Catarrhal disease is today one of the most wasted. It strikes, mainly those people who have weak immunity, unable to give an adequate response to the ingress of foreign micronutrients into the body. Every year the number of products produced in the treatment of colds increases. Each of them has its own composition, impact and form of output. But at the same time, they all successfully cure a cold, without giving rise to complications.


  • 1 Anti
    • 1.1 Kagocel
    • 1.2 Remantadin
    • 1.3 Arbidol
    • 1.4 Tamiflu
    • 1.5 Ingavirin
    • 1.6 Citovir 3
  • 2 drugs interferons
    • 2.1 Viferon
    • 2.2 TSikloferon
    • 2.3 Grippferon and Inferon


When you take these medications you can effectively stop the pathogen - the virus.


The drug is based on a component such as interferon. Has antiviral and strengthening effect. In its development, a component such as the salt of a copolymer was used. It is thi

s that influences the formation of late interferon, which has a high antiviral activity.


On the photo-kagocel in tablets

You can get the maximum effect from its reception during the first day after the cold, but not later than 4 days. If you use the drug for preventive purposes, then you can use it at any time. The cost of the drug is 180-220 rubles. And here's how Kagocel is administered for colds, you can learn from this article.


This remedy for fighting colds is the most budgetary. Its action is aimed at eliminating the virus type A. With the help of medication it is possible to stop the development of the pathological process. After taking the symptomatology goes away, and most importantly there are no complications after the illness.


In the photo, remantadin

If timely treatment of the common cold, you can reduce the risk of bronchitis by 3%, and pneumonia - 6 times. Use a means for therapy and in fir prevention. Active components successfully stop the symptoms of cold and relieve the severity of intoxication. The composition of rimantadine is less toxic, which can not be said for other popular antiviral drugs. What is the procedure for taking Remantadine for colds, and what result can be obtained from using such a remedy, this article will help to understand.

The drug quickly eliminates symptoms and reduces the intensity of intoxication. It will be burned in the format of tablets and syrup. And the latter option is designed to treat small children. You can buy tablets at a price of 60-70 rubles.

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Which antibiotic is better for a child's cold, and what is the name of the medicine, this article will help to understand.


This drug perfectly copes with blocking the reproduction of pathogenic microflora. When it is taken, the immune system improves. And this happens because of the increased production of interferons. Use Arbidol in combination with other medications that are actively used in the therapy of rotavirus enteric infections.


On the photo-arbidol

After using the drug, unpleasant symptoms go away immediately. Apply it to children from 2 years. When taking the drug, you need to be careful, because he has a tendency to develop allergies. You can buy the medicine at a price of 180 -450 rubles. Such a medicine can be used, at the first sign of a cold.


This drug has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect. Its role is to suppress the viruses of influenza A. Apply it in the treatment of acute respiratory infections does not make sense. Of the minuses, it is worth repealing that Tamiflu can lead to a number of complications and side effects. Thus, symptoms of intoxication may occur.


On photo-Tamiflu in tablets

To side effects of the drug can include vomiting, diarrhea, headaches, abdominal pain. You can buy a product at a price of 1,300 rubles.


This medication has anti-inflammatory and anti-influenza effects. It effectively fights strains of influenza A and B, adenoviruses and respiratory bacteria. When taking the medication, it is possible to activate the synthesis of interferon, which has an immunomodulatory effect.


On the photo-ingavirin for the treatment of influenza

Produce a preparation in the format of capsules that dissolve under the influence of gastric juice. Active components of the medication reduce the severity of symptoms and shorten the duration of the disease. Among the contraindications can be noted age to 18 years. The cost of the medicine is 420 rubles.

Cytovir 3

This drug is a complex effect. It has an antiviral and immunomodulatory effect. Its main task is to defeat the influenza virus, activate interferon production and strengthen human immunity. The preparation is based on components such as thymogen and bendazole. To additional ingredients can be attributed vitamin C, which makes the vessels strong and removes the inflammatory process.

cytovir 3

On photo-cytovir 3 in capsules

To adverse events of the drug can be attributed to low blood pressure. You can not take the drug for children under 1 year, pregnant women and people with pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract. You can buy a medicine at a price of 250-550 rubles.

Interferon preparations

Today on the shelves of pharmacies you can find interferons in the treatment of colds. Among the entire assortment there are both modern and time-tested medicines.


This medication is based on interferon, which was obtained by the genetic engineering method. You can use to treat colds. They are produced in the form of candles, in which a different concentration of the main component is placed. To small patients one candle is established 2 times a day. In total, you need to be treated for 5 days.


On the photo-viferon for the treatment of the flu

The medication is well tolerated, and the number of contraindications is reduced to zero. Side effects include allergies. The cost of Viferon is 250-500 rubles. But how to apply Viferon suppositons during pregnancy for a cold, and what reviews can be, will help to understand this article.


This drug is able to cope with viruses, overcome the inflammatory process and strengthen the defenses of the body. Its effectiveness is due to the fact that after its penetration into the body, the production of interferon occurs.


On the photo - tsikloferon

They produce medication in the form of a dragee, solution for injections and ointments. It can be used to treat colds in children and adults. Side effects are allergic, but allergies can be considered contraindications, but to contraindications the bearing of a child, lactation and increased excitability to individual components of the drug. You can get through it at a price of 180-350 rubles. How Cycloferon is used in the form of inhalation with laryngitis, is described in great detail in this article.

Grippferon and Inferon

These medications are based on recombinant interferon. This component in human blood does not. Produced in the format of drops, with which you can prevent the proliferation of viruses that enter the body by airborne droplets.


On the photo-influferon

The fight against microorganisms is due to the fact that the drugs used increase the protective forces of man. The drug is so safe, then it can be used even during lactation and pregnancy. The cost is 260-300 rubles.

To choose, really, an effective preparation at treatment of cold not that to it is simple. Due to their wide variety, it is possible to find a medicine that during therapy can overcome viruses, inflammation and reduce the clinical picture. It is best before going to the doctor. Independent treatment can cause complications, and those, in turn, are very difficult to treat.