Why are feet burning before going to sleep, at night for women, men, pregnant and elderly people? At what disease do feet, heels, fingers, calves, knees burn? Burning sensation in the legs: causes and treatment with drugs and folk remedies

Why can feet, calves, knees burn? What to do with burning pain in the legs?


  • Why are the feet burning before going to bed, at night for women, men, pregnant and elderly people: the causes of
  • When does the disease burn feet, heels?
  • At what disease do your toes burn? Can legs burn with gout?
  • At what disease do calves burn?
  • What condition does the knee burn?
  • Can legs burn in allergic conditions?
  • Can legs burn with varicose veins, thrombophlebitis?
  • Can legs burn in diabetes mellitus?
  • Can legs burn with a fungal infection?
  • Can legs burn with vegetative-vascular dystonia?
  • Can legs burn during atherosclerosis of the vessels of the lower extremities?
  • Strongly lit feet - first aid and treatment
  • Strongly lit feet: treatment with folk remedies
  • VIDEO: PAIN IN THE LOWER END( pain in the leg, doctor's explanations about the causes of pain in the leg)

Some people, and not only the elderly, but also enoughat a young age, both women and

men complain that they often can not fall asleep because they feel such sensations as they say, as if their legs are "burning".Because of what such feelings can appear?

Why feet burn before going to sleep, at night in women, men, pregnant and elderly people: the causes of

The main reasons for complaining about burning sensation in the legs in the evening or at night are:

  1. Fatigue. If on legs or foots there was a single intensive load, speak from sharp weariness. If a person does sports, works hard, spends a lot of time standing up, he can have chronic fatigue of his legs.
  2. Shoes. If it is uncomfortable and substandard, sweating of the feet increases, infections or allergies can develop.
  3. Allergy. Its cause, as is clear from the previous paragraph, is the low quality of shoes, socks, tights. Also on the skin of the legs is a food, drug allergy, an allergy to washing powder, and so on.
  4. Fungal infection of the feet. The infected patient complains of burning pain and incessant itching.
Common pathologies, the symptom of which are "burning feet".

IMPORTANT: The sensation of burning feet sometimes appears during pregnancy, especially near the end. It is then that the pregnant woman can develop late toxicosis( gestosis), manifested by arterial hypertension, edema on the legs and on the face, the appearance of protein in the urine. Another sign of gestosis is a symptom of burning feet due to pressure on the inner vessels of the legs.

Pregnant with gestosis may feel burning pain in the legs.

What kind of disease burns feet, heels?

This symptom can be observed with gout and calcaneal spur.

Heel spurs.

What kind of disease do your toes burn? Can legs burn with gout?

The fact that the toes seem to burn, often complain of patients with diabetes and gout.


Gout is a disease in which the amount of urea in the blood increases, joints are affected. The thumb is most often burned on the legs. Burning pains are so intense that it hurts to even be in the sock or covered with a blanket, sometimes the temperature rises.
For relief of the condition, anti-inflammatory drugs, painkillers, are used. It is desirable to keep the legs in a raised position. It is recommended to consume liquid in an increased amount to remove uric acid from the body, observe diet and rest.

What kind of diseases do calves burn?

IMPORTANT: The most common cause of burning pain in calves is too long, frequent or intense physical activity.

Obliterating endarteritis.

When all external factors giving a given symptom are excluded, it can manifest as a consequence of a disease called obliterating endarteritis - the pathology of the arteries of the lower extremities.

  1. This disease is characterized by so-called intermittent claudication, that is, the appearance of cramps in the calf muscles in walking, swelling of the legs and rapid fatigue.
  2. If the disease has passed into a chronic form and has not been treated by the patient, ulcers often appear on the legs of the patient as a consequence of impaired blood circulation.
  3. Treat endarteritis with drugs that normalize blood flow in the legs, dilute the blood, relieve spasms in the extremities. In some cases, surgical treatment is possible. As additional methods apply physiotherapy, barotherapy, diadynamic currents.

What condition does the knee burn?

A person who has experienced a knee injury, spinal injury, a disease of the musculoskeletal system, acute infection or hypothermia in the region of the knee joints may experience pain resembling burning.

Physical overloads are the cause of burning in the knees.

IMPORTANT: The causes of burning in the knees are also varicose, atherosclerosis, thrombophlebitis, obliterating endarteritis, as well as arthritis, arthrosis, osteoarthritis, bursitis, synovitis.

Can legs burn in allergic conditions?

Burning in the legs is felt in the lower extremities with allergies to materials from which shoes, clothes, socks are made, for some substandard hygiene products or care products. In addition to sensation of burning feet, a person may be bothered by itching, redness, burning.

  1. In such cases, you need to carefully look at what can be a source of allergy and eliminate it.
  2. You also need to carefully consider the cosmetic products that have expired, and get rid of them.
  3. In especially neglected cases, ointments and creams such as Doridel, Elokoma or Advantanum can be used to help.

Can legs burn with varicose veins, thrombophlebitis?

The causes of a very common disease, varicose, are very diverse. In the risk group - women, pregnant women, fat and obese people, people who are standing for a long time in one position, patients with leg injuries, etc.

Varicose veins.

Varicose patients feel a burning sensation and heaviness in the legs, worse by the end of the day, the legs burn, there may be convulsions. Externally, the veins begin to protrude beneath the skin.
Varicose disease should be treated from the very first signs of its manifestation, if this does not happen, the doctor prescribes:

  • special tools
  • loading and feeding regimen
  • wearing compression clothing - stocking, bandages, etc.

Burning lower extremities and with thrombophlebitis, a pathology characterized byinflammation of the venous walls, the formation of blood clots on them, that is, blood clots. The causes of thrombophlebitis include:

  • delayed blood flow through the veins
  • coagulation disorders
  • inflammation and infections inside the body
  • surgical operations
  • vascular injuries due to various causes
  • pregnancy and childbirth
  • tumors

In contrast to other pathologies in which a symptom of burning feet is possible, thrombophlebitis shows a mode of motor activity in order to improve the blood flow in the veins. Cooling compresses also help. Appointed drugs such as troxevasin, rutozid, eskuzana. They help strengthen the walls of the vessels and ease the condition in the legs. Also, the doctor will prescribe medications to improve blood flow and dilution.

Can legs burn with diabetes?

Diabetes mellitus has a specific symptom - the so-called "diabetic foot".Patients feel pain in their lower limbs, their toes and heels burn. In difficult cases, the toes on the feet turn pale, then turn blue, and their necrosis may occur.
All this is due to the lack or radical decrease in the body of the hormone insulin, which helps to split and distribute glucose. If it is not enough in the body, then the excess of sugar spoil the vessels, especially in the legs.

Can legs burn with a fungal infection?

Many people suffer from foot fungus. About his symptoms, possible complications, features of treatment of this disease can be read in the article "Nail fungus on the legs and hands: what to treat at home? Effective remedies for nail fungus on legs. "
Mycotic infection is one of the most common reasons that there is a feeling of burning feet, even in seemingly healthy people. If mycosis is not treated, the skin on the legs begins to crack, sometimes become denser, the infection gets caught in the cracks, the fingernails are crumbled. To avoid this situation, you need to monitor the hygiene of the feet and in time to treat the symptoms.

Mycosis of the feet.

Can legs burn with vegetative-vascular dystonia?

As a result of the disturbance of the autonomic nervous system( see the article "Vegeto-vascular dystonia: symptoms, signs and treatment in adults, types of vegetative-vascular dystonia"), the patient may have diametrically opposite symptoms:

  • limbs become
  • limbsBurn
Other symptoms VSD: dizziness, headaches, pre-stupor, palpitations, emotional imbalance, the appearance of skin spots.

Can legs burn during atherosclerosis of the vessels of the lower extremities?

If varicose veins can be called female diseases, then atherosclerosis of the vessels of the lower extremities is more likely male. With it, a blood clot forms in the lumen of the vessel, which disrupts the movement of blood through the vessel. As a result, tissues do not get enough nutrition.

IMPORTANT: This disease is called ischemic leg disease in another way.

Burning legs above or below the knees are not the only symptom of the disease. The patient also complains of intermittent claudication and convulsions while walking.

Atherosclerosis of the vessels of the lower extremities is often a pathology associated with diabetes, hypertension, obesity. Risk factors are inactivity, addictions, stress, hereditary predisposition.
Indications for the improvement of the patient's condition are active lifestyles, maximum disposal of risk factors, treatment of the disease - causes.

Strongly lit feet - first aid and treatment

The first thing you can do with burning pain in your legs is a contrasting bath with warm( not hot) and cold water.

Prepare two basins( basin) with warm, but not hot, and cold, but not icy water. Dip your burning feet first into warm water, for about 2 minutes. After make a cool bath. It is good to add water to infusions or herbal medicinal herbs( chamomile, calendula, wormwood and others).After the procedure, grease your feet with a cream containing mint or menthol.

If the symptom of burning feet is manifested regularly, the house needs to have blue clay, from which compresses are made to facilitate the condition.
Blue clay is smeared on the feet, then from it is necessary to wrap in polyethylene bags or food film. The compress is done within 2 hours, then the feet need to be washed in warm water.

A mandatory recommendation is a change in diet and activity, as well as a doctor's consultation and examination of the body for the presence of a disease-root cause.

Strongly lit feet: treatment with folk remedies

These include:

  • contrasting foot baths
  • contrast shower
  • blue clay compress on the toes
  • placement of the legs in the position above the head
  • small foot exercises that improve blood circulation in them
  • foot massage, including on specially prepared shingle
Foot massage on pebbles.

VIDEO: PAIN IN THE LOWER END( pain in the leg, doctor's explanations about the causes of pain in the leg)

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