Cleaning of blood vessels and treatment of garlic from high cholesterol: the Tibetan method of purification, recipes of traditional medicine. Garlic and lemon for cleaning the vessels of cholesterol: recipes, reviews, opinion of doctors

The article will tell you in detail how it is possible to unusually use garlic to prepare recipes for healing.

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  • How does garlic affect the heart and blood vessels?
  • Mixture of garlic and lemon for cleaning vessels from cholesterol: recipe
  • Cleaning of cerebral vessels with folk remedies with garlic: recipe
  • Purification of vessels with folk remedies - garlic on serum: recipe
  • Red wine with garlic - vascular treatment: recipe
  • Garlic with milk for cleaningvessels: recipe
  • Tibetan method of purification of vessels with garlic
  • How to make a tincture of garlic for alcohol to clean the vessels of cholesterol: prescription, scheme of application
  • Garlic lemon and honey for cleaning vessels from hoesterina
  • Garlic and lemon cholesterol: medical opinion
  • Cleansing vessels garlic and lemon: reviews
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as garlic affects the heart and blood vessels?

Garlic is a useful vegetable belonging to the onion genu

s and possessing a mass of microelements necessary for a person. Recent studies have confirmed the direct and only positive effect of garlic on the cardiovascular system of man. However, there are nuances here, for example, only fresh garlic, which did not respond to temperature treatments, is beneficial.

The great use of garlic is due to its rich content of vitamin C and substances such as selenium and allicin. Allicin, in particular, differs in that it has hydrogen sulphide in its composition, which is able to relax the muscles of the internal organs and the walls of the vessels. Consequently, spasms( spontaneous contraction of muscles) go away. This property protects a person from possible heart attacks and strokes.

INTERESTING: Research on the effect of garlic on the heart muscle was carried out on laboratory rats. Within a month, one group of them was eating fresh garlic, while the other one ate only dry. After this, an attack was artificially induced in all rats. As a result, it was found that in rats that fed fresh garlic, the myocardium recovered faster.

To get the maximum benefit from garlic, it should be crushed. The fact is that this fruit has a rich acid content( acetic, citric) and it starts splitting allicin at room temperature, which improves its digestion. Simply cut or crush the garlic and leave it to lie on the board or plate, for 10-15 minutes.

IMPORTANT: In addition to the fact that garlic helps fight heart and vascular problems, it will also have antiviral and antimicrobial effects on the body.

Why is garlic useful and how to use it properly for health?

Mixture of garlic and lemon for cleaning blood vessels from cholesterol: prescription

People suffering from cardiovascular diseases tend to "clean" vessels as often as possible from arterial "plaques" - blood clots that interfere with normal blood circulation. After "cleaning the blood vessels", the blood becomes diluted, the headache, nausea and weakness, and other unpleasant symptoms go away.

The easiest "folk" way to clean the vessels is a recipe based on fresh garlic. Garlic - better "antisclerotic."In addition, this fruit will lower the level of cholesterol in the blood and clean the body of harmful deposits of salts. The recipe based on garlic and lemon is very old. It should be prepared only from fresh ingredients and eat immediately after preparation, as well as stored in the refrigerator so that the useful substances do not "evaporate" during the day.

IMPORTANT: Citric acid enhances the properties of garlic and cleaves allicin necessary for cardiac muscle and blood vessels.

Than the means prepared on the basis of a lemon and garlic will help:

  • The agent instantly cleans vessels of blood clots and any "garbage" which accumulates in vessels, and as in all organism.
  • The product effectively affects the vessels of the brain, as a consequence, migraines and headaches may disappear, memory and thinking will become clearer.
  • If you want to get rid of high cholesterol, daily dissolve in a glass of water a spoon of crushed garlic and juice of half a lemon.

IMPORTANT: If you take this medication every day, you should know that with it you should drink plenty of water during the day( 2-3 liters).If you do not regularly eat garlic with lemon, just put a few cloves of fresh garlic on the table with each meal - this will also benefit you.

The preparation of an effective remedy depends on the correct proportions of the ingredients. In this recipe, the proportions are easy to remember, namely 1: 1.One head of garlic requires 1 lemon fruit. Both ingredients are ground with a blender or a meat grinder. After that, they are mixed and refueled with a few tablespoons.warm, purified water. Use the product should be during the day for 1 tablespoon.before eating.

Garlic-lemon remedy for "cleaning" vessels

Cleaning of cerebral vessels with folk remedies with garlic: recipe

To understand that a person needs to clean the vessels, one can by the way he feels and what diseases he has acquired over time. The most "vivid" symptoms:

  • Frequent fatigue and chronic fatigue
  • Bad mood, apathy and depression
  • Headaches, migraines
  • Insomnia, weakness, nervous overexcitation
  • Sclerosis, memory and attention problems
  • Varicose all over the body

IMPORTANT: Beginning cleaning vessels, you should definitely know that this is by no means done suddenly, otherwise you will only bring yourself harm and stress to the body.

Before cleaning the vessels with lemon and garlic, you should clean the intestines, gall bladder, kidneys and liver. This will not only improve the absorption of "medicine", but will also benefit the body. After cleansing the bowel, proceed to prepare the body for cleaning the vessels, for this go to a healthy diet, give up coffee and alcohol.

Garlic will have a vitamin and health effect on the body, thanks to the fact that it contains a lot:

  • Vitamins B
  • Phytoncides
  • Monosaccharides
  • Essential oils
  • Organic acids
  • Valuable minerals( iron, zinc, calcium and iodine)

IMPORTANT: Cleansing withgarlic or the preparations prepared on its basis, it is possible only, since small portions which you will increase gradually. Over time, the enzymatic reaction of the body to garlic will increase and the fruit will be of great benefit.

Traditional "health recipes" with garlic

Purification of blood vessels with folk remedies - garlic on serum: recipe

Garlic can be safely called a "natural antibiotic", the spectrum of its action is very large. In addition, this is a real "secret of youth", which has a health-enhancing effect on the body, and also gives beauty to the body. The recipe on the serum allows lactic acids to enhance the beneficial effects of the fetus.

You will need:

  • Such a tool will help not only to clean the vessels, but also to make the immune system harder, and also to improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system.
  • You should clean the head of garlic and crush the denticles into a homogeneous mass.
  • The crushed garlic dissolves in a glass of pure whey( it is best to use the home product).
  • The resulting drink should be drunk all at once.
  • Drink this medication once a day.
  • The course of treatment - 1 month. Within a month, perform a high-quality cleaning of not only the digestive tract, but also the entire body.
  • This remedy also helps to eliminate dysbacteriosis and digestive problems.
Garlic from all diseases

Red wine with garlic - vascular treatment: prescription

Red wine in the amount of 100 ml, if consumed daily, can positively influence the functioning of the circulatory system. This portion will expand the blood vessels and help the blood move through the body more easily. As a result, you can get rid of headaches and sleep disorders.

Another way to improve your condition is to take wine with garlic. Garlic, in turn, "clean" the vessels of cholesterol and "plaques" and help to thin the blood. Complex use of garlic with wine will help you to improve the body and make your health easier. You can dissolve the pressed garlic in wine, but it is much easier to eat a few cloves of garlic and drink them with dry red wine.

Unusual recipes for treatment with garlic

Garlic with milk for cleaning vessels: recipe

Drinking milk with garlic( both dissolved and fresh garlic lumps, washed with liquid) will help you not only strengthen the walls of the vessels, but also have a cleansing effect on the intestines. It is important to know that taking such a drug follows the course. So you can get rid of dysbacteriosis, toxins, slags, stagnant stool.

Tibetan method of purification of vessels with garlic

"Tibetan prescription" assumes more "complex" and complex use of garlic with milk for 2 weeks( minimum):

  • It is important to use for recipe exactly the autumn garlic, which contains a maximum of vitamins and other useful microelements.
  • 300-400 grams of garlic should be suppressed in any way and put in a glass jar.
  • Allow the jar to stand for 10-15 minutes, during which time it will stand. Remove exactly half the mass of garlic and in the jar you will have the most juicy part.
  • Juicy garlic pulp should be filled with 96% alcohol, close the lid tightly to the jar and insist for up to 10 days.
  • After the infusion, the mass should be filtered, fold the cake.
  • After reclining the dry part, alcohol with garlic juice should stand in the refrigerator or cellar for another 3-4 days.
  • Take the remedy correctly. Pour a third of a glass of milk( preferably home and fat).On the first day, add to the milk garlic alcohol, the amount of which is regulated, depending on the day: the first day - 1 drop, the second - 2 and so on.
How can you use garlic and what can be cured?

How to make a tincture of garlic for alcohol to clean the vessels of cholesterol: prescription, scheme of application

Garlic not only improves the cardiovascular system of man, but also all internal organs in the body. A good remedy for all diseases - tincture on alcohol from garlic. However, you should know that you should use it regularly. The product is characterized by the ability of long-term storage, as well as excellent antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral and purifying properties.

It is very easy to prepare this tincture:

  • You will need about 300-350 g of garlic cloves( peeled fruit).
  • Zubki should be passed through a meat grinder or garlic, or crushed with a blender.
  • The resulting puree should be diluted with alcohol. You need 240-250 ml.pure alcohol( a full glass).
  • Dilute the product in a glass container, for example in a jar. After that, close it tightly and put it away for storage in a dark and cool place. There, keep the jar 1,5-2 weeks. Do not put in the refrigerator, ideal cellar or pantry.
  • After storing the tincture, please strain through several layers of gauze and wring out the cake.
  • Give the tincture to stand still, do not drink it for the first 2-3 days.
  • After this, you can take infusion three times a day and strictly before meals. Can be taken with honey or milk to enhance the effect.

IMPORTANT: This remedy is forbidden for women in the position, as well as if you have an individual intolerance to the ingredients. The course of treatment with tincture is 1-2 months. During the course of treatment, drink plenty of water, eliminate harmful food.

Garlic lemon and honey for cleaning the vessels from cholesterol

The recipe of the preparation, based on not only lemon and garlic, but also honey, is considered the most useful and effective. It differs in that it has a lot of positive properties:

  • "Kills" blood cholesterol
  • Cleans vessels and internal organs of accumulated fat.
  • Improves the functioning of the heart muscle
  • Improves the body's metabolism
  • Removes toxins and toxins from the body
  • Has a mild diuretic property
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Kills pathogenic viruses and microbes

IMPORTANT: Lemon, in turn, nourishes the body with a mass of vitamins, and honey gives a largestock of antioxidants, prolonging youth, beauty and health of the body. For greater benefit in the recipe use not a peeled lemon( along with zedra), and honey - only natural!

Preparation of the product is very simple:

  • Grind the meat grinder or blender( or with a grater) 5-6 lemon fruit, do not squeeze the juice. Put the whole mass in a glass jar.
  • With the lemon, chop the cloves of garlic, collected from 4-5 heads.
  • Add in a mass of 200-250 ml.any natural honey.
  • Mix whole mass thoroughly and leave to infuse in a cool and dark place for about 1-2 weeks.
  • After insisting, use the product 2-3 times a day for 1 tablespoon.before eating or feeling ill.

IMPORTANT: The tool will help you regain strength after a hard day, improve your health in case of a serious illness or just return your body tone.

Garlic and lemon against cholesterol: opinion of doctors

Valentin( therapist): "Cholesterol is often in excessive amounts in the blood of a modern person. This has a disastrous effect on all body systems and the work of internal organs. The use of garlic, and especially regular, will help you not only get rid of unnecessary substances( salts, toxins, slags), but also keep the body in tone. "

Irina( dietician): "I advise you to include garlic in your daily diet in order to regulate the work of all body systems and digestive organs. Lowering cholesterol, garlic allows a person not only to feel better, but also to feel a surge of energy. "

Purification of blood vessels with garlic and lemon: feedback from

Barbara: "Do not be afraid that such a remedy can give an unpleasant" smell "that will torment you during the day. Lemon and honey neutralize the sharp aroma and make it soft enough. "

Xenia: "I advise you to include garlic in the daily diet: fresh, baked or braised - it does not matter. Let him be as much as possible! In the period of viral diseases or infections, I always cook crushed garlic with lemon and sugar to myself and children! "

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