How to remove hemorrhoids and finally cure hemorrhoids?

pain with hemorrhoids The hemorrhoidal junction is the formation of vessels that can appear under the skin of the perineum or in the distal part of the anus.

The term "hemorrhoids" assumes pathological growth of nodes, characterized by their bleeding, constant inflammation and prolapse from the rectum.

The basis of the nodes includes cavernous formations laid in the distal anterior passage above the dentate line( internal nodes) and lower( external nodes).

This formation, when examined, numerous clusters of vessels 1-6 mm in size, located in loose muscular and connective tissues, anastomosing with each other, are revealed.

The outer nodes are under the skin near the external sphincter, consisting of small subcutaneous veins that provide blood flow from this area of ​​the anal opening. Internal nodes are covered with mucous membrane, under which there are edematous muscular and connective tissues with numerous cavernous veins.

Together with the connective tissue, small bundles of elastic fibers with smooth muscl

e cells are located in the nodes.

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  • What causes the disease
  • External inflamed nodes are very painful
    • Local drugs
    • Folk remedies
  • Combating internal hemorrhoids
    • Medical treatment
    • Alternative medicine methods
    • Operative methods
  • Prevention of the disease

What causes the disease

Causesthe appearance of hemorrhoids:

  • the pressure of the uterus on the organs during pregnancy, the transmission of arteries, the mixing of the intestines, attempts during the genusin;constipation with hemorrhoids
  • pressure of dense feces on the walls in the lower parts of the intestine, overstrain with constipation, which occurs with a lack of fiber or improper diet;
  • carrying heavy loads, prolonged sitting;
  • low-activity lifestyle, leading to congestion of the venous blood supply of the small pelvis;
  • hereditary factors, tumors and other types of pelvic disease( cracks, fibromas, sphincter spasms, ulcers);
  • excess alcohol, leading to vasodilation in the intestine;
  • chronic diarrhea, which causes inflammation and irritation of the lower intestine.
The risk group includes people with permanent constipation, women during labor and pregnancy, as well as patients who have to undergo high loads or sit for a long time in one position.

Hemorrhoids can also occur in children.

The main causes of the appearance of hemorrhoids in children include: constipation in the child

  • constipation , manifested due to improper nutrition of carbonated drinks and fast foods, lack of fiber;
  • long sitting on the pot , planting the child at a certain time with unproductive and long finding it in one position;
  • prolonged prolonged crying of babies , when the pressure in the abdominal cavity increases, the blood supply to the pelvic organs that are filled with blood increases;
  • congenital pathology of of enlarged hemorrhoidal veins.

External inflamed nodes - it's very painful

External hemorrhoids First of all, the treatment of external hemorrhoids is aimed at rapid removal of the inflammation of the node and the elimination of concomitant pain sensations, swelling.

In this case, various antihemorrhoidal agents are prescribed.

The folk remedies also have good efficacy, but the nodes should be small without thrombosis.

Topical preparations

You can remove the external hemorrhoidal node at the very beginning of its development with the help of ointments and suppositories.

The composition of all anti-hemorrhoidal agents includes several components:

  • hormonal ingredient with enhanced anti-edematous, antipruritic and decongestant action;
  • local anesthetic , relieving pain;
  • is a substance for the dilution of blood , preventing thrombus formation or resorbing existing formulations( heparin).

Ointments and suppositories are often used Relif( Advance, Ultra), Gepatrombin G, Aurobin, Proctosedil, Proctoglivenol.

Folk remedies

Folk remedies include sedentary and steam baths, various lotions and ointments from natural ingredients:

  1. Seated baths filled with hot or cold water, add herbal decoctions with anti-inflammatory effect( sequential, calendula or chamomile), onion husks solutionor propolis. Also, patients often make garlic and onion steam baths, sometimes alum can be added.
  2. Home ointments are prepared from mummies, propolis and honey. Also, the nodes can be lubricated with birch tar, onion juice, celandine juice.
  3. You can make lotions from carrots, beets or clay, removing puffiness and pain.

Folk remedies eliminate the aggravation of the disease, but with the development of complications, you need to change the approach to treatment.

When thrombosis occurs, treatment with a proctologist should immediately begin, otherwise serious complications may develop.

In addition to local drugs, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are taken - Mawalis, Ibuprofen or Indomethacin. Detralex

Venotonizing preparations Flebodia, Detralex are also used.

If treatment becomes ineffective, then the nodes open and remove clots.

Therefore, the patient must be under the supervision of a specialist to take timely radical measures without consequences.

Control of internal hemorrhoids

The following methods can be used to remove internal hemorrhoidal nodes.

Medical treatment

Specialists prescribe the following drugs:

  1. Ointments .As part of antihemorrhoid ointments are special components with anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antipruritic effect, enhancing blood microcirculation. Some also have regenerative, decongestant and hemostatic qualities. Excellent proven themselves ointments Proctosedil, Troxevasin, Gepatrombin, Relief. For nursing and pregnant women, a homeopathic remedy, Posterizan, or Fleming's ointment, which contains no toxic components, is prescribed. Also, internal hemorrhoids can be treated with Levomekol( antibiotic, healing and disinfecting cracks), Vishnevsky liniment can be used to relieve inflammation.
  2. Tablets .Of the oral preparations, the most popular tablets are Ginkor Fort( has a capillary-protective effect), Detralex( venoprotective and venotonic), Litovit B( source of oils, bioflavonoids and vitamin C), Anthrasennin( laxative), Pilex( has wound healing, decongestant, venotonic,antiseptic action, relieves inflammation), Asklezan A( normalizes capillary circulation).
  3. Candles .A good effect is a candle, eliminating bleeding, relieving inflammation and pain. Basically, doctors candles prescribe suppositories Anuzol, Relief, Anestezol, Natalsid or a drug with papaverine. Candles with propolis, ichthyol or belladonna can also be used. Suppositories should be administered before bedtime, before hand treatment with antiseptic.
  4. In the advanced stages of the disease, is mandatory using tablets Pentalgin, Ketanov, Ibuprofen, which relieve pain. Venotonics can be prescribed, strengthening the venous walls and making them elastic. These drugs are Troxevasin, Anvenol and Detralex.

Methods of Alternative Medicine

Together with traditional therapy, hemorrhoidal nodes can be treated with folk remedies:

  • cut out the candle from the potato and introduce it before bed, the product has a resolving effect, strengthens the microcirculation of the blood;
  • compresses from burdock burdock, chamomile, field horsetail or grated potatoes.

Operative methods of

In the absence of efficacy of conservative treatment, hemorrhoidal nodes are removed by surgical intervention: Latex casting

  1. Ligation of .The knot is put on a latex ring, which stops the blood supply. The dimensions of the node decrease and it disappears.
  2. Sclerotherapy .The operation is associated with the introduction of a sclerosing component into the node, which suppresses blood circulation in the affected area.
  3. Hemorrhoidectomy .It is prescribed in severe forms of the disease and consists in the removal of nodes and superfluous vascular tissue.
  4. Cryotherapy .The operation is assigned to the 2-3 stages of the disease and consists in freezing the units with liquid nitrogen.
  5. Infrared coagulation .Effects on the hemorrhoidal node coagulant( thin lightguide) with the help of heat rays.

Prevention of the disease

The main preventive measures include:

  • moderate motor activity;
  • performing exercises for prolonged sedentary work;
  • elimination of excessive physical exertion and weight;
  • elimination of constipation, which requires regular and proper nutrition.

If you have any signs of a disease, you should immediately contact a proctologist. Do not self-medicate without prior consultation with a specialist, so as not to cause complications.

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