When the concentration of mucus occurs in the lungs, it adversely affects the quality of life of a person, because he is not able to breathe fully, and yet he has a cough. To quickly and effectively deal with such a problem, it is necessary to dilute the secret and influence its early evacuation.

Under the power of this make medicinal herbs that exert an expectorant effect. Use them is allowed as a decoction, infusion, tincture and inhalation. Each of the above methods of therapy has its positive effect.


  • 1 From a dry cough
  • 2 From a wet cough

From a dry cough

If a person suffers from a non-productive cough, and mucus does not stand out or is lean, then it is important to dilute it and evacuate as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will irritate the respiratory tract, resulting in a number of unpleasant complications. An unproductive cough is accompanied by a practical absence of phlegm.

In order to quickly liquefy it and withdraw it, it is nece

ssary to use such herbs and preparations:

  1. Devyasil, thyme, coltsfoot .At 40 grams of collection is 500 ml of boiling water. Wait 30 minutes to allow the broth to infuse, and then filtered filtered medicinal drink take 80 ml 1-2 times a day.
    herb Devyasil for brewing

    Herbs for brewing

  2. Hyssop, coltsfoot, thyme, mallow and mullein .The recipe does not differ from the previous one. Let it persist for 40 minutes. The filtered drug should be taken 150 ml 3 times a day.
    Hyssop for brewing

    Herbs Hyssop for brewing

  3. Mother-and-Stepmother .For the treatment of dry cough, only the leaf part of the plant is used. It is in its composition contains mucus-like components that can make the secret more rare. Reception of a medicinal broth should not take more than a month.

    Herbs Mother-and-Stepmother for Brewing

  4. Devyasil .This plant has a similar effect to mother-and-stepmother. In addition to the expectorant action, elephant still successfully suppresses pathogens. With a constant intake of elecampane it is possible to increase the body's defenses and even the duration of life.
    herb Devyasil for brewing

    Herbs for brewing

  5. Thyme .This plant has the maximum therapeutic effect when it blooms. Cooked on its basis, broths and extracts, can increase the secret. Still thyme stops inflammation and has an antiseptic effect.
    herbs Thyme for brewing

    Herbs Thyme for brewing

  6. Ledum .This plant is worth collecting before its lignification. Has a coughing effect and suppresses the pathogenic microflora. Ledum has an exciting effect on the nervous system, so that when developing signs of unmotivated irritation, its use should be stopped.
    herbs Ledum for brewing

    Herbs Ledum for brewing

  7. Violet. This plant has a microlithic effect. In this case, it is necessary to use flowers. They will not lose their therapeutic effect even when brewed, and they are completely safe to use. For this reason, even children can use tea with violets.
    herb Violet for brewing

    Herbs Violet for brewing

  8. Color of the viburnum .This is an excellent antitussive drug that quickly dilutes sputum and speeds up its evacuation. It is necessary to take raw materials in an amount of 20 g and pour 200 ml of boiling water. Boil for about 5 minutes, filter and take a drink sweetened with honey.
    herbs Color of brew for brewing

    Herbs Color of viburnum for brewing

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From a wet cough

For a productive cough, sputum production is characteristic of a part of pathogenic microorganisms. To achieve a positive result during therapy at home, it is necessary that the plant used reduces the secretion and antiseptic effect.

In this case it is necessary to give preference to the following herbs:

  1. Eucalyptus and marsh rosemary. It is necessary to take any grass in the amount of 20 g and pour 200 ml of boiling water. Then keep on the fire for another half hour, filter and take a 40 ml dose every day. What positive properties of eucalyptus essential oil help with cold, you can find out by reading the contents of this article.
    Eucalyptus for brewing

    Eucalyptus herbs for brewing

  2. Salvia .Take it in the amount of 20 g and pour 200 ml of boiling water. Wait half an hour, so that the healing drink is infused, filtered and consumed for 3-4 doses. The prepared preparation is so safe that even pregnant women can take it. But how to use sage from a cough, you can read in this article.
    sage herbs for brewing

    Sage herbs for brewing

  3. To eliminate wet cough, you can use herbal collection. To do this, connect the lime, birch buds in a ratio of 200 g: 100 g. Add 200 ml of water. Boil on low heat for 5 minutes. Filter and use for 4 admission. You can sweeten the drink with honey. You can buy the fees in the pharmacy.
    herbal brewing collection

    Herbal collection for brewing

  4. A collection that includes chamomile, flax, althea and mallow will help in the treatment of productive cough. Take 20g collection and pour 2 cups of hot water. Wait until the broth is needed for 1.5 hours. Then filter and use for a day. Chamomile is also taken when coughing from bronchitis. How effective is the chamomile from coughing and how to use it.is described here in the article.
    chamomile herb

    Chamomile herb for brewing

  5. To relieve unpleasant cold symptoms and cure productive cough, milk infusion will help. To do this, take 15 g of sage, add 200 ml of boiling water. Wait half an hour, and then filter and combine with the same amount of milk. Receive 100 ml per day, consuming a drink in a warm form.
  6. You can take 40 g of coltsfoot, combine with the same amount of chamomile and oregano. All grind and mix. At 40 g of the mixture there is 500 liters of water. Set on fire, and when it boils, then remove the container from the decoction from the plate. Take the filtered beverage with 100 ml every 3-4 hours.

    Grass mother-and-stepmother for brewing

  7. Take 40 g of birch and ledum .Add to them 10 g of birch buds, 10 g nettle, 20 grams oregano. At 40 g of the mixture there is 500 ml of boiling water. After the broth is consumed, it should be consumed 1/3 cup 3 times a day.
    Labrador tea for brewing

    Grasshopper for brewing

  8. With the aid of plantain, an effective cough syrup can be prepared. To do this, you need to take the grass in an amount of 60 grams, add 150 ml of boiling water. Insist about 30 minutes. Then you can add 150 g of honey. Warm up, stirring constantly. Use in a warm form and filtered. But how effective is the soybean syrup from dry cough, very detailed in this article.
    grass plantain for brewing

    Grass plantain for brewing

  9. In the treatment of wet cough, tea with ginger can be used. This is a very effective tool that has a bright antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. To get ginger tea, take a fresh slice of ginger, wash, cut into slices. Pour them with boiling water. Wait 15 minutes, and then sweeten the drink with lemon and honey. But how to make tea with ginger for colds and how effective it is is described in this article.

Herbs in the treatment of cough are an effective means by which you can speed up the healing process and ease your overall well-being. Only a doctor can prescribe this or that collection, proceeding from the stage of the ailment and the type of coughing. If after receiving an inadequate reaction of the body, then use the prepared broth anymore.