Every man was sick with angina. She can get sick even newborns, so her viruses are common. Treatment of this disease occurs in a complex way, one of the effective methods is the rinsing of the throat. Recently, more and more often doctors prescribe a drug called "Chlorophyllipt".It is a medicament of natural origin, its main active substances are extracts of myrtle and globular eucalyptus. It is able to replace synthetic antibiotics, while it has a low cost, high efficiency and minimal impact on the intestinal microflora. Therefore, it can be safely applied to children.

From this article it becomes clear whether it is possible to do compress with angina or not.


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Action against

diseases Included in the hlorofilliptom eucalyptus can not only reduce inflammation but also have a detrimental effect on staphylococci that are most often pathogens angina.

Ingredients in the composition of the ingredients comprehensively eliminate the causes of the disease of the throat. They have such actions:

  • bactericidal;
  • antipyogenic;
  • bacteriostatic;
  • antihypoxic;
  • immunostimulating;
  • antiseptic;
  • regenerating;
  • is anti-inflammatory.

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the picture - hlorofillipt used in angina:

chlorophyllipt in angina

Therefore preparation eliminates bacteria by halting their proliferation, reduces pain, mucus and pus to output accumulated on the tonsils, tonsillar tissue repairs damaged and increases the oxygen levels in the blood. chlorophyllipt angina

Different forms of release of medication are suitable for children and adults. A treatment they can be carried out not only in the home( the tonsils and throat gargle treatment), but also in any other situation( use of spray and pills).

It becomes clear from the article whether it is possible to heat a throat with a sore throat or not.

How to apply, dilute

It is most convenient to use a spray to treat sore throats. Its dispenser must be inserted into the oral cavity and injected several times into the throat. After the procedure, you can not eat for half an hour. This means may to dry mucous larynx, so the room must be maintained optimum humidity using special dampers or improvised. Oil chlorophyllipt spray with angina

view medication is used in case the disease is caused by staphylococci, and they could not be overcome with antibiotics. It's rare, but it happens. Perhaps, an antibacterial drug has been prescribed, to which they show resistance. Then the doctor can prescribe oily Chlorophyllipt.

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They need to treat the affected organs in their place with a cotton swab soaked in a solution. It should be noted that 2% of the formulation of the oil form of the drug is designed only for external use, it can not be used internally, even in diluted form. If you use oil the consistency is not very convenient to lubricate the affected places himself and the children may resist such procedures of - the fact that the drug has an unpleasant taste. chlorophyllipt oil type with angina

Then resort to the use of alcohol solution. Its effect will be the same as in the above-described variant of the drug, and the effect from the application will come sooner. When rinsing, all pathogenic bacteria from the throat area are washed away, and in case of lacunar angina its main symptoms are eliminated - purulent plugs.

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Also the product is capable of disinfecting in the mucous tonsils. It is used as a rinse. How to get the right solution the doctor will tell, he will also indicate the optimal ratio of its components. If it so happens that the medicine is used without the doctor's prescription, then to prepare the solution it is necessary to take a teaspoon of Chlorophyllipt and dilute in 100 grams of warm water. The received volume is calculated on one procedure. Rinse should be done three to four times a day. This means a strong plan. After the first two rinses, improvements will begin to be noticeable: a coughing cough will pass and a perspiration in the throat will stop. chlorophyllipt alcohol solution with angina

The tablet form of is released specifically for the treatment of throat disorders. They do not swallow and do not drink with water. In order for the pills to act, you must keep them in your mouth until they are completely absorbed. The dosage of tablets is prescribed by a specialist. He looks at the general condition of the patient and the course of the disease.

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chlorophyllipt tablet form with angina

The drug is widely used, since it has virtually no side effects, except for one - it can cause allergies. Therefore, it can not be used by people with individual sensitivity to the ingredients of the medication. But since such allergic reactions after its application are very rare, it can be purchased in a pharmacy without a prescription.

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To make sure that it is safe for you, you can perform a sensitivity test. Dilute one dose of the medicine and rinse the mouth with the resulting solution. If after eight hours no redness and swelling on the lips and mucous throat appear, then it can be used without fear on a permanent basis until the final recovery.

For children

chlorophyllipt for children

Alcohol Chlorophyllipt is not recommended for children under the age of 12.For older guys, it is used in the form of rinses. The solution is prepared in the same proportions as for adults. The procedure is carried out at least 4 times a day. If necessary, it can be carried out 5-6 times.

For crumbs it is better to take a spray, it can be used in any setting. For one application, you can not do more than two sprayings.

Also with tonsillitis you can lubricate baby's tonsils with oil solution. To do this, take an ordinary cotton swab moisten it in a medicine and gently lubricate the mucous throat. Or instead of a wand to use a cotton swab, they need to carefully lubricate the tonsils, without damaging their shell tweezers, which will be fixed cotton wool.

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If the baby has a complication of angina, doctors can prescribe intravenous drippers from an oil and alcohol product together, but they are carried out in hospital, under the supervision of a doctor who sets the dosage of the drug for each individual. Of course, antibacterial agents would have acted more quickly in this case, but Chlorophyllite treats gently and does not break the intestinal microflora, which is especially important for small patients. A newborn medicine is prescribed for 2 to 3 drops. It is mixed with breast milk.

For adults

chlorophyllipt to pregnant women

If the doctor has appointed to take the solution inside, then for these purposes only 1% alcoholic composition is used. It should be drunk 40 minutes before the main meal three times a day for 25 drops. Or use another way: dilute the medicine with water. Then you need to take 5 ml of the solution and pour into 30 ml of liquid.

There is another 0.25% solution. It is used when injected. Dosage is prescribed by a doctor.0.2% of the analogue comes in the form of a spray. It is used to irrigate the sore throat. It is required to press the dispenser three times and get the necessary single dose of the medicine.

Tablets are taken by the doctor's prescription. But you can not drink more than five pieces a day. Usually at a time you need to take a whole tablet or half of it. The duration of treatment by them should not exceed a week.

Pregnant women are also often prescribed this drug for the treatment of angina, except for drops inside. Their effect on the fetus has not yet been investigated.

After reading the article it becomes clear whether it is possible to smoke with angina or not.

Chlorfillipt completely consists of organic components and therefore does not have negative effects on the body, it does not cause side effects.

With angina effectively eliminates its symptoms and causes, so it is so often used to treat adults and children. In addition, its oil and alcohol solutions can heal purulent wounds and burns, treat pneumonia and a number of serious diseases. This remedy will become one of the important medicines in the home medicine cabinet.

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  • Alina, 26 years: "For the first time my acquaintance with Chlorophyllipt took place during my first pregnancy. My throat turned very red, and the green streams flowed from my nose in an endless stream. Given my situation, they treated me with sparing potions for three months, then they prescribed an antibiotic. He did not help, either. I began to look in the frustrated feelings on the Internet a suitable tool for me. According to descriptions and reviews I liked the oil solution of Chlorophyllipt. I ordered it on one of the pharmacy websites. The first time was very memorable, because the medicine was just incredibly burning, to tears. This pain had to endure no less than half an hour. Then it turned out that she was associated with the irritation that I had as a result of a long treatment. But after the second application there were significant changes, which I have not achieved from the use of other medications. Now Chlorophyllipt is my salvation from many infectious diseases. I use it instead of antibiotics. "
  • Lyudmila, 32 years old: "For the first time my daughter got angina when she was not even six months old. At the same time, her tonsils changed, her throat flushed, she started coughing, and the temperature rose. And she kept the mark of 39.5 ° C for three days. The pediatrician on call called us several drugs, among which was Chlorophyllipt in the form of a spray. I read the instructions to him and found out that it is not recommended for children to use it for less than 12 years, but I still listened to the doctor and did the injection of the baby at an interval of three hours. On the third day our baby began to feel better and began to use the drug less often, only three times a day. We were treated for a week, and I think that without Chlorophyllipt, her recovery would be prolonged for a long time. In its effectiveness, you do not have to doubt, since after this incident he helped us recover more than once. I recommend to everyone! It's just an indispensable tool. "
  • Agnes, 40: "Always treated her son with angina and other throat diseases with Chlorophyllipt. The spray simply helped out, and when it was small, it lubricated its neck with an oil solution. Imagine my horror, when a son at the age of 14 appeared during another disease with an angina and an allergic rash. After all, all the medications he took were tested for years. I immediately went with him to the pediatrician. He explained that such an allergic reaction can be caused precisely by Chlorophyllipt. During puberty, in which my son was, there is a change in the hormonal background, the organism at an accelerated pace is reconstructed and can react differently to previously acceptable medications. So now I do not give it to my son when I get sick. Although I myself use it. "