When washing the nose, after the pool, swimming, water got into the ear and it was laid: what to do, how to pour water out of the ear? Pain in the ear after washing the nose: what to do?

From this article, you will find out what to do if there is water in your ears.


If, when swimming in the water, it gets into your ear - it can be harmless, and dangerous, depending on what condition your ears are in, and how dirty the water is.

The ear got water, and it was laid, the pain in the ear: what to do?

Symptoms of water in the ear

If the water in which you bathe is clean, your ears are not sick, and there is no sulfur plug, then worry that the ears will flood with water, do not - it will easily flow back.

But if the water is not very clean, it can live Pseudomonas aeruginosa, resistant to antibiotics, which leads to serious diseases of the middle ear.

Symptoms of water running out in the

ears and not flowing back:

  • One ear or both
  • laid out Shooting pain in the ear
  • Impairment of hearing
  • When the head turns, the sound of the overflowing water is heard

Caution should such symptoms of if they continue more than 1day :

  • In the ear shoots
  • Short-term sharp pain in the ear
  • Ear externally swollen
  • Raise body temperature
  • Rumor worsened

How to get water out of your ear, how to get rid of water in your ear?

There are many ways to get water from the ear, and this one is unacceptable.

If you bathed and you got water in your ear, you need to do the following:

  • Jumping on one leg, besides, the leg should be on the side of the ear. When jumping the ear, tilt down.
  • To get wet with a towel, a handkerchief or a piece of cotton wool, tilt your ear over the towel.
  • Tightly press the palm to your ear, and hold it for about 1 minute, then abruptly release, the water should pour out.
  • Do often up to 5 swallowing movements, lying on one side, on a towel - water should flow out.
  • Method of divers, Take a deep breath through your mouth, pinch your fingers with your fingers, and start to slowly blow out the air - the water will come out.
  • If the ear begins to hurt, you need to put on top of the ear dry heat( a warm water bottle or heated salt in a bag), and the water will flow out more quickly.

Note .You can not try to get water from the ear by sticking the wand with or without cotton wool into it, so you can move the sulfur plug further, and damage the eardrum.

After the water has drained from the ear, it is necessary to disinfect - drip a few drops of hydrogen peroxide into the ear.

Which disease can provoke water in the ear :

  • The cork from sulfur in the ear has long been, and has already hardened. When water gets into the ears, the plug becomes soaked, it closes the ear opening, and the person can not hear well. You need to see a doctor. He will wash his ear, and the cork will come out with water.
  • Inflammation of external and middle ear .It is accompanied by pain and itching in the ear, unpleasant sensations. He is treated with antibiotics on prescription.

Feeling in the ear: water: causes and treatment

Earache with fever - a sign of ear inflammation( otitis)

If there is a sensation like water in the ears, you need to go with this problem to the doctor. The cause of this condition can be:

  • Water got into the ear
  • Inflammatory process in the ears
  • In one ear sulfur plug

The most dangerous - ear inflammation - otitis .It is expressed as follows:

  • Clicking and squelching in the ear as if water is in it
  • Pain in one or both ears
  • Headaches and dizziness
  • Obstruction of the ear
  • Raise of body temperature
  • Purulent discharge from the ear

Otitis is external , when the external ear and subcutaneous tissue is inflamed, a furuncle may form. The cause of the disease is infection. After maturation, the furuncle is opened, the obstruction of the ear passes, and the hearing is restored.

The otitis of the middle ear occurs if the tympanic membrane has been damaged and, in addition, an infection has entered the ear.

Internal or inflammation of the auditory tube .If the otitis externa and middle ear can be treated at home under the supervision of a doctor, then the otitis media is treated only in the hospital.
On day 3-4 after infection in the Eustachian tube, pus comes out of the ear. To get out purulent secretions in the tympanic membrane is formed a hole, which eventually tightens into adhesions and scars, and this leads to hearing loss. If the disease is treated inappropriately, a person may lose hearing completely.

The ear plug in the ear is expressed by the following symptoms:

  • Feeling as if in the ear water
  • Obstruction of the ear
  • Impairment of hearing

If such symptoms are observed, it is necessary to consult a doctor, he will wash the ear with water and all the hearing functions will be restored.

Washing out of the ear of sulfur plug in the doctor's office

If you can not consult a doctor right now, and ear has heavily laid , you need to do the following:

  1. Pipette drip a few drops of hydrogen peroxide into the ear.
  2. Immediately there will be a feeling that the ear has laid even more.
  3. Then there will be a hiss in the ear - it acts hydrogen peroxide.
  4. After 5-10 minutes, tilt your head over the towel to spill liquid from your ear.

So, now we know what to do if there is water in the ear.

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