The nebulizer is a new generation inhaler. It is a medical device, thanks to which it is possible to convert a liquid solution into an aerosol. Inhalations with the help of a nebulizer are now in great demand in medical practice. Such treatment actively removes the symptoms of pharyngitis, laryngitis, tracheitis, pneumonia, bronchitis. Particles of the aerosol are much more quickly introduced into the body and settle in the deepest parts of it. The drug has a positive effect on the entire surface of the mucosa, as a result of which the absorption of the drug into the lymph is much faster.


  • 1 Principle of operation of the device with the compressor
  • 2 Principle of operation of the ultrasonic inhaler
  • 3 Similarities and differences
  • 4 Which is better to buy

How does the device work with the compressor

The compressor inhaler is a device that is actively used in the therapy of various ailments of the respiratory system. After the solution

is placed in the chamber of the device, it begins to turn into an aerosol cloud. This is due to the pressure created by the piston compress. After that, the aerosol particles are sent to the nebulizer, and through it to the selected nozzle. Thus, after inhaling the patient, all active components of the drug are distributed to the affected mucous membranes. compressor nebulizer

With the model of the device, the dimensions of the dispersion composition particles are very small, so they can not affect the remote parts of the respiratory system. Most of the existing models have an adjustable spray system. It can monitor the direction of treatment for a particular ailment. For example, when spraying particles of 3-6 microns, it is possible to eliminate manifestations of diseases of the middle respiratory system. It can be bronchitis or tracheitis.

A large number of drugs can be injected into the compressor inhalers. Based on this, these devices are called universal for the treatment of respiratory ailments.

Compressors are represented by classic models and devices for small patients. At the same time, adults can also use them, because those equipped with a nozzle allow you to use the nebulizer to patients of any age. The difference between a child's device and the classical one is only in design. Here you can read how to use a compression inhaler. Also read which firm compressor nebulizers are better.

Principle of operation of the ultrasonic inhaler

As for the ultrasonic device, this equipment for inhalation treatment, which can be used not only in a hospital, but also at home. In addition to treating colds, inhalation with an ultrasound nebulizer can prevent the development of symptoms such as cough and runny nose. ultrasonic nebulizer

The functioning of the device is based on the influence of high frequency oscillations on the drug liquid. Due to this effect it became possible to break the liquid medicine into microparticles. They become an aerosol cloud and through the atomizer and the selected nozzle reach the destination.

The difference between a compressor and an ultrasonic nebulizer is that the latter does not emit any sounds during operation. Thanks to this advantage, this apparatus becomes possible to use for inhalation of nursing infants. After all, such crumbs can be frightened by an incomprehensible extraneous sound and refuse treatment.

Under the influence of ultrasound, it is possible to separate the therapeutic liquid into a high-density dispersion composition whose particle sizes are the smallest. Thanks to this, it became possible to cure colds very quickly and effectively. Models of ultrasonic inhalers are available in a wide range. In addition, there are products in which there is a large degree of slope. This allows for inhalation of patients with disabilities and children during sleep.

Everyone else will be able to purchase a portable inhalation device, the work of which takes place in an autonomous mode without the use of an electrical network. The presence of high-frequency oscillations allows the splitting of the drug liquid, but it does not splash.

Thus, it is possible to save the medicine, and also to introduce antibacterial drugs, antiseptics, hormones. But it is necessary to take into account the fact that ultrasound is capable of damaging solutions with complex molecular composition. And this, in turn, does not give a positive effect during treatment. Here you will find instructions for using an ultrasonic inhaler.

how to cure a cold with a nebulizer

Learn how to cure a cold with a nebulizer.

Here, solutions are described for treating the common cold with a nebulizer in children.

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Similarities and differences

ultrasonic nebulizer for adult

What distinguishes these two types of nebulizers? The main advantages of ultrasonic equipment include the following:

  • possibility to break the medicine into small particles;
  • to conduct treatment is allowed during sleep and play;
  • high performance;The
  • is compact in size, making it easy to find storage space.
  • noiseless functioning, which is very important in the treatment of children;
  • large volume of spray chamber;
  • can use a large number of medicinal solutions.
  • automatic shutdown.

The following are the main advantages of compressor nebulizers:

  • is easy to operate;
  • can be used by children and adults;
  • drug solution is consumed economically;
  • work can occur continuously and continuously;
  • high performance, the compressor has a high power;
  • can use a wide range of medicines;
  • can be treated at home and in a hospital.

The video tells what kind of nebulizer is better: compressor or ultrasonic:

Which is better to buy

Which is better to buy an inhaler: ultrasonic or compressor? Determining the best inhaler is not so easy. There are not many differences between compressor and ultrasonic nebulizers. The first thing that buyers focus on is the price. But so choose the device is not worth it, because if you buy a cheap device, then no one can guarantee that it will have a positive impact.

For each patient and his disease there is a "best" apparatus. When choosing a nebulizer, it is necessary to take into account a number of features of the patient's body, possible contraindications, the solution used and the course of the disease.

Compressor and ultrasonic inhalers are very popular among all available. For example, if it is necessary to treat a cold in a small child, then it is worth paying attention to an ultrasonic nebulizer that does not make sounds during operation. As for the compressor, it is used in the treatment of chronic ailments.

The nebulizer is a unique device, without which it is very difficult to quickly cure a runny nose or cough. These symptoms are the most common manifestations of the common cold. The best inhaler does not happen, it can only be determined by a person for a specific case. Perhaps you are also interested in which inhaler is best: compressor or steam. If you are considering other types of nebulizers, then read how to choose an inhaler for children and adults.