The best eye drops to improve and restore visual acuity: a list. What vitamin eye drops to improve vision drip with nearsightedness, hyperopia, cataract, eye fatigue, after laser correction?

A review of eye drops to improve vision, to strengthen the retina, after laser correction.


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  • Eye drops Taufon: how to apply for visual impairments?
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  • Best eye drops to improve and restore acuityof vision: list
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  • What kind of drops to drip into your eyes to improve your eyesight instantly?
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Eye drops for strengthening the retina

Important: Vision is one of the five most important senses. Therefore, eyesight should be protected and do not let ophthalmic diseases go by themselves.

Modern ophthalmology successfully copes with a variety of eye diseases. As you know, there are more than a dozen of them. We list the most common.

Diseases that impair visual acuity:

  • Nearsightedness
  • Farsightedness
  • Astigmatism

Diseases that are fraught with vision loss:

  • Cataract
  • Glaucoma
  • Retinal dystrophy
Human sight affects the quality of his life

Important: The retina is the inner sensitive shell of the eye, which perceives light. Then the light is transformed into nerve impulses and fed to the brain. In fact, the retina is the main "tool" that provides vision.

Eye retardation

Only the ophthalmologist can diagnose the disruption of the retina. At the initial stages of the pathology of the retina do not manifest themselves in any way. Those who are at risk should undergo a diagnosis and make sure that everything is in order with the retina. The risk group includes:

  1. People with nearsightedness
  2. Diabetes patients
  3. Elderly

Important: It is extremely dangerous to prescribe independently drops for the treatment, restoration or strengthening of the retina. Entrust this case to the ophthalmologist who is watching to apply for violations:

When macular degeneration ophthalmologist can assign the following drops:

  • Emoksipin
  • Taufon
  • Aktipol

When angiopathy retina:

  • Aysotin
  • Solkoseril
  • Kvinaks
  • Emoksipin

Video: Retinal Diseases

Eye drops Taufonview?

Taufon - eye drops of transparent color. The main active ingredient is taurine.

Eye drops Taufon

Drops are used for retinal dystrophy, corneal injuries, cataracts, as an additional treatment for open-angle glaucoma.

The drug was not tested for safety when instilled with children, therefore it is prescribed only to adults. Pregnancy is a contraindication for the use of drops of Taufon.

Taufon: How to use

Vitamin eye drops to improve vision when decreasing

Useful vitamins for eye health:

  • Vitamins A and C
  • Riboflavin
  • Thiamine
  • Pyridoxine
  • Folic acid
  • Niacin

Vitamin drops need to be instilled in courses, not on a permanent basis. Vitamin drops help to remove eye fatigue, prevent dystrophy and cataract, improve visual acuity.

To vitamin eye drops are:

  1. Visiomax
  2. Ossitis
  3. Myrtlelene forte
  4. Quinaks
  5. Ophthalmologist
  6. Riboflavin
What are vitamin drops for the eyes?

Vasoconstrictive eye drops against redness with eye strain

Important: Vasoconstrictive drops should not be used for longer than 3 days, as they are addictive.

The most popular vasoconstrictors for the eyes:

  • Vizin
  • Naphthysin
  • VisOptic
  • Polynadim

Remember that reddening of the eyes occurs not only because of eye strain. Often the cause of redness are ophthalmic diseases or seasonal allergies to flowering.

In order not to aggravate eye health, consult a doctor for an accurate diagnosis. Before the examination of the oculist, the condition can be alleviated with the help of vasoconstrictive drops.

Popular Eye Drops Visin

Eye Drops for Fatigue to Improve the View

The eyes of a modern person are exposed to stress every day. This is facilitated by work at the computer, active use of gadgets. Contact lenses also contribute to eye fatigue. In ophthalmology there is such a concept of "dry eye syndrome", when in the evening, discomfort, dryness, burning sensation appears. In this case, it is worth buying moisturizing drops for the eyes. For example:

  • Stillavit
  • Cationorm
  • View-Chest
  • Optic
  • Natural tear

Eye drops from fatigue create a shell that moisturizes the eyeball. Attention should be paid to the choice of drops when wearing contact lenses. Some drugs can be instilled without removing the lens. Others - only after removal.

Important: Many mistakenly consider Visin drops from eye fatigue. Classic Vizin is a vasoconstrictor that can not be used consistently. Moisturizing drops to relieve fatigue and dryness is Vizin's clean tear.

Stilavit - one of the eye fatigue medications

Video: Eye Inflammation

Eye drops to improve vision in cataracts

Cataract is clouding the lens, which itself is transparent. A person who has cataracts sees through a veil. This disease develops in most cases in the elderly, but sometimes it occurs because of the injuries suffered and is congenital.

Important: The only way to treat cataracts is the surgical method. Cataracts can not be cured with eye drops. Eye drops can only slow down the development of cataracts.

To prevent complications after surgery, such drops are prescribed for cataract surgery:

  • Diclofenac
  • Nevanak
  • Broxinac

The following preparations are used to slow the development of cataract:

  • Katalin
  • Kvinaks
  • Oftan Katahrom
  • Kataraks
Cataract in the elderly person

The best eye drops for improvement and recoveryvisual acuity: list

  • Reticulin
  • Stillavit
  • Zorro
  • Sante 40

Eye drops after laser correction: list

Important: Drops after laspolar correction shall be entitled to appoint a supervising physician. Replace the drug with an analogue only after consulting a doctor. The period of application of drops is also determined by the doctor.

After laser correction, two types of drops are assigned:

  1. Anti
  2. Moisturizers

anti-inflammatory drops , list:

  1. Tobradeks
  2. Dexamethasone
  3. maksitrol
  4. Maksideks
  5. Oftan Dexamethasone

rewetting drops , list:

  1. Sisteyn
  2. Oksial
  3. Hilo-Chest
  4. Oftagel
anti-inflammatory drops Tobradeks

Eye drops to improve vision OftanKatachrom: how to apply for visual impairment?

  • Oftan Drops Katachrom is indicated for cataracts. The drug stimulates the metabolism in the tissues of the lens, has an antioxidant effect.
  • Bury the drug should be 2-3 drops 3-4 times a day for no longer than 15 days. The open vial can be stored for 1 month.
  • Contraindications: age under 18, breastfeeding and pregnancy.

Important: Before you drip Oftan Drops by Katachrom, you need to remove contact lenses. After instillation, do not wear the lens for at least 15 minutes.

Oftan Catachrome for cataract treatment

Eye drops Irifrin: how to apply for visual impairment?

Irifin is an eye drop that promotes the dilatation of the pupil.

Drops are used in the diagnosis of vision, before surgery, in the treatment of iridocyclitis.

It is worth knowing that sometimes there are side effects, such as: burning eyes, tearing, increasing blood pressure.

Important: Irifin drops are contraindicated in the elderly.

Eye drops look like Irifin

Eye drops for vision prevention

Vitamin drops, as well as drops for fatigue relief, are suitable for vision prevention.

The eyes of a modern person are subject to great stress day by day, so moistening does not hurt, but on the contrary - it helps to maintain vision in tone.

Complex of exercises for the eyes, multivitamins to maintain vision along with eye drops will help maintain vision in the norm.

Age Vitamin Eye Drops for the Elderly

Important: With age, 99% of people have vision problems. Elderly people often suffer from retinal dystrophy, senile cataract, glaucoma. Prevention will help prevent or delay ophthalmic diseases.

Eyedrops for the elderly:

  1. Taufon
  2. Kataraks
  3. Quinaks
  4. Riboflavin
Elderly people need to maintain the health of their eyes

What kind of drops to drip into your eyes to improve your eyesight instantly?

If you have problems with vision, it is worthwhile to understand that drops will not improve your eyesight by 100%, they will only help you a little.

These drops include:

  • Toufon
  • Sante 40
  • Zorro
  • Reticulin

Important: Each case is individual, so you should always consult an ophthalmologist.

Relaxing eye drops

For relaxation of eye muscles, drops are used in several cases:

  1. When diagnosing
  2. For the treatment of inflammatory processes of
  3. Before operation of

These preparations include:

  • Atropine
  • Midratsil
  • Cyclomed
  • Midrum
Pupil dilated after Atropine

Drops for eyesto improve vision for children and adolescents: list

Important: The child does not need to drip drops to prevent vision without prescribing a doctor.

Most eye drops have a general contraindication - this is a child's age. For the prevention of vision is better to use a complex of multivitamins.

If the child has an infectious eye disease, the doctor can prescribe such drugs:

  • Sulfacil sodium
  • Levomycetin
  • Floxal
  • Albucid

Dosage and duration of application is strictly individual.

In the end I would like to add a few words about the hygiene of the use of eye drops. Use someone else's drops is unacceptable, as well as their drops can not be given to other people. Wash hands thoroughly before digestion. Burying preferably warmed up drops, because the cold is much worse absorbed. For heating it is enough to lower the bottle for several seconds in a glass with warm water.

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