Getting rid of cough by folk methods is the best way for safe and very effective treatment, which is optimal for pregnant and babies. Contraindications for such a recipe is small, and the benefits will be maximum. In this article you will find a proven recipe and a set of recommendations to correctly and safely prepare a drug.

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  • 1 Why this water
  • 2 The right assistant for the cough
  • 3 Features of the preparation
  • 4 Recipes

Why this water

Borzhomi with milk from a cough

The medicinal properties of mineral water do not need additional advertising, just read the composition to make sure its unique useful characteristics. Especially use Borjomi with milk from a cough. Reasonable use of water in the daily diet helps to overcome many unpleasant and dangerous ailments. There are some contraindications to the regular intake of mineral water, but if you approach this matter responsibly and co

nsult your doctor in advance, the result will be more than positive.

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Do not take mineral water with these symptoms:

  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  • Diabetes mellitus.
  • Inflammation of the lungs with high fever.
  • Arthritis and concomitant diseases.
  • Gout.
  • Some kidney diseases.

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To preserve all the useful properties, it is advisable to consume water half an hour before meals in a warm form. You can not heat or boil the mineral water, otherwise it will lose all the healing power. Buy should also exclusively tested brands, otherwise there is a risk of getting caught on a fake in which such properties will not be present. The best option is to buy Borjomi in a glass container, not a plastic one. milk with burgers from cough

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The original "Borjomi" is produced only in the Georgian province of the same name, so its purchase may not be available for some cities.

The most similar composition boasts another manufacturer of Essentuki, but in the modern market there are many other equally worthy brands. Choosing the right water is better on the advice of a doctor, while carefully checking the composition of minerals. It is he who is responsible for the quality characteristics of the drink.

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Useful properties of mineral water:

  • Natural cleansing of the body from harmful substances and slags.
  • Strengthening immunity with constant admission.
  • Control of the level of acidity of the digestive system.
  • Prevents reproduction of pathogens and microbes.
  • Normalization of the digestive tract. Milk with Borzhomi from the cough proportions will tell the doctor

Despite some contraindications - mineral water is often used as an additional remedy for treating a variety of diseases. Official medicine does not deny the beneficial effects of mineral waters and successfully uses them in various inhalations and physiological procedures. Often, mineral water is used in special modern inhalers "Nebulizer", where its active ingredients enhance and supplement the effectiveness of medical drugs.

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The right assistant for coughing

Along with the "professional" use of mineral water "Borjomi", there are also special home recipes for the rapid treatment of cough, including dry, and cold symptoms. It is better to consult a physician beforehand about the advisability of such procedures. Usually, these recipes are a great help in the treatment of cough of various locations, but in some cases will be useless.

Mineral with milk does not help if the patient has:

  • Tuberculosis.
  • Inflammation of the lungs with high fever.
  • The above contraindications to the use of mineral water.

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During pregnancy and lactation, this medication is not forbidden if a woman does not have the above contraindications and after consulting a doctor. Often this remedy is prescribed during this period, because most drugs can damage the baby. milk with borzoi from cough to pregnant women

We should also not forget that although the remedy is unusually simple, its preparation has a number of significant nuances.

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Features of cooking

  • You can not boil and overheat mineral water, maximum up to 50º C, but no more. Otherwise, how to drink such a mixture.
  • Milk, on the contrary, it is desirable to pre-boil and cool to a comfortable temperature( about 30-40 º C).
  • The mixture obtained has alkaline properties, therefore, simultaneous reception with acid products is not recommended: lemon and citrus, currant, vitamin C in different forms, etc.
  • The mixture must be prepared immediately before use, storage and re-heating will destroy the healing properties.
  • Water can be heated in a water bath without using a microwave oven in which the liquid can boil.

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This compound excellently removes the cough, but is most effective only with the initial manifestations of the common cold, therefore it is only an additional treatment for advanced bronchitis. The intake of all medications is not abolished by this prescription, but rather helps to recover faster and remove some symptoms.


drink milk and Borjomi

  • Equal proportions of preheated( pre-boiled milk) and Borjomi are mixed in a clean container. Admission three times a day, the dosage depends on the age and condition of the patient.
    • Adults and children over 12 years can take 0.5-1 cup of the mixture a day.
    • Pregnant and nursing mothers - 0,5 glasses.
    • Children under 12 years old - 0.3 glasses.
  • For greater efficiency in the fight against colds, you can add one teaspoon of honey to the warm mixture. This is possible in the absence of allergic reactions and contraindications.
  • If the disease is accompanied by pain in the throat, it is better to take milk of higher fat content or add one tablespoon of butter to a glass of the mixture.
  • A more accessible option for preparing such a mixture is to replace mineral water with conventional baking soda. To do this, take a half teaspoon of soda for a glass of milk.

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Milk with Borjomi is an excellent and very effective remedy for home cough and catarrhal diseases.

According to reviews, due to the alkaline composition of mineral water, expectoration and excretion of sputum improve. Milk, in turn, softens and warms the airways and helps to remove painful sensations when coughing. It is desirable to agree with the attending physician beforehand, this is just as necessary, as is the control over the course of the disease.

Reasonable approach to using home methods is the key to successful recovery!