Clenbuterol in the syrup format is an effective drug whose action is aimed at stopping bronchial spasms. Thanks to the active component of the drug, it is possible to exert a direct influence on the receptors of the respiratory organs, bring them into a relaxed state.

Produce medicine in the form of liquid syrup. It does not have a pronounced shade, but it tastes like a raspberry. The realization is carried out in a 100 ml vial. In the kit there is a measuring spoon for the exact dosage of the drug.


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The effect of the drug


Clenbuterol is a bronchodilator drug that is used to treat bronchial asthma and other lung diseases. At the heart of the drug is an active substance, whose name is clenbuterol hydrochloride. It has a bronchodilator a

nd secretolytic effect.

When used, it is possible to reduce swelling and stasis of mucus in the bronchi, relax bronchial muscles and improve mucociliary clearance. The effect of the drug in question is directed to active stimulation of the nervous system. The active components of the drug act like adrenaline, so when using it in a large dosage, there is tremor of fingers and palpitation.

The positive effect of the drug can be seen after just 15 minutes. And the maximum effect is achieved in 2-3 hours. The syrup can be used for the following diseases:

  • of lung etherase;
  • obstructive pulmonary pathology of chronic nature;
  • asthmatic bronchitis;
  • bronchial asthma.

You should also read the contraindications to the use of Clenbuterol syrup. The first thing to use it is not worth the category of people who have an increased hypersensitivity to the components of the drug. Another contraindication is:

  • tachyarrhythmia;
  • tachycardia;
  • myocardial infarction in acute period;
  • and thyrotoxicosis;
  • is ischemia in severe form.


clenbuterol syrup

Clenbuterol is a drug whose action is aimed at arresting spasms in the bronchi. It is considered a medicine of the b2-adrenomimetic group. In its development, an active substance, clenbuterol, was used. It has a direct effect on receptors that focus on the bronchi and relaxes them.

This effect lasts for 12 hours. With this, swelling goes away, sputum becomes viscous and quickly evacuated from the respiratory tract. But the auxiliary component beta2-adrenostimulator has a bronchodilator and secretolitic effect.

Application for children

Treatment of cough syrup in small patients occurs in a dosage that depends on their age. According to the instructions:

  • younger than 8 months - 2.5 ml;
  • up to 2 years - 5 ml;
  • 2-4 years-7.5 ml;
  • 4-6 years - 10 ml;
  • 6-12 years-15 ml;
  • after 12 years - 15 ml.

Drug at the indicated dosage 3 times a day. If this dosage is exceeded without the knowledge of the doctor, the symptoms of an overdose may develop.

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Adult application

application of syrup to an adult

Clenbuterol therapy may be prolonged for patients who are older than 12 years. Dosage is 15 ml 3-4 times a day.

In case of maintenance therapy, the dosage will be 10 ml 2 times a day. In the severe course of the pathological process, the doctor can increase the dosage.

Application for pregnant women

Doctors do not recommend using the drug in question when treating a cough for pregnant women in the first trimester. This recommendation should be observed for girls in the third trimester. The reason is that the components used in making the syrup can suppress generic activity. At this time, it is better to use the analog of a syrup for steam inhalation.


Buy the drug can be in any pharmacy without a prescription. The cost of a bottle of syrup is 60-120 rubles. The difference in price is connected with the area in which the sale of goods.


If the patient is banned from taking Clenbuterol or is not on sale in the pharmacy, it can be replaced with proven analogs, which include:

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  • Omnitus.

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  • Inna, 21 year: "I remember when I was in school, I fell seriously ill. I had a terrible dry cough that tortured me not only during the day, but at night. Then my mother could not go to the hospital, but she bought me a syrup Clenbuterol. I took it for a week. I remember that I really liked his taste, so ka kon resembled a raspberry. The first relief I managed to feel after 3 days. I was able to sleep properly, and in a week I went to school. Now I always store this syrup in my medicine cabinet and use it as soon as I have a cough to get rid of it as quickly as possible. "
  • Maria, 35 years old: "My child has one peculiarity: he has a vomitive reflex. And it is so pronounced that even during the throat swelling my son starts to form vomiting. So when choosing a cough medicine, I have to try hard. In the pharmacy, I was advised to take sir Clenbuterol. When I gave my son in the indicated dosage, everything went perfectly. He gladly drank the medicine and waited for the next appointment. The effect of the drug also pleased me pleasantly, because the cough began to subside on the second day, and after 5 days we stopped taking the drug. "
  • Igor, 37 years old: "My doctor prescribed the syrup in question for the treatment of a cough that occurred against the background of a cold. The cough was dry unproductive, not accompanied by sputum discharge. But after using the drug, I did not just get better overall health, but I could also clear my throat, while my mucus slipped away. Of course, the process is not pleasant, but after 10 days I managed to win the disease and finally go to work. "

Cough syrup Clenbuterol is a unique preparation that successfully fights with a dry and moist cough. In its development, special components were involved, thanks to which it is possible to exert a comprehensive influence on the solution of the problem. When using the medicine, dry cough turns into productive, and viscous sputum becomes less viscous, which facilitates the process of its evacuation from the respiratory tract. If the allergy develops, stop the medication and visit the doctor immediately.