6 natural products replacing expensive medicines

A healthy diet can help not only the figure, but also the proper functioning of the internal organs. Moreover, there are products that can replace drugs. Some of them can remove inflammation, others replenish the supply of vitamins. There are even those who have antibacterial effect.


  • Products instead of medicines
  • What products reduce pressure without drugs
  • Natural painkillers
  • Products that reduce and relieve inflammation
  • Products for inflammation of the gallbladder
  • Products for inflammation of the lung
  • Products for inflammation of the liver
  • Products for inflammation of the pancreas
  • Products for inflammation of the kidneys
  • Migraine products
  • Cough products
  • Products from the common cold
  • Products from bruises under the eyes
  • Products with arub
  • Products for varicose
  • Products osteochondrosis
  • products for colds
  • Products for gastric
  • Products ulcer 12 duodenal
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Products instead of medicines

At the first signs of ailment, do not take a handful of tablets. Many vegetables and fruits will not only help you as well as pharmacy products, but they will not "poison" the body.

For example, only two cloves of garlic will save you from many infections. A similar effect is possessed by onions, horseradish, celery, beets, apples, green tea and olive oil.

Which products reduce pressure without drugs

Hypertension is a serious problem that modern medicine can not solve. Yes, there are several methods of lowering blood pressure. But, there is no cure that can completely eliminate this problem.

Diuretics and vasodilators, inhibitors, beta-blockers and calcium antagonists are used to treat hypertension. But they can all be replaced with garlic. In order for the pressure to return to normal, you only need to eat 2 cloves of garlic every day. True, one that has not undergone heat treatment.

IMPORTANT: Substances that enter the garlic dilate the blood vessels and dilute the blood. Which leads to normalization of pressure. Garlic can be eaten in ready-made form or crumbled into salads or rubbed the bread crust.

Natural painkillers

Many products have analgesic effect. Champion in this quality are products from whole grains. They contain a large amount of magnesium, which relieves muscle pain. In addition, complex carbohydrates from the grain will help to fill the supply of glycogen, which protects against headaches.

IMPORTANT: Ginger and turmeric have a similar effect. These products best relieve the pain of physical activity. And scientists from the London Institute of Health included turmeric in a diet for arthritis. Everyone knows that over time the body adapts to painkillers and their effectiveness drops. But, the researchers did not identify "addictive" to turmeric.

To relieve pain in arthritis, you can drink a glass of warm milk with one teaspoon of turmeric before going to bed.

Products that reduce and relieve inflammation

As with anesthetics, the body can get used to drugs that remove inflammatory processes in the body. We must immediately say that such processes are a protective reaction of the body. But, they can flow into the chronic phase and cause many diseases. For example, atherosclerosis.

Many berries have an anti-inflammatory effect: cranberries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, etc. Antioxidants from these berries act on the cause of the problem. That is, they anticipate the possibility of developing inflammatory processes.

Cayenne pepper has the same effect. Namely, capsaicin. A substance to which this type of pepper is due for its burning taste. Capsaicin massively kills malignant formations in the body and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

IMPORTANT: This effect is also the case with most vegetable oils. The champion among them is olive oil, which contains a large amount of omega-3 fatty acids. In addition to fighting various types of inflammation, olive oil is a rich source of beneficial substances for the heart and brain.

One teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil a day will help cope with internal inflammations. It can be consumed alone or as a part of vegetable salads.

Products for inflammation of the gallbladder

In case of inflammation of the gallbladder, hops help. The cones of this plant are able to help with the disease of the gastrointestinal tract, liver and inflammation of the internal organs. On the basis of this product, various sedatives are produced.

IMPORTANT: Hop cones are useful for the body flavonoids, chlorogenic and valeric acid, phytohormones, tannins and vitamins. All of them, getting into the body, provide him with useful services.

In order to remove the inflammation of the gall bladder, pour 3 tablespoons of ground hop cones with boiling water( 250 ml) and allow to infuse for half an hour. Infusion should be filtered and drunk 3 times a day for 50 ml.

Products for inflammation of the lungs

For inflammation of the lungs can help foods containing large amounts of calcium and B vitamins. These products include milk, kefir, whey, sour cream and low-fat cottage cheese. Some vegetables, fruits and berries are also useful in this disease. Very well helps with pneumonia - honey.

Inflammation of the lungs is quite a serious disease. Therefore, he should be treated only under the guidance of a doctor.

RECIPE : From folk medicine for lung disease, a honey-based remedy( 1.3 kg), aloe( 1 glass of finely chopped leaves), olive oil( 200 ml), lime( 50 g) and birch buds( 150 g).Separately, you need to brew the kidneys, wash aloe with water, and melt the honey in a water bath. Cut the aloe and mix it with honey. Add olive oil and other ingredients. All mix and take 1 tablespoon 3 times a day.

Products for inflammation of the liver

Inflammatory processes in the liver occur in 20% of the population of our planet. This disease is treated with various medications. But, it is possible to restore the protective membrane of the liver and normalize its work in the home. For this, honey can help. This natural product should be eaten three times a day on an empty stomach for 1 teaspoonful.

The milk thistle has a similar effect. The substances that make up this plant effectively cope with any non-viral diseases of the liver. To clean the liver of toxins and reduce its size can be using seeds of milk thistle. To do this, they are ground in a coffee grinder and poured with warm water at the rate of one teaspoon of powder per glass of water. Take this drug you need before eating in the amount of one glass.

Products for inflammation of the pancreas

The best product for inflammation of the pancreas is oats. In this cereal, there are a lot of amino acids, zinc and vitamins of group B. Oats included in the composition of useful substances help to cope with the body with recovery in case of serious diseases and operations.

For the pancreas help prepare the broth at the rate of 1 teaspoon of ground oats for 200 g of boiled water. Oats are kneaded in water and put on a stove. Boil the product without boiling for half an hour. To solve problems in the early stages of pancreatitis, 200 ml of this decoction are consumed daily at a time.

Products for inflammation of the kidneys

In case of inflammation of the kidneys, it is necessary to exclude from the diet fatty meats and fish, smoked products and many other products. You need to rest more and exclude physical activity. Watermelon will help with this disease.

IMPORTANT: Two kilograms of watermelon a day will help to wash the kidneys. And since urine at night is more concentrated, this sweet fruit will help even if it is eaten at night.

Melon, pumpkin and cucumber have a similar effect.

Migraine products

  • Migraine is caused by spasm, stress or relaxation of the vessels of the brain. This process is influenced by many products: alcohol, beans, chocolate, herring, etc. Therefore, it is better for people prone to this problem to minimize the use of such products. But, what if the migraine has already made itself felt? Ginger
  • will help. To eliminate pain in the head, you can add ginger root to the tea. Only 4-5 g of this unique product, consumed daily, will help to get rid of the headache that occurs with migraine
  • Another natural soothing well-proven for head pains is mint. It can also be added to tea or to do neck massages with the extract of this plant. Such procedures will help to remove painful syndromes and relax

Products from a cough

Our ancestors treated a cough with radish and honey. These products mutually complement each other and act on the hearth of the problem more effectively. To prepare such a tool, you need to cut off the top with a radish and make a cut for honey. After honey is mixed with radish juice, it turns out to be an excellent cough remedy. Take it you need one teaspoon 4-5 times a day.

A similar effect is enjoyed by sweet onion juice. To make it, you need to cut a large onion and sprinkle it with sugar. After 8-10 hours, when the juice appears, it should be drunk one teaspoon several times a day.

Products from the common cold

  • With a cold, a large amount of mucus forms in the body. It can be removed with garlic, horseradish, onion, mustard and ginger
  • Beetroot, aloe and calanchoe are good for cleaning the nose. Their juice can replace the drug drops for the nose. It is enough to dig in a nose on 3 drops every two hours and already in the evening the rhinitis will pass or take place. The same effect can be achieved using instead of drops for the nose cedar oil
  • To eliminate the common cold you can warm up the maxillary sinuses with the help of heated salt or freshly cooked buckwheat porridge. Therapeutic inhalations based on the kidneys of pine, eucalyptus leaves, St. John's wort, fir and oregano have proven themselves in the fight against this ailment.

Products from bruises under the eyes

  • Bruises under the eyes can be caused by lack of sleep and fatigue. But, if such a phenomenon has become chronic, then you need to see a doctor. After all, this is one of the symptoms of heart disease, thyroid, kidney or hormonal disorders
  • To quickly get rid of bruises under the eyes will help parsley. With the help of this green you can make lotions. To do this, it must be crushed and pour a tablespoon of greenery with boiling water. After 15 minutes in the infusion, you need to lower the cotton pad, soak it and attach it to the eyelids. Such lotions need to be done daily for a month.
  • Instead of parsley for lotions from bruises under the eyes, you can use tea leaves. To do this, you need to brew tea a little harder than you usually drink and carry out the same actions as described above.
  • Similar effect has cottage cheese. It should be wrapped in a tissue napkin and applied to the eyelids for 10 minutes. The course of treatment is the month

Products for arthritis

One of the factors in the successful fight against arthritis is a diet. When arthritis is very useful, such types of fish as anchovies. They contain a lot of omega-3 acids and other elements that help with arthritis.

To relieve the pain arising from the acute stage of this disease, it is helpful to eat an apple. This fruit contains a lot of boron. It is this mineral that prevents further destruction of the joints.

Block the pain in arthritis with hot peppers, curry and garlic.

Varicose Products

  • When varicose veins are very useful to eat a variety of vegetables. Especially useful are Bulgarian peppers, tomatoes, greens and carrots. From these vegetables you can make salads. They can be filled with vegetable oil or apple cider vinegar Vitamins from these vegetables will help strengthen the walls of the vessels and improve their tone.
  • Another natural product that helps with the widening of the veins of the lower limbs, is apple cider vinegar. To eliminate the problem, you need to dilute two tablespoons of this product in a glass of water and drink 1-2 cups of this drink per day.
  • Sprouted wheat grains, nuts and many seafoods have shown themselves in the fight against varicose veins

Products for osteochondrosis

  • In order to help the spineyou need to increase dairy products in your diet. Particularly useful for this problem is cottage cheese and hard cheeses
  • Fresh vegetables and fruits will also help with this problem
  • But, most importantly, this increase in the diet of products-chondroprotectors. That is, those that directly help restore the tissues of the spine. Such products include jelly, jelly and jellied fish
  • In addition, to support the health of the spine, you need to include or increase in your diet products such as meat, fish, nuts, beans and eggplant

Products for cold

  • About products that help with colds,know, probably, everything. This is honey, citrus fruits, etc. Yes, they are all able to help the body cope with this ailment. But, where ginger has a big effect. This storehouse of nutrients will help with various ailments. For example, colds
  • An excellent way to treat and prevent colds is tea with ginger. It is very easy to prepare it. It is necessary to clean the root of the ginger and cut it into small pieces. Then, just put in brewed tea and drink a few minutes
  • Ginseng has a similar effect. A pinch of this frayed and dried root in your tea will help activate the immune system and protect the body against manifestations of cold

. Foods with stomach ulcer

  • With gastric ulcer the best product is milk. It can neutralize the excess secretion of gastric juice. In addition, the milk contains a lot of substances necessary for the normal functioning of the stomach.
  • . Cabbage is useful in vegetables with stomach ulcer. Her juice is able to heal the wounds of the stomach. But, it is not necessary to use a lot of cabbage. This can lead to the opposite effect of
  • Boiled fish will also help to cope with this disease. In addition, with gastric ulcer the value of fish in the diet increases. It becomes one of the few sources of protein for the body.

Products with ulcer 12 penis

  • To help with an ulcer of the duodenum, a boiled soft-boiled egg can be cooked. This product is rich in essential fats and amino acids that help the body cope with the disease
  • . In addition, some compounds of this product envelop the mucosa and give it additional protection.
  • . Also for ulcers of 12 intestines, it is necessary to include milk soups and liquid porridges in your diet. And also increase the drinking regime to 2 liters of water per day.

Reviews and advice

Always for the prevention of a spoonful of honey at breakfast. And not so long ago mixed shredded walnuts with honey. In the morning the whole family is lining up behind this useful treat.

of Ulyana.
And I help immunity with ginger. I add it to green tea or make a citrus drink. For this, I insist on crushed orange, lemon, mint and ginger root in a jar of water. Sometimes I add honey.

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