Angina( or acute tonsillitis) during pregnancy in the first trimester occurs quite often. For 9 months, while pregnancy lasts, many women manage to be ill with any acute infectious disease.

By angina is meant such an acute infectious disease, which affects the tonsils. The causative agent of angina may be fungi, viruses, bacteria.

Angina has several varieties:

  • catarrhal;what are the symptoms and treatment of catarrhal angina in children, indicated in the article.
  • follicular;
  • lacunar;
  • herpetic;
  • phlegmonous;
  • gangrenous.


  • 1 Features of the course of pregnancy, the causes
  • 2 The first signs and symptoms
  • 3 Diagnostics
  • 4 Treatment in the first trimester
    • 4.1 Safe folk remedies and recipes
    • 4.2 Authorized drugs in the first trimester
    • 4.3 Tips for alleviating the condition of the pregnant
  • 5 Possible consequences andcomplications of the disease
  • 6 Video

Features of the course of pregnancy, the causes of

how to treat angina during pregnancy Changes in the body of a woman, bearher child is enormous. Hormonal reorganization modifies all the processes in its body, wholly obeying the main goal of the birth of a new viable organism. This is the main reason that a woman during this period becomes too vulnerable to many infectious or inflammatory ailments.

In the pregnant body, the physiological process of suppression of immunity occurs, which serves as a protective mechanism for preventing rejection of the fetus. Therefore, to catch a sore at this time is easy and simple.

Advice: communication of a pregnant woman should be selective. She should avoid contact with unhealthy relatives, do not visit crowded places( without special need), especially during the period of epidemics of viral diseases.

Relatives of a pregnant woman should not neglect the wearing of masks when they detect a runny nose, cough or fever.

sore throat with pregnancy consequences for fetus As a source of diseases may be various things and objects of everyday life, which concerned a sick person. Banal hand washing is especially important in this situation.

During pregnancy, especially in the early stages, this ailment can harm two organisms - both mother and baby. For the woman, the disease is dangerous because in the case of late diagnosis or illiterate treatment can lead to a purulent spread of infection in her body, up to sepsis.

In the first trimester, acute tonsillitis is much more difficult to bear by the fetus than the mother , leading to serious pathologies to his development, fading or abortion.

The occurrence of acute tonsillitis during pregnancy is facilitated by the presence of such diseases as caries, diseases of the nose and paranasal sinuses, influenza or ARVI.It is necessary to take seriously these ailments and treat them professionally.

The first signs and symptoms

than dangerous tonsillitis in pregnancy

The presence of edema, redness, white deposits or purulent formations in the tonsils - one of the signs of angina

This disease is usually represented by such manifestations:

  • fatigue, weakness, headache, sweating, lack of appetite;
  • presence of edema, redness, white deposits or purulent formations in the tonsils;
  • increase and soreness in palpation of the jaw and cervical lymph nodes;
  • difficulty swallowing, a sharp pain in the throat;
  • headache;
  • chills, a sharp increase in body temperature to forty degrees.

the child has brown snot, What to do when the child has brown snot, you can learn from the article.

Than to treat dense snot, which are not skipped, is indicated here.

In adult snot like water, what to do about it, is indicated here: http: // lechenie-n / sopli-kak-voda-u-rebenka-chem-lechit.html

Also, the disease during pregnancy can occur atypically, without symptoms ina kind of sharp pains in the throat and high fever. At the onset of the disease, the temperature is normal, only later rising to high figures. Women often complain that it is difficult for them to breathe or completely lose their appetite during the period of the disease.

Loss of appetite during pregnancy can be one of the first symptoms of the onset of sore throat.

diagnosis of sore throat in pregnant women Another characteristic feature of this ailment during pregnancy is the frequent occurrence of rheumatoid manifestations in the form of painful joints and difficulty of movement.

Throat picture in different types of angina has a different appearance:

  • Catarrhal sinina is characterized by a bright red throat, swelling, presence in the language of white plaque;
  • With follicular angina on the amygdala, convex yellow dots( follicles) appear;
  • With lacunar form, the tonsils are even more enlarged, covered with depressions( lacunae), covered with a yellow-white coating consisting of dead leukocytes and epithelium. This form is extremely dangerous because of the greatest risk of complications.

Diagnosis of

Is angina dangerous in pregnancy?

Diagnosis of angina is quite simple, but if necessary the doctor still can prescribe a smear from the pharynx and a blood test

Setting the correct diagnosis usually does not cause complications. The doctor performs a general examination of the pregnant woman, including examination of the pharynx, oral cavity, surrounding lymph nodes. Assigns a blood test and a mandatory smear from the throat. A smear is necessary both for the exclusion of diphtheria, and for detecting the sensitivity of microflora to various drugs. In the analysis of blood with angina, there is usually an increased ESR, neutrophilic leukocytosis.

Treatment in the first trimester

The most important thing - is to start treatment of angina after the onset of its first manifestations. Any self-treatment with angina in pregnant women is unacceptable and dangerous.

consequences of sore throat during pregnancy The main treatment points are as follows:

  1. Bed rest, sparing diet and abundant drink to remove toxins from the body.
  2. Rinses( at least 6 times a day) to remove from the tonsils microbes and toxic products of inflammation.
  3. Effective antibiotics for angina are prescribed taking into account the sensitivity of pathogens to them. Antipyretics are used at high temperatures.
  4. Antihistamines reduce edema and allergic manifestations in the body of a pregnant woman.

Safe folk remedies and recipes

Traditional medicine has a storehouse of useful recipes for the treatment of acute tonsillitis. But all folk methods of treatment of angina should be discussed with a doctor in advance.

The use of folk methods for the treatment of acute tonsillitis is permissible only after consultation with the doctor

. Here it is possible to apply such effective recipes:

how to treat sore throat during pregnancy

When pregnant with tonsillitis it is useful to drink ginger tea with turmeric and honey

  • . At the temperature, grind the solution of vinegar in half with water. This product helps to avoid the use of more toxic antipyretic drugs.
  • Ginger tea with turmeric and honey, tea with lemon and honey, decoction of lime blossom( sparing antipyretic agent) is used as drinks.
  • Effective use of propolis in the form of an alcohol solution or extract for rinsing or resorption of propolis pieces in the oral cavity.
  • To remove white coating and relieve pain in the throat, rinse throat with soda at a sore throat. A solution based on hydrogen peroxide is used, for which a table spoon of peroxide is added per 100 g of water.
  • If the doctor has authorized inhalation, they can use chamomile, peppermint, sage, pine buds. Of these same herbs, as well as herb horsetail and cornflower, make antiseptic infusions for gargling. Show inhalation with aromatic oils of dog rose, thyme or eucalyptus.

In acute tonsillitis, there are contraindicated methods of treatment such as compresses with the use of alcohol or vodka, foot hot baths, the use of baths or saunas. These procedures can provoke a miscarriage.

Authorized medicines in the first trimester

angina in early pregnancy In angina in the first trimester of pregnancy, the use of many drugs is limited due to toxic effects on the fetus. The following preparations are allowed for use during this period.

  • If antibiotics are indispensable, penicillins( Amoxiclav, Ampicillin), cephalosporins( Cefazolinum, Ceftriaxone), macrolides( Rovamycin, Sumamed) are formally acceptable drugs.
  • Pregnant should not be eaten by force. Recommended intake of diet food with a comfortable temperature, to prevent mechanical damage to the follicle with purulent contents, and further spread of infection in the body.
  • For throat rinses are used furatsilin, miramistin, chlorophyllipt, chlorhexidine.

Advice: The use of saline solution for rinsing with angina is not enough and fraught with complications.

treatment of sore throat during pregnancy

In case of angina it is permissible to use topical sprays permitted by the doctor

  • . It is inadmissible to use hot drinks in case of angina in the form of teas, milk or infusions of herbs.
  • Of antipyretic drugs used on the basis of paracetamol. Aspirin is prohibited because of the risk of fetal abnormalities.
  • Locally used irrigation of the throat with Bioparox.

Advice: It is forbidden to use antibiotics from the discharge of tetracyclines, fluoroquinolones, levomycetin due to toxic effects on the fetus.

Tips for alleviating the condition of a pregnant

how to treat sore throat during pregnancy A number of measures should be taken in order to ensure that the body meets the disease fully armed. These are the measures:

  • The first days of illness should be spent in bed to reduce the burden on the kidneys and heart;
  • Warm chicken soup gives strength and eliminates symptoms of intoxication;
  • As a drink with angina apply various fruit( currant, cranberry), jelly( raspberry, blueberry, cowberry), compotes;
  • To reduce the high temperature( above 38 degrees), use trituration with water-acetic solution, a cold compress on the forehead, wrists and under the knees.

For quick relief of sore throat and ease of swallowing, rinse with a special solution( a spoonful of salt on a glass of water, a pinch of soda and 5 drops of iodine).

Possible consequences and complications of the disease

An untreated or transferred on the legs of an angina can cause serious complications, and sometimes lead to a lethal outcome.

angina in early pregnancy In advanced cases, acute tonsillitis can cause such diseases:

  • rheumatism;
  • meningitis;
  • pyelonephritis and glomerulonephritis;
  • myocarditis;
  • pneumonia;
  • sepsis.

Such complications are extremely difficult not only for the future mother, but cause irreparable harm to the health of the baby. Occasionally, the fetus is able to contract the disease from the mother, which is fraught with the death of the fetus.

Therefore, in order to defeat such an insidious enemy as a sore throat, to keep your own and your baby's health, you simply need to contact the specialist immediately, starting to implement his recommendations as early as possible.


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Immunity in a pregnant woman is physiologically reduced, which contributes to the occurrence of viral and infectious diseases. Angina in the first trimester of pregnancy is particularly harmful to the unborn child, since in some cases it can cause hypoxia and, even, intrauterine fetal death. In pregnant women, this disease can occur without temperature and classical symptoms.

Migrated or ill-treated illness can lead to such serious complications after a sore throat as pneumonia, meningitis, rheumatism, myocarditis. For suspected acute tonsillitis, a woman should immediately consult a doctor for proper diagnosis and prescription of approved medications. Bed rest and plenty of drinking are necessary to prevent complications after a sore throat.