The appearance of a cough is more often associated with seasonal colds that cause viruses and infections. And, not all colds are accompanied by a cough. However, if it does, it is necessary to take all measures to be cured as soon as possible.

The pharmaceutical industry is full of all kinds of drugs and their dosage forms - tablets, syrups, medicines, candies. Their action is aimed at alleviating the condition of the patient and curing the cough.

The action of medication is not always justified for human health, as they cause side effects: affecting the liver, kidneys, blood vessels.


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burned sugar from coughing

caramel Under the influence of heat the sugar acquires therapeutic properties

more soft and gentle effect isrecipes and methods, known long ago and te

sted by our ancestors. The method used for coughing is burnt sugar.

Usually, the common cold starts with a dry cough, which subsequently becomes wet. Particularly useful is the consumption of burnt sugar with a dry cough, to soften it and transfer it to the moist one. This facilitates the separation of sputum and clears the airways.

Sugar is a natural product that is used universally. A fast and prompt source of carbohydrates and energy, which is necessary for a weakened body to fight the disease, more accurately with a cough. how to make burnt sugar from a cough recipe Normal sugar has a crystalline, scratching structure. If it is taken in its pure form, then it is easy to injure the tender mucous membranes of the throat, esophagus. Burnt sugar is plastic, viscous. As a result of chemical reaction under the influence of high temperature, sugar acquires therapeutic properties. Under the influence of saliva, it softens even more.

Ways to prepare

You can prepare the medicine in several ways, and there is no need to prepare a lot at once, because a freshly prepared product is always more useful, and a variety of recipes will please.

Recipes allow you to prepare from burnt sugar dosage forms for all tastes: lollipops, semi-liquid medicine, syrups.

All recipes are prepared based on one tablespoon of sugar.


how to cook burnt sugar from cough

Burnt sugar for coughs is easy to use in the form of candies

  1. Sugar is heated in a frying pan or a stainless steel saucepan, stirring continuously over a slow fire to give a caramel color. As melting, the sugar from the light amber color becomes brown-caramel. After cooking, pour into the mold without corners, so as not to injure when resorbing the mucous tissue in the mouth. You will get a lollipop, which can dissolve during coughing attacks.
  2. Milk-caramel candy can be obtained if melted sugar caramel shade in a glass of cold milk. Due to the temperature difference, the candies are filled with air bubbles. Care should be taken with resorption so as not to get injured.

Paste-like medicine

burnt sugar from a cough recipe

Burnt sugar with butter and cream becomes a paste-like medicine-treat

If resorption of hard candies is accompanied by unpleasant sensations, the received mass is recommended to be taken in semi-liquid form. At the end of the cooking, butter, cream and a little water are added to the slightly cooled molten sugar. Get pasty medicine-delicacy.

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  1. The drink in the form of a syrup will also do a great job. At the last stage of cooking, when the melted sugar gets a caramel shade fill it with 1 glass of warm boiled water. Syrup boil, cool. Store in a refrigerator in a sealed glass container. Take half the glass in a warm, every time the cough begins. It will be useful to reinforce a weakened organism with vitamins and microelements.
  2. The melted sugar of the caramel shade is poured with 1 glass of warm boiling how to make burnt sugar from cough water with the addition of half a lemon juice. You can also add a spoonful of honey. For the prevention of bacteria in the mouth and respiratory passages.
  3. The melted sugar of the caramel shade is poured with 1 glass of warm boiled water with the addition of the onion juice, grated on a fine grater and squeezed under the press. The fact that
    that the drug is unpleasant to the taste, it is recommended to take one sip every half hour.
  4. The melted sugar of a caramel shade is poured in 1 glass of warm boiled water. Content boil, cool and add three tablespoons of vodka. Take one tablespoon in 5 to 6 doses. A steady expectoration effect is obtained by combining the burnt sugar and herbal decoction.
  5. For herbal decoction, you can use such herbs: licorice root, althea root, plantain, leaves of mother-and-stepmother, thyme.

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One tablespoon of herbs, pre-chopped, pour a glass of hot boiled water. Infuse in a water bath for 15 minutes. Cool and drain. The volume of broth to bring to a glass. Melt the sugar to a caramel shade and pour into a decoction. Shake before use. Cooked broth stored in finished form no more than 2 days. Take in a warm state 2 - 3 times a day after meals:

  • for adults and children from 14 years - for ½ cup;
  • for children 12 - 14 years old - for ¼ cup;
  • for children 7 - 12 years old - 2 tablespoons each;
  • for children 3 - 7 years old - 1 tablespoon each.

Restrictions and contraindications

coughing with burnt sugar in children

Sweet medicines-treats will please even the most capricious children

The use of sugar within reasonable limits will not cause an allergic reaction or other side effects. Burnt sugar can not only benefit, but also cause harm. Especially cautiously should eat sugar when:

  • diabetes;
  • is prone to allergy to refined sugar and derived from it;
  • cardiovascular problems.

If you are contraindicated in the use of sugar, you should refer to other recipes for coughing at home. For children all of the above recipes are acceptable, except for recipes with onions and vodka. Sweet medicines, delicacies will please the kids rather than upset them. Yes, and parents will be calm for the children. Do not forget about other effective means of dry cough for children, for example, tangerine peel, tea with berries of the viburnum and others.

During illness, children become moody and it is very difficult to persuade them to take a standard medicine from the pharmacy, especially if it is bitter.


burnt sugar from cough отзывы Catherine, Samara: "I was horribly tortured by a cough. Usually I feel sluggish, pershit in the throat, the infection "nests" in the nose or throat. Falling into the lower divisions, the infection affects the trachea and bronchi. Here, and I have a terrible cough that serves as an outpost for the lungs. But I found a way out! My grandmother advised me this cure for cough. Burnt sugar in the form of sugar candies! The effect is simply stunning, coughing as it never happened! I recommend to all! »

Polina, Kazan: "On the advice of my friend, I tried one cough, a pasty tasty thing. In the sugar add butter, cream and a little water. Get a pasty drug-such delicious, and the result of what! Coughing did not happen! I advise everyone! "


Other effective cough recipes you'll learn from this video:

It's important to remember that burnt sugar is not a 100% method that will cure a cough. Only applying methods in the complex, including recipes based on the burnt sugar can defeat the cough and guarantee its cure.

During illness it is not necessary to neglect the advice of a doctor and only self-medicate.

Cough is cunning because it can easily go into a more complex form or chronic condition. The doctor diagnoses the disease and indicates the direction of treatment. A reasonable and balanced approach guarantees a qualitative cure for cough. Be healthy!