Every person has felt a sore throat at least once in a lifetime. But each patient has an individual organism. And there are situations when one pain passes by itself and quickly, while in others it becomes more intense every day. In addition to the pain in the throat, painful sensations begin to be given in the ear. In this case, one can not do without the qualified help of a doctor.


  • 1 reasons
    • 1.1 Acute otitis
    • 1.2 tubo-otitis
    • 1.3 Strep
    • 1.4 Measles, scarlet fever, and chickenpox
    • 1.5 Angina
    • 1.6 Diphtheria
  • 2 Conservative treatment
  • 3 Traditional methods


In most cases the pain syndromeThroat can give in the ear to the right or left due to the development of diseases such as pharyngitis tubo-otitis, otitis, measles and much more. Each of these diseases is characterized by its own symptoms and methods of treatment.

Acute otitis media

This pathological process is accompanied by pa

in in the throat and ears. At the same time, the pain syndrome in the ear remains intense. sore throat in ear

Acute otitis can be recognized by symptoms such as loss of appetite, drowsiness, fever. There are situations when a purulent liquid escapes from the affected ear. This suggests that purulent otitis develops.


This pathological process is characterized by sensations of heaviness and noise in the head. The pain in the throat, which in the tubo-otitis media gives into the ear, has a more pronounced character than with classical otitis. The patient's temperature rises, and its values ​​can reach above 40 degrees. But what can be the symptoms of tubo-otitis, and how to identify them in the first place, is described in this article.

Acute pharyngitis

acute pharyngitis

With the development of this ailment, the sore throat most often gives in the ear. Another patient experiences an unproductive cough, his lymph nodes are enlarged on the neck, there is a pain in the muscles, the temperature rises slightly.

Very often, patients speak of the sensation of an extraneous object in the pharynx. Pharyngitis is a complication of rhinitis, bronchitis and general intoxication of the body. As a rule, pain in the ear occurs during swallowing.

Measles, scarlet fever and chicken pox

These pathologies are among the most common, and in children of younger preschool age. Measles and scarlet fever are diseases that are often confused. And this is due to the fact that they have similar symptoms, which include:

  • temperature rise,
  • rash on the body,
  • sore throat, giving in the ear.

And although the clinical picture of diseases is the same, they have different treatment. For chickenpox, however, there is less pain in the throat and ear, but the rash causes severe itching, and the temperature increases.


And although it may seem to many that angina is a harmless disease, with its incorrect treatment serious complications can arise. As is known, angina is infectious in nature.


The patient has inflammation of the mucous tonsils, and from there the infection process is mixed on the ears. The main symptom of angina remains a plaque in the tongue and glands. In this case, it has a yellow color. If you do not treat angina, then it adversely affects the work of the heart. But how to treat a bacterial sore throat, this article will help to understand.

whether it is possible to gargle a throat miramistinom at an angina For those who want to learn about whether it is possible to gargle my throat with miramistin in angina, it is worthwhile to follow the link and read the contents of this article.

But how to treat the throat with soda and salt, and what can be the result of this procedure, is described in this article.

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This is a serious pathology process that carries a serious danger not only to the health, but also to the life of the patient. With this affliction, the pain simultaneously visits the ear and throat. Temperatures can rise to 41 degrees. Diphtheria has a negative effect on the heart, blood vessels and leads to intoxication. If therapy was started on time, then there is a high probability of avoiding serious complications.

Conservative treatment of

When the cause of the pathological process was determined and it became clear what led to its development - viruses or bacteria, the doctor will be able to understand what preparations should be prescribed. The fact is that if the disease is of a bacterial nature, then the therapy scheme includes antibiotics. But with the virus origin of the disease, they do not give the proper effect. Here it is necessary to use antiviral agents.

Antibacterial treatment of diseases in which the sore throat gives in the ear, suggesting the use of such drugs:

  • azithromycins - Azithromycin( and here's how to use Azithromycin in angina in adults, described in this article), Azitro-Sandoz;


  • cephalosporins - Cefazolin;


  • macrolides - Sumamed( and here's how to apply Sumamed in genyantritis, help to understand this information)


You can take antibacterial drugs no longer than 7-10 days. But their dosage and duration may vary. Here everything depends on the course of the disease. Similarly refers to the use of antiviral medicines. In the therapy scheme may include interferons and Isoprenazine. Duration of treatment is 5 days.


Isoprinazine in tablets

After this, the pathogenetic factor - the production of histamine - is affected. For these purposes, antihistamines can be used - Loratadine, Citrine and Desloratadine.



Symptomatic therapy involves the use of drugs whose action is aimed at arresting painful sensations and affecting the nervous system. To get rid of dry cough, use antitussives with codeine and antispasmodics such as No-Shpa .To stop wet cough, expectorant medications should be taken.

No-shpa drug

No-Shpa Drug

To combat severe pain in the ear, you need to use ear drops Otypax ( how to properly instill Otipax drops in your ears, help to understand this article) Otinum( and in this article you can learn more about instructions for the use of dropsOotinum).Relieve pain in the throat with antiseptic sprays, lozenges and lozenges, which contain lidocaine or novocaine.



Folk methods

Unconventional methods manage to stop pain and accelerate the process of recovery. Apply them in combination with medications to get a combined effect.

The most universal remedy remains a plentiful drink of decoctions of such herbs, linden, chamomile, sage or rose hips .They have a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect and evacuate toxins from the body. chamomile for home treatment

To relieve the pain in the throat, you can rinse with a decoction of propolis and fennel. They have an antibacterial effect and soothe the affected mucosa.

For pain in the ear, drip it with a warm solution of boric acid. You need to send a couple of drops to the ear canal. Then lay a cotton swab dipped in the solution.

Dry heating with sand or salt can also help. But for the removal of dry cough and perspiration in the throat is worth drinking warm milk with honey and butter.

Sore throat is often in the ear. Such a symptom should disturb a person. If the pain becomes, and lasts more than one day, then it indicates the presence of a serious disease. It is necessary to move to its treatment as soon as possible. Otherwise, it leads to the development of severe complications, among which loss of hearing.