Even an adult can hardly bear a temporary loss of voice, let alone a child. The reasons for this unpleasant phenomenon can be several: from cold to infectious to allergies and even neoplasms. Usually, loss of voice is associated with children with symptoms that are no less unpleasant: sore throat, hoarseness, nasal congestion, etc. In the article we learn what causes the loss of voice in children, and how to treat this annoying and dangerous symptom. In addition, we will find out what the famous pediatrician Komarovsky thinks about this.


  • 1 reasons
    • 1.1 Overvoltage ligaments
    • 1.2 Colds, flu, ARD
    • 1.3 Laryngitis, laryngotracheitis
    • 1.4 Angina
    • 1.5 Funk
    • 1.6 Allergy
  • 2 How to treat
    • 2.1 Warm compresses
    • 2.2 Inhalation
    • 2.3 Inhalation of steam in a bath
    • 2.4 Rinses
  • 3 Opinion of Komarovsky

Causes of

We learn what diseases and pathologies can lead to the loss of the

child's ability to talk and make sounds.

Overvoltage of ligaments

One of the most probable causes of this phenomenon. Often small children roll up deafening hysterics, loudly shout. the voice was gone

Sometimes such manifestations of emotions lead to the fact that the ligaments cease to densely close, leading to a temporary loss or hoarseness of the voice.

Colds, flu, ARI

A common cause of loss of voice. But this symptom usually appears if the colds lead to complications. If the treatment was carried out in a timely manner, nothing usually happens with a voice.

Laryngitis, laryngotracheitis

These diseases of the upper respiratory tract are also a common cause of childhood hoarseness, and even a complete loss of voice. Fortunately, they do not pose a great danger, and with the timely start of treatment, they pass quickly. Laryngitis often leads to a loss of voice in children because the mucous membrane of the larynx has many blood vessels in them, which can swell appreciably with the influx of blood. the child has a laryngitis

Yes, and trachea in children is much narrower than in adults. All these circumstances lead to the fact that the missing voice with laryngitis in children is a common occurrence. Treat these ailments usually without antibiotics, and they pass with competent therapy rather quickly.

More about laryngitis: in this disease, the inflamed larynx narrows and contracts the vocal cords, preventing them from functioning normally. Therefore, in this case it is important to eliminate the main cause - inflammation, and the voice will recover itself. Laryngitis can have both an infectious and an allergic nature. In the first case, the mucous throat becomes inflamed, and in the second, it swells. Precise treatment of the disease should be prescribed by the doctor after a thorough examination and diagnosis. In addition, with laryngitis, spasms are possible - involuntary contractions of the throat muscles.

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In this case, there is a serious danger of complete blockage of the airways, which will lead not only to the inability to speak, but also to the inability to breathe. Usually spasms occur in those children who are deficient in vitamin D.


A more dangerous cause of loss of voice. Angina, as a rule, manifests itself not only as a loss of opportunity to speak normally. the baby has a sore throat

Symptoms include sore throat, perspiration, foreign body sensation, fever, and other unpleasant symptoms. Sometimes angina leads to so much pain in the throat that, against the background of these sensations, the inability to communicate may seem "flowers."


Sometimes a child, especially small and impressionable, can become so frightened that even his "shock of speech" disappears from shock. Children are frightened at times even by Santa Claus, what can we say about a big dog barking on the street or about other, more serious occasions. In this case, the voice will be restored immediately, as soon as the baby calms down. the child is allergic

Stress and overwork can also play a cruel joke with the children's body, and even lead to a complete temporary loss of voice. In this case, as in fright, the voice will be restored on its own, as soon as the child has rested, and will gain strength.


If the child has a tendency to allergic manifestations, it is likely the occurrence of an edema of the laryngeal mucosa, which will not allow the vocal cords to normally close. Such edema is very dangerous, and loss of voice is the easiest possible consequence. With a rapidly developing edema, a possible choking hazard. How it looks and how allergic obstructive bronchitis is treated in children is described in great detail in this article.

On the video, the child lost his voice, what to do:

How to treat

healing herbs chamomile

We will find out what methods and methods will help to return the lost voice to the child.

First, if a child is able to understand a speech, you need to tell him not to try to talk. Bunches should rest and recover, and for this it is necessary to have their rest in peace. Also, during the recovery of the vocal cords, the child should "sit down" on a certain diet: exclude from the menu irritating mucous dishes: hot, salty, acidic, acute.

It is necessary to give the baby a drink more often. For this warm tea, as well as broths of medicinal herbs: chamomile, sage, St. John's wort. Keep in mind that broths should be slightly concentrated. Abundant drink at the same time as moisturizing the mucous will help to remove harmful microbes from the throat cavity.

Warm milk with honey is an excellent folk remedy for restoring vocal cords, and eliminating perspiration, sore throat. This method can be used if the vocal cords are affected due to colds and viruses.

Warm compresses

If the loss of voice is caused by hypothermia, it is necessary to warm the sore throat. As a simple compress, you can use a warm woolen scarf. In addition, compresses from mashed potatoes or a bread crust warmed on a water bath provide excellent warming effect. warm compresses for baby

These products are safe and have a long warming effect. But warming compresses can be used only if the child has no temperature, and there is no purulent inflammation in the throat.


This procedure has an excellent healing effect. Warm moist steam warms up the throat, helps restore elasticity to the ligaments, eliminates germs from the larynx. Do inhalations can only if there is no temperature, and there is no purulent inflammation.

As liquid for the creation of steam, you can use:

  • decoctions of herbs;
  • soda solution;
  • saline( with sea salt);
  • iodine;
  • weak solution of furacilin.

Inhalations with these components have a disinfectant effect, and with regular use help quickly return the lost opportunity to speak. nebulizer to a child

For the procedures it is best to buy a special nebulizer: children are ill often, especially with colds, so the device can come in handy more than once. To force a child to breathe wet steam over cooked potatoes or hot water is unsafe: if the inhalation is not careful, a burn of mucous membranes and facial skin is possible. And here's how inhalation with chamomile is done with cough, and how effective this tool is.very detailed in this article.

After the procedure, it is recommended not to eat until at least half an hour. In addition, within an hour you can not go out.

Inhalation of steam in the bathtub

inhaling steam in a bathroom baby

If there is no nebulizer, and the inhalation of vapors from hot water, as we already know, is unsafe, you can use your own bathroom to create a moist warm atmosphere, favorable for ligaments. To do this, let the hot water in the bathroom, tightly closing the door to this room.

When the room becomes shrouded in wet steam clubs, bring the child, and let him stay in this room for a while. You can hold the baby in your arms over the bathroom. The procedure will have a beneficial effect on the affected ligaments, soothe the sore throat, warm it.


Excellent tool for restoring voice in children. As a basis for the preparation of solutions, use medicinal herbs, soda, saline, and also appropriate medications. gargle

Children with throat diseases are well helped by resorption of honey. Explain to the baby that honey should not be swallowed immediately, but it is necessary to keep it in your mouth as long as possible, slowly dissolving. In addition to honey, the throat mucosa will have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects and chewing propolis. But how does rinse with chlorophyllipt in angina, and how effective is it.very detailed in this article.

Opinion of Komarovsky

We learn what the pediatrician Komarovsky recommends to do to his parents if their child has lost his voice.

The doctor strongly advises to direct all efforts to stop the inflammatory process, leading to a loss of the opportunity to talk. When the inflammation is removed, the vocal cords will automatically close automatically.

Komarovsky believes that during the treatment the child needs to give as much as possible to drink warm liquids. This simple technique removes irritation in the sore throat, eliminates the symptoms of respiratory infection, helps restore elasticity of the ligaments. Especially recommends the doctor give the child a useful tea with ginger.

Inhalation is necessary: ​​they relieve inflammation in the throat, and help to clear the respiratory tract for respiratory diseases. Komarovsky recommends that this procedure be performed with a loss of voice several times a day.

On the video, the child's voice was gone, explains Komarovsky:

The child in the process of treatment is better to remain silent for a while to rest. And if the voice is lost because of respiratory diseases, ARI, it is better to limit the baby's diet. Appetite in this period the baby still does not, so it's best to give him light meals, sour-milk products, to give up fried and fatty.

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And here is a popular remedy for the hoarseness of the voice for colds, the most effective and the best, is described in great detail in this article.

Komarovsky also recommends warm compresses. He especially considers a woolen scarf tied around his neck and a compress made of warm sea salt.

Recommends the doctor to use and rinse. Especially well suited broths with chamomile, calendula, eucalyptus and sage. You can brew these herbs separately, and you can mix them in equal proportions, strengthening the beneficial effect of the means. An excellent reputation was won, according to Komarovsky, a solution for rinsing the throat, consisting of a decoction of sage and sea salt.

Komarovsky advises to show the child to the doctor. A loss of voice can signal serious malfunctions in the body, perhaps even a harbinger of a false croup - a serious disease, sometimes leading to strangulation. The symptom is especially dangerous if it occurred in a baby - in this case, the appeal to the doctors should be immediate.

We examined the features of voice loss in children. The main thing here is not to harm, so the treatment is carried out only under the supervision of a doctor. Using our advice, you can better navigate the likely causes and ways to eliminate this unpleasant symptom. A useful advice from Dr. Komarovsky will help to return the child the opportunity to communicate much faster.