Just tried in the epidemic less travel in the transport, walk in shopping centers, well, in every possible way he took care of health, was tempered. But then I began to listen to the opinions of doctors, and for the health of kids, it is exciting, especially when traveling to a kindergarten on public transport. Influvax advised our pediatrician, we did not refuse. Fears about vaccination were not justified: everything went well, the flu did not get sick( it also went through vaccination).So we will be vaccinated every year. "
  • Anna Viktorovna, pharmacist: " I work in a pharmacy, so I am well informed about the topic of antiviral drugs and vaccines against influenza. After a long search, she stopped at Influvak, planted her family and herself. I must say that the composition of vaccines in the same generation is the same, so I chose it because it is imported, and therefore better purified. Recently she also planted a baby 2-year-old, everything was fine, no side effects. So the effectiveness of the vaccine was tested on myself. But, of course, before buying a better consultation with your doctor. "

Influvac is a great way to prevent flu for quite some time. However, like any other vaccine, it requires strict adherence to instructions and consultation with a doctor-therapist before use.