Popular pharmacy inhalers and nebulizers had to crowd out the popular methods of prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases. But, this did not happen. Children and adults continue to cure a cold, breathing over a potato, like a hundred years ago. Is this a popular way of treatment? In order to understand this, you need to know how the pairs of potatoes act on the body.


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to breathe over a potato with a cough

procedure Inhalation of water vapor with various additivesleads to a direct effect of temperature and bioadditives on the mucous membrane. In this case, useful substances naturally fall into different parts of the respiratory system.

This method of local therapy has proven its effectiveness after going through the centuries. Modern research confirms its usefulness. It turns out that potato vapors contain:

  • tetradecan;
  • dipropylene glycol;
  • ethyl alcohol.

The video tells how to breathe properly over a potato with a cough:

These biologically active additives, getting along with the vapor in the body:

  • normalize the blood flow;
  • activate metabolic processes in the body;
  • relieves inflammation;
  • removes the swelling of the nasopharyngeal mucosa. The potato steam gently envelops. It has a large contact surface. This therapeutic effect is observed:

    • blood flow to the mucosa of the upper respiratory tract increases;
    • sputum is liquefying;
    • eliminates stagnant phenomena. You can breathe over a potato at a temperature of

    Inhalation in potato pairs also improves mucociliary clearance( excretion of sputum, microbes, mud particles out).It's all about the structure of the airways. Their surfaces are covered with microvilli, which constantly wiggle and move to the outside out of the body foreign elements. During illness, villi do their job worse, and hot steam activates their work. There are other ways of treating dry cough in children with folk remedies, inhalation with wet cough in children.

    Features of application

    The "grandfather's" method of treatment has a wide range of applications. Why breathe over the potatoes? Potato inhalations are good for:

    • runny nose( rhinitis);
    • pharyngitis( inflammation of the pharyngeal mucosa);
    • tonsillitis( inflammation of the tonsils);
    • cough;
    • bronchitis. to breathe over a potato during pregnancy

    The effectiveness of this procedure was highly appreciated by patients with bronchial asthma. Inhalation over potatoes makes it possible to prevent the appearance and arrest of seizures that accompany this dangerous disease.

    With inflammation of the lungs this method also helps, but it should be used only under the supervision of a doctor. In order not to worsen the condition of the patient, you need to consult a doctor before the procedure.


    Popular tubers have long been used in folk medicine. As for inhalations from potatoes, they are prepared in three different ways.

    1. Inhalation from welded "in uniform" tubers( before use they knead).
    2. Inhalation of vapors of refined potatoes( often the addition of essential oils, soda and salt).
    3. Inhalation of steamed fried potato peelings( suitable dry or fresh).potatoes for inhalation oil

    Whichever method you choose, you will need to perform the procedure:

    • casserole with a volume of about 3 liters;casserole for inhalation
    • a dozen potatoes of small size, or 5 pieces of medium size;potato for inhalation
    • is a thick blanket, better cotton or artificial in a natural case( wool causes allergy);dense blanket for inhalation
    • towel;
    • chair and a convenient stand for the pan.

    You need to wash the potatoes for the procedure well.

    Do not take sick tubers with different spots and deformations of any nature. Especially it concerns inhalations with unpurified potatoes. Such tubers can contain fungal spores, bacteria and pathogens of various diseases. Most of them die during heat treatment, but, nevertheless, such substances can cause allergy when inhaled.

    When preparing the inhalation, you must follow some simple rules:

    • potatoes boil 10 - 15 minutes( depending on the size of the tubers);
    • for boiling take tubers of the same size, otherwise they are welded unevenly;
    • potatoes should not be raw or boiled;
    • water should only cover potatoes;
    • after the water is ready to drain;
    • set the pan on a comfortable stand;
    • wrap the saucepan with a thick towel to keep the heat;
    • is tilted over the container with potatoes and covered with a blanket;
    • cold air should not penetrate under the blanket.

    Caution does not prevent: hot steam can burn the skin and lead to a burn of the mucous membranes. To bend over a potato it is necessary not too low. You should find your height, getting used to the temperature gradually. And if there are any painful conditions: be it dizziness or a knock at the temples, the procedure should be discontinued.

    So that you do not get in the way, chop long hair before starting the procedure. Breathe correctly. The exhalations should be smooth. The inhalation-expiration technique will differ depending on the diagnosis.

    whether it is possible to do or make inhalations at a genyantritis

    Can I do inhalation with sinusitis?

    Symptoms of hypertrophic rhinitis: http: //prolor.ru/n/ bolezni-n /rinit/ gipertroficheskij-rinit.html.

    Here you can read what antibiotics are taken with pharyngitis.

    Treatment of

    The potato vapors warm up the nasopharynx well and release the respiratory tract from the mucus. To get a quick result with a cough, you need to breathe alternately through the nose and through the mouth. The main task is to warm up and cleanse the nasopharynx. With their help you can quickly cure a runny nose and cough.

    Well showed itself this scheme: 3-4 breaths through the mouth and exhale through the nose, 3-4 breaths through the nose and exhale through the mouth, then 3-4 breaths and exhalation through the mouth and as much through the nose. It takes 5-10 minutes to breathe over the potatoes.

    Dry cough is treated with hot potatoes with the addition of soda and salt. These ingredients are put in a pan at the beginning of cooking. Potatoes take the peeled. After its ready, the tubers are mildly kneaded. Salt and soda are added at the beginning of cooking at a rate of 1 tablespoon per 5 medium potatoes.

    The video tells whether it is possible to breathe over a potato to pregnant women, children, bronchitis and sinusitis:

    Runny nose

    If the nose is laid, the potatoes will quickly bring it back to normal. To do this, you need to breathe in pairs in turns: then one, then another nostril. Close first one side of the nose, make 4-6 slow breaths of one nostril, then repeat the same with the other.

    To strengthen the effect of the procedure, 2-3 teaspoons of baking soda can be added to the potatoes. To do this, the boiled potatoes are mildly kneaded and powder is added. All mix well and start to breathe healing steam.

    If the runny nose is accompanied by pain in the throat, breathe according to this pattern: 2-3 inhalations with the nose and exhale through the throat, then 2-3 breaths through the throat and exhale through the nose. Breathing should be smooth, calm, moderate depth.

    If the rhinitis has passed into the catarrhal form, inhalations can not be done. They will not only not help, but vice versa, they will exacerbate the situation.

    The video tells how to breathe on a potato, what is the use and harm, what is good for breathing:


    Without consulting a doctor, you can not breathe on a potato with genyantritis! Only an expert can determine the course of the disease and prescribe adequate treatment. When warming the maxillary sinuses, in which pus accumulated, you can achieve the opposite result. Self-medication in this case can lead to the transition of the disease to a chronic form or to exacerbation of sinusitis. inhalation with genyantema


    But with a cold, this remedy is quite effective. Inhalations with potatoes can be done immediately after the appearance of the first signs of malaise. If everything is done correctly and on time, the disease can recede without beginning.

    For potatoes suitable for inhalation, cooked in a peel, or peeled, you can take even cleaning. A few drops of essential oils of fir, juniper, pine, eucalyptus, mint are added to the boiled potato paste. It is important not to overdo it, otherwise the oils will dry the mucous membrane, enough 2 drops. You can use ready-made compositions of essential oils from colds. Instead of them, salt and soda will work together, or separately. It takes 5-7 minutes to breathe with such pairs. cold and inhalation

    With bronchitis

    Potatoes help to reduce unpleasant tickling in the bronchi with a cold. Breathe over the potatoes need alternately with your nose and mouth. The bronchi warm up so well. Adding soda and salt to the potatoes during cooking will help to cure bronchitis more quickly.

    After the procedure, warm potatoes can be mixed with a spoon of alcohol, form a cake from it and put a compress in cellophane. The cake is wrapped in a cloth and placed on the area of ​​the bronchi.

    bronchitis and inhalation

    Is there any harm from the procedure, and can I breathe over the potatoes at a temperature of? In any treatment, an individual approach is needed. That which for some will be an effective way, the other will only bring harm. Even such an inoffensive method of treatment has its contra-indications.

    You can not breathe over a potato to those who suffer from such diseases:

    • high temperature;
    • arterial hypertension;
    • heart disease;
    • disorders of cerebral circulation;
    • bleeding from the nose;
    • pneumonia;
    • vasodilation.

    With increased body temperature, steam inhalation and hot compresses can not be done!

    Can I use children who are pregnant?

    Inhalation over potatoes is a safe method of treatment. It is suitable for pregnant women and during lactation. Potato pairs do not harm the baby, which can not be said with certainty about herbal preparations( some plants have a number of contraindications). If there is a need to treat a runny nose or a cough in a pregnant woman, it is better to choose inhalation over potatoes than the procedures with medications. Here you can read what else can be treated with a strong cough during pregnancy. Is it possible to breathe over a potato during pregnancy?

    As for children, the method has age limits. It does not suit small children.

    • The temperature of the steam for children should be around 45-50 C.
    • The pan with potatoes should be well wrapped with a towel to prevent burns.
    • The procedure should be shortened to 3-5 minutes.

    Hot steam for children is dangerous. And the smaller the child, the more likely it is to burn the mucous membranes. Another danger is airway obstruction. In children, the bronchial lumen is much narrower than in adults. When wet steam enters the bronchioles, it expands viscous mucus in a narrow space. This can lead to narrowing, and even to the complete closure of the lumens in the small bronchi.

    The effectiveness of this method of cure cold, cough and cold is proven not by one generation. Even adherents of traditional medicine do not refuse such a safe way to combat the ailments. How much you need to breathe depends on the condition of the patient. Its main advantage is its simplicity and accessibility. But even they can not get carried away. If the common cold is accompanied by a high fever, or the inflammatory processes have descended into the lower respiratory tract, then one should abandon such a popular treatment as potato inhalation. By reference, you can read what else you can cure cough and perspiration in the throat. Perhaps you also need information on how to cure nasal congestion with folk remedies.