Hydrogen peroxide - instructions for use

This article will focus on the drug that should be in every medicine cabinet. Hydrogen peroxide is necessary for the treatment of superficial wounds and minor bleeding. This drug treats the diseases of the mouth. In addition, peroxide is widely used in folk medicine.


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How to use

How to use

The drug described in this article in our country is issued in the form:

  • Perhydrol( contains 2.7-3.3% hydrogen peroxide).You can buy in any pharmacy in 25-ml vials. Perhydrol is used for the treatment of purulent wounds in cuts and scratches, for the preparation of rinsing solutions for diseases of the gums and teeth, gynecological diseases and sore throat. Included in the composition of water treatment eq
    uipment in swimming pools, sanitary ware, furniture and utensils

How it works: After contact with skin or mucous membrane, active oxygen is released. As a result of this process, the place of use is cleared of various organic substances: bacteria, microbes, pus.

  • Hydropyret( tablets with 35% peroxide content).It is used for the preparation of solutions for rinses and rinses. Used in medicine to treat the hands and forehead of the surgeon before the operation.6% hydrogen peroxide in tablets is used in various cosmetics for lightening hair

How it works: A solution prepared from the tablet form of this preparation is used in the same way as perhydrol. With its help, disinfect wounds and use in the treatment of inflammatory skin diseases.

Indications for use

Hydrogen peroxide is, first of all, an excellent antiseptic. This liquid can be used to disinfect wounds and prevent the entry of pathogenic microorganisms into the body that cause dangerous health effects. For example, tetanus or gangrene.

IMPORTANT: Any wound, even a fine cut or scratch, should be treated within the first 1-2 hours after its formation. So you can minimize the risk of complications and achieve the fastest healing of the wound. Remember that infection in the body can penetrate even through a small puncture, splinter, abrasion and through the place of frostbite or burn.

With the help of the described agent, you can stop severe bleeding from the nose. Apply it for the treatment of angina, with stomatitis and gynecological diseases. To solve these problems, rinses based on this drug are used.

Hydrogen peroxide contraindications

Do not use this product with hypersensitivity to its components.

How to use

With angina. It is necessary to gargle with a 3% solution. Subsequently, this drug should be replaced with a weakly-stirred solution of manganese.

With stomatitis and periodontal disease. One tablespoon of 3% -preparation is diluted in a glass of water. The resulting solution should be rinsed 5-7 times a day. The course of treatment depends on the effect achieved.

For treatment of wounds. Peroxide should be applied to the damaged skin as a disinfectant.

IMPORTANT: American scientists from Northwestern University( Chicago) have discovered that some cancer cells die due to excessive accumulation of hydrogen peroxide in them. Already, there are positive examples of therapy with this means of small-cell lung cancer.

Use in folk medicine

In folk medicine, widespread treatment with hydrogen peroxide. Some "experts" of such treatment( W. Douglas, C. Farr( USA), Prof. IP Neumyvakin) believe that any disease can be conquered by this drug. Moreover, there are no side effects of such treatment.

IMPORTANT: Any treatment is possible only with the help of a certified specialist. Do not engage in self-medication, especially on the basis of unproven facts. Below, the most "harmless" recipes using the described drug will be presented.

  • Fungal infection and warts. Used lotions based on a 6% -15% solution of hydrogen peroxide. Course of treatment: 8-10 procedures
  • Arthritis and joint pain. Compresses based on 0.5% -1% solution. Keep on the sore spot no more than 2 hours. The course of treatment: to reduce the pain
  • In case of ear diseases. Mix one teaspoon of water with 1 drop of 3% hydrogen peroxide. The solution is buried in the ears( 2 drops each).The course of treatment: 30 days
  • Lightening of the hair on the hands. It is necessary to mix water( 30 ml) and hydrogen peroxide in the same proportions. Then in the resulting solution, add ammonia( 10 ml) and ½ teaspoon of soda. The composition should be applied to the skin of the hand and left for one hour. After that, the skin needs to be thoroughly rinsed.

IMPORTANT: You can use this solution only after making sure that it will not be dangerous for your skin. Drip a couple drops of solution on the elbow fold. If the skin does not turn red, and there is no itching, then it can be used.

  • Baths with SPA effect. To eliminate the metabolic products released through the skin, baths with the described preparation can be used. Such baths not only have a SPA effect, but also help to clear the skin of various fungi. On one bath you can use no more than 200-250 ml of 3% hydrogen peroxide. It should be diluted in warm water( 37gradusov).Take a bath can not last longer than 30 minutes. Then you need to take a warm shower

Hydrogen peroxide or green

In green, unlike the described agent, contains alcohol. Alcohol dries the skin and causes discomfort. In addition, the green can leave traces that are very difficult to remove. But, the effects of hydrogen peroxide are not as long as in green. After treatment of the damaged surface with this preparation, it is necessary to cover the wound with a bandage.

Hydrogen peroxide analogues

"Betadine" ( active substance Povidone-iodine).Used in the form of a solution for the treatment and prevention of various infections in dentistry, surgery and traumatology."Betadine" helps to quickly heal wounds with burns, abrasions, ulcers and pressure sores. A solution based on this agent is applied directly to the wound. Does not leave traces on the skin and clothes. Can be used as compresses.

"Betadine" is used undiluted.

"Chlorhexidine" .Antiseptic for disinfection and cleaning of affected skin areas. Applied for the treatment of wounds and as a preventive measure of sexually transmitted diseases. In dentistry, "chlorhexidine" is used to treat periodontitis, stomatitis and inflammation of the gums.

"Diamond green alcohol solution" .An antiseptic for treating wounds after injuries and surgeries, purulent abscesses and abrasions.

Miramistin .Antimicrobial, antimicrobial, antiviral agent. It is widely used for the disinfection of various wounds and abrasions. It stimulates the protective functions of the body. Does not cause allergies. Used in surgery, traumatology, obstetrics and gynecology. It is used for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.

"Iodine solution of alcohol 5%" .A popular antimicrobial agent of local action. Used for external use in injuries, wounds, skin inflammation and muscle pain.

IMPORTANT: Iodine, with frequent use, can cause allergic edema on the face, skin rash, runny nose, lacrimation and other reactions.

Castellanic liquid or "Fukortzin" .Combined drug, which has antiseptic and antimicrobial effect. In addition, with the help of "Fukortsina" you can disinfect the places of injuries and cuts.

"Streptocide" ( active substance Sulfanilamide).This powder is used to kill microbes and stop bleeding.


Ivan. To me, peroxide helped to stop heavy bleeding. For this I rolled two tubes out of the gauze bandage, soaked them in it and put it in my nose. The bleeding stopped very quickly. Therefore now I always keep in my medicine cabinet a bottle with this liquid.

Olga. And I use this healing tooth whitening liquid. To do this, I dilute peroxide in water and caress her mouth. Teeth are not only cleared of plaque, but also become sturdy and beautiful. In addition, the gums are strengthened.

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