How to choose and apply candles with propolis for the treatment of hemorrhoids

It is believed that the hemorrhoids should not be told to anyone. But quite often this disease can bring to the person huge problems and feeling of discomfort.

The disease becomes the reason that a person can not normally sit, lie down and even move around the street.

Unpleasant symptoms of hemorrhoids are so strong that a person is not able to engage in any kind of activity.


  • If the life caused - getting acquainted with the disease
  • Rectal suppositories - hemorrhoid throat
  • Propellant healing power
  • Effect of suppositories with propolis on the human body
  • Description and characteristics of the drugs
  • Result of the public opinion survey
  • For nursing and pregnant women - the very thing
  • For small patients
  • How to prepare candles by yourself?
  • Other agents with propolis

If life forced - acquaintance with the disease

People often hesitate to talk about this trouble. After all, hemorrhoids are quite intimate diseases.

But it is very important to diagnose the ailment at the initial stages of its development and immediately begin treatment of painful symptoms.

The sooner effective relief from the disease begins, the less complications can appear after its disappearance.

Today, hemorrhoids are a common disease. More than 20% of the world's population suffers from it. But, for sure, these figures are much larger.

After all, not everyone in this situation seeks medical help. What exactly provokes the appearance of unpleasant symptoms in humans has not been established to this day.

But, according to experts, the development of hemorrhoids is very closely related to the lifestyle that a person adheres to.

So, for example, when using very hard food, constipation may start. It is he who becomes the harbinger of the appearance of hemorrhoids.

People at risk are those who move little, take a large number of medicines, smoke and disrupt the drug regimen. This category also includes pregnant women.

Candles with propolis will quickly and delicately solve this problem.

To achieve a positive result, you need to know how to properly use this drug.

Rectal Suppositories - Throat of Hemorrhoids

Rectal suppositories are drugs that have a rapid healing effect and help reduce the symptoms of hemorrhoids. Apply them very simply, and the effect will not take long.

Components that are part of the medicinal candle pass very quickly through the mucous membrane, which contributes to the rapid action and absorption of all components of the drug.

By its properties, rectal suppositories can be aimed at getting rid of the most varied symptoms of hemorrhoids. They can operate over time and have a strong or weak effect.

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It is for this reason that people's opinions about candles can be very diverse, but in any situation you can try to pick up the most effective suppositories.

Medical rectal suppositories in their composition can have one active substance, or several. Such drugs help to get rid of several symptoms at once.

Candles help reduce pain, stop bleeding with hemorrhoids, significantly weaken the resulting itching and burning.

Propolis based candles are a preparation that consists entirely of homeopathic medicines.

Each variety of such candles in its composition has a different degree of propolis concentration. That is why it is important to approach the choice of a particular tool with all responsibility.

The healing power of propolis

It has long been known that propolis is recommended for use in treating hemorrhoids.

Most people are interested in this particular treatment. On the one hand, this may seem strange. After all, modern science has produced more than one cure for hemorrhoids. So why do many people turn to this method of treatment?

Propolis perfectly helps to get rid of unpleasant symptoms of the disease. With proper use of it, you can feel relief in a few hours.

In addition, this substance can be used in conjunction with other medications. This will only strengthen the effect of drugs.

The use of propolis at various stages of the course of the disease gives a positive result.

In addition, treatment with propolis candles promotes the following:

  • normal blood circulation in the rectum;
  • blocks the appearance of bacteria in the large intestine, because bee glue acts as an antibiotic;
  • stops bleeding that can occur in advanced cases of hemorrhoids( wound healing effect);
  • removes puffiness in the hemorrhoids;
  • allows you to reduce pain, itching and burning( drying properties of propolis).

Propolis does not pose a threat to the life of a pregnant woman and fetus, but taking medication should still be done with caution. Candles do not cause allergic reactions.

Candles based on propolis can be combined with drug treatment with other medications.

Influence of candles with propolis on the human body

Useful elements of propolis have a complex effect on the human body. The agent acts on damaged tissues of the intestine and colon.

The local effect enables the active substances to be absorbed into the blood and lymph that spreads to all internal organs of the body.

Candles with propolis also have antibacterial, antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.

Description and characteristics of drugs

Today in any pharmacy you can find a large number of funds from hemorrhoids.

Most often, doctors offer their patients the following candles with propolis:

  1. Propolis DN .Produced in the form of candles, which are injected directly into the rectum. It is advisable to use for the treatment of hemorrhoids, adenomas and prostatitis. Candles of this kind are perfect for men and women.
  2. Phyto-Propolis .Candles should be used rectally. No side effects are available. The composition includes only natural components that do not contribute to allergic reactions. Suitable for women and men.
  3. HemoPro .Produced in the form of rectal suppositories. The composition includes not only propolis, but also mud from the therapeutic lake Tambukan. The agent can be used in the presence of a stomach ulcer and with problems with the intestines. The course of treatment is set by the doctor.
  4. Simpletons .In the package there are 15 candles, which is the complete course of treatment for hemorrhoids. The composition includes royal jelly and flower pollen. Before using these candles, consult a specialist.
Remember that you should not do self-treatment. The appointment of a candle with propolis can only be done by a specialist.

Public Opinion Result

The comments of physicians, pharmacists and patients who use propolis suppositories for the treatment of hemorrhoids can be studied below.

With hemorrhoids first encountered after surgery on the bladder. The doctor advised Propolis DN.Used for 7 days. Relief was felt on day 3 of the drug.

To this day with a similar problem did not come across. The drug was happy!

Tamara, 54 years old

I work as a driver and know first hand what hemorrhoids are. It was always uncomfortable to talk about this problem. But when I did not have the strength, I turned to the doctor. He at the first reception appointed me "Fito-Propolis.

I'm not gullible about all medicines. But this tool really worked. And after 4 days I began to feel better! .

Igor, 43 years old

HemoPro was used by my wife after childbirth. At first, we were afraid to turn to the help of medicines, you yourself understand how this could affect milk.

But surprisingly, there were no negative consequences. My wife underwent a full course of treatment and got rid of discomfort and pain.

Ivan, 37 years old

I have a sedentary job, so at first I often suffered from hemorrhoids. The doctor recommended Prostopin.

After using 2 candles, I felt better. I have not applied all the packaging to the end. To this day lies in the refrigerator.

Elizabeth, 30 years old

18 years working in a pharmacy. Each time they ask a question about which candles are best used from hemorrhoids. To all my clients I recommend rectal suppositories based on propolis.

Because they have a gentle effect and do not have back reactions. Itself more than once used it and was very pleased!

Tatiana, 45 years old

Due to her age, hemorrhoids bother me more often. For elderly people, the doctor recommended Candlesticks Propolis DN.

I've been using them for several years already. The action comes after a couple of days. I use them no more than 7 times, and then the body begins to get used.

Our readers recommend!
For the treatment and prevention of varicose veins and hemorrhoids, our readers use the method first voiced by Malysheva. Having carefully studied it, we decided to offer it to your attention. Opinion of doctors. .. »

Sergey, 50 years

I know about the useful properties of propolis. Therefore, when choosing a drug for hemorrhoids, I lean towards candles, which are produced on the basis of this substance. The result was always satisfied.

Victor, 31 year

For nursing and pregnant - the very thing

Candles with propolis can be used to treat women who are carrying a child and nursing mothers.

However, most experts unanimously say that the choice of a particular drug should be approached seriously. After all, not all rectal suppositories can be well absorbed by the body of a woman in position.

The use of candles can only be assigned by a specialist.

Primarily, the drug is used to reduce the severity of symptoms of hemorrhoids. Candles are bought in a pharmacy or prepared at home.

For small patients

It is strictly forbidden to start the use of propolis-based suppositories for the treatment of children independently.

If a child has a suspicion of hemorrhoids, his parents urgently need to see a doctor.

In any case, apply no more than one candle per day. The course of treatment should not last more than 1 month.

How to prepare candles by yourself?

For the preparation of candles you need the following ingredients:

  • bee glue 10% - 30 milliliters;
  • pumpkin oil - 150 milliliters;
  • fir and tea tree oil - 10 milliliters.

Candles are prepared in a water bath. It is very important that the whole alcohol base evaporates, only after this it is possible to add the last few ingredients. Kashitsu need to stir constantly. The mass should be homogeneous.

Prepared candles will turn out to be liquid. Therefore, for their introduction into the rectum it is necessary to use a conventional syringe.

Rectal suppositories from propolis can be prepared on the basis of cocoa butter, calendula and sea buckthorn oil. All the ingredients can be purchased at the pharmacy.

It is very important to observe the correct proportions of preparation of the product!

Other products with Propolis

In addition to candles, you can use a tincture of propolis and ointment. All these tools can be very simply made at home.

If for some reason you are not sure if a prepared medicine is suitable for you, it is better to consult a specialist.

The use of suppositories with propolis for the treatment of hemorrhoids is quite effective, and most importantly it is safe. Such candles are not only able to reduce discomfort in the case of the development of the disease, but can also be used for preventive purposes.

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