Syrup Langes is an effective cough remedy for children and adults. The drug has a pronounced expectorant effect, so that its reception facilitates the withdrawal of phlegm from the body. There are many advantages to the remedy, there are some contraindications. About all this we will tell in the article, we will find out the following questions: the composition of the syrup, how it works, how to properly take the drug, the contra-indications available. In addition, we will find out the price of this medicine, and get acquainted with some reviews about it.


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cough syrup

The therapeutic effect of Lange syrup is aimed at diluti

ng the mucus that has accumulated in the respiratory system: bronchus and trachea. Due to this diluting effect, sputum is quickly excreted from the body, and cough becomes productive. Syrup restores mucous, eliminates irritation and infectious processes in the throat. Langes reduces perspiration in the throat, so that a person begins to feel much more comfortable.

The drug also has an anti-inflammatory effect. Thanks to this cough much more quickly comes to naught. Syrup Langes, among other things, also helps antibiotics to penetrate into infected cells faster. Therefore, taking the drug is recommended, including, with simultaneous treatment with antibiotics.

Syrup helps the action and antiviral drugs, enhancing the effectiveness of the latter. Therefore, the simultaneous reception of these funds is welcomed: as a result of this interaction, the treatment time can be significantly shortened.

Composition of

cough syrup

Let's find out what is included in the composition of the cough drug Langez.

The main active substance of the drug is carbocysteine. It is this substance that is responsible for the dilution of sputum and expectorant characteristics of the drug.

As auxiliary ingredients are used:

  • saccharin;
  • water;
  • crimson flavor;
  • hydroxide and carmellose sodium;
  • dye ponso 4R.

Externally, Lange's syrup is a viscous transparent reddish liquid with a characteristic raspberry flavor. After taking the drug surprisingly quickly absorbed in the stomach and for a short time has the necessary therapeutic effect.

The duration of the treatment effect is five hours after administration. It is this time interval that determines the recommended dosage of the drug. The medicine is excreted from the body with urine, not settling in cells and organs.


Syrup Langes is produced in standard, usual glass bottles-containers and in bags. Small single packs are packed in cardboard packs of 12 pieces. In each of them - 15 ml of syrup. The medicine in this package is intended to take with them to work and on the road: it is much more convenient than carrying a bottle and a measuring cup in a bag. A small "child" container is supposed to have a measuring syringe, to an adult - a glass.

The drug is produced in Ukraine and is distributed so far mostly there.

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To whom is shown

In what cases the reception of syrup Langez is justified, we will find out.

The drug is taken with respiratory diseases, which are accompanied by a cough, most often - dry. The medicine perfectly displays phlegm, previously diluting it.

The drug helps especially with the following diseases: acceptance of syrup

  • bronchitis( and that's what to do when the child does not get cough after the bronchitis, is described in this article.)
  • sinusitis;
  • tracheobronchitis.

In addition, the remedy can be recommended in case of preparation for such procedures as bronchography and bronchoscopy. It is also useful if the patient has bronchoectatic disease, otitis, inflammation of the middle ear, various types of bronchitis and sinusitis. In general, the remedy helps with almost all diseases of the upper respiratory tract associated with exacerbations in the form of a strong cough.

How to take

Syrup Langes is a preparation for internal administration. An adult can take the product in a 200-ml container or in special bags. To accurately measure the required amount of medicine, a measuring cup is attached to it.

If the product is taken in packets, the adult should take one package three times a day. And in the event that you have a large container with a measuring cup, take 15 ml of the remedy also three times a day. how to take medicine

Course duration, on average, 8-10 days. But the attending physician, depending on the course of the illness, can prescribe a second course or extend the current one. Often doctors advise to increase the dosage of the drug in the first days of treatment, and in the subsequent, on the contrary, to reduce. In most cases, this approach brings the expected effect.

Syrup Lange is not recommended to be taken concomitantly with other cough supplements, especially with those aimed at cessation cessation. As a result of such a combination, the therapeutic effect of the agent may be impaired and reduced. Sometimes such an ill-considered combination of drugs leads even to stagnation of sputum and development due to this dangerous inflammatory processes in the respiratory system.

For children

syrup for children

Syrup Langes is good because it is safe, but in a reduced dosage you can give it to children. Babies like its pleasant taste, and the effect of the drug on the children's body is absolutely the same as that of an adult.

After 12 years, children are entitled to the "adult" dosage given above. And if a child is from a month to 12 years old - he needs Langes, packed in containers of 60 ml. To accurately measure the child's dosage, you need to use a special syringe, which is attached to the package in 60 ml.

Dosage( according to instructions)

  • If the baby is from a month to two years old, he is given 2 ml of syrup once a day.
  • If the child is two to five years old, you can give 2 ml of the drug twice a day.
  • Adolescent from five to twelve years of age give 2 ml of the drug three times a day.

A single dosage for a child should not exceed 2 ml. Pay special attention to this and be careful: overdose of the drug may have unpleasant side effects.

Side effects of

contra-indications for children

In general, the side effects of the drug are poorly expressed. But sometimes, especially with an overdose, there may be the following unpleasant manifestations:

  • nausea and vomiting;
  • acute abdominal pain;
  • diarrhea;
  • dizziness, general weakness.

Allergic manifestations in the form of hives can also occur, in rare cases - swelling of the Quincke. What is characteristic, allergic manifestations, in contrast to other side effects, in this case may not manifest immediately, but later. Therefore, sometimes it is even difficult to connect them with taking Langes.

If you notice such symptoms, stop taking the medication and consult a doctor.


Syrup Langes is not recommended in the following cases:

  • With the individual intolerance of carbocysteine ​​(the main active substance of the drug).In case of sensitivity to other components of the drug, taking it is also not recommended.
  • With a stomach ulcer, as well as an ulcer of the duodenum. Especially if these ailments are at the moment in the phase of aggravation.
  • In the first trimester of pregnancy, taking the drug is prohibited.


During gestation, the intake of Lange syrup is allowed only from the second trimester. And then only if the risk to the mother's health exceeds the risk of possible pathologies of fetal development.


The cost of Langez syrup in a large "adult" package - 155 rubles. And if you are going to treat a child, then enough and a small bottle of 60 ml for 90-100 rubles.


In general, reviews about the drug are positive. Most recommenders like the pleasant aroma of the medication, and its pronounced phlegm-diluting effect. Among the negative reviews, most of those who do not like the taste too much of the sugary taste of the remedy. But on the therapeutic effectiveness of the drug, this deficiency is not reflected. Here are some examples of feedback.

  • Marina, 28 years old : "After a cold, I did not have a cough for a long time. I was literally tormented - the cough was very strong, sharp, dry. I took more than one remedy, but only Langez syrup really helped. After I started to drink it, my sputum began to go away on the second day. And after the course of 8 days ended, the cough was gone. I recommend this tool, it is suitable for children too. "
  • Olga, 36 years old : "The daughter picked up a cold in the kindergarten: it hurt heavily, there were all the symptoms, and coughing, including. And the phlegm did not go away, the child coughed - and all is useless. On the advice of a doctor, they bought Langez syrup, here he really helped her. Cough quickly became productive, mucus began to recede. The daughter's condition improved immediately, she quickly recovered. I advise all mothers: the drug really helps. It also gives the child comfortably - through a syringe: nothing spills, everything falls right into the throat. "


The following can be considered as the agents having the same effect as Langes and having the same basic component:

  • Fluidite. In the composition of this antitussive drug - almost one pure carbocysteine.(and here's how to use Flute with tracheitis in children, very detailed in this article.)


  • Bronchobos in the form of a syrup.
    syrup Bronchobos

    Syrup Bronhobos

  • Libexin Muko. French antitussive drug for children and adults.
    syrup Libexin Muco

    Libexin Muko

  • Italian Fluviert in granules.
  • Mucodin in capsules produced by Yugoslavia.

All of these drugs have an effect similar to that of Langez. But in any case, before acquiring this or that analogue, it is advisable to consult a therapist or pediatrician.

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General recommendations

Store Lange syrup is recommended in a closed container at a temperature of no higher than 25 degrees. If the package is already opened, then the syrup can be stored for a year: after this period, it loses its medicinal properties. You can buy it without a prescription: the drug is freely available.

It is not worth taking the drug alone and, especially, giving it to children. Mandatory preliminary consultation with the doctor is required.

When taking syrup Langes, you should carefully monitor your own well-being. Sometimes a prolonged, prolonged reception of expectorants leads to bronchial obstruction. This is especially true for the most vulnerable part of the population: children and pregnant women.

We examined the characteristics of Lange's syrup from cough. Now you know all the advantages and disadvantages of this drug, and you can use the tool competently. Take Lange's syrup, fight with a cough effectively and quickly, but do not forget about prior consultation with the therapist.