Goji berries for weight loss. Useful properties of goji berries and contraindications. Where to buy Goji Berries?

Goji berries have recently become extremely popular. New discoveries associated with the use of these berries in food, led to the fact that they began to be considered a panacea for all ills.

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  • What are the benefits of Goji?
  • What vitamins are found in Goji berry?
  • Harm of Goji berries and contraindications
  • How to take goji berries for weight loss? Recipes of
  • Where to buy Goji berries?
  • Recipes from Goji Berries for weight loss
  • Goji berries for nutrition and skin and hair condition improvement
    • Goji berries for physical stamina and stress resistance needed for weight loss
    • Goji berries for the prevention and treatment of diabetes
    • Goji berries for cancer prevention
    • Goji berries for prophylaxisand the treatment of prostatitis
  • Goji berries for health: the prevention of anemia
  • Goji berries: Useful advice
  • Doctors about Goji berries
  • Video: Goji berries for health and losing weight. Feedback from Elena Malysheva

Externally, these berries are bright pink, reminiscent of raisins. And to taste, something like a dogrose, apricots and grapes, combined. Are goji berries useful? Or is it another product, "endowed" with unique qualities by cunning marketers? Let's understand.

THIS IS INTERESTING: According to one legend, Goji is the name of an ancient Tibetan tribe that grew berries. They believed that by eating them, the berries grant immortality.

What are the benefits of Goji?

Goji berries can be found today in any part of the world. But, only grown in Tibet, these berries are considered "magical".It's all about the amazing climate of this mountainous country, the clean air and the specific temperature at which they are grown. But, what is their value?

Goji berries have a unique composition of nutrients. It contains various polysaccharides, flavonoids and other substances, the ratio of which with each other is really unique.

IMPORTANT: According to many experts Goji berries are now an antioxidant №1.It's all about the ability of this product to absorb free oxygen radicals.

What vitamins are contained in Goji berry?

In addition, Goji berries include such useful substances as:
• Amino acids( more than 20 species);
• Omega-3 and omega-6;
• Vitamin C;
• Vitamin B1;
• Vitamin B6;
• Vitamin B12;
• Phosphorus;
• Iron;
• Calcium;
• Carotene;
• Polysaccharides.

According to the quantity of Goji vitamin C , this product is superior to lemon and black currant.

Harm of Goji berries and contraindications

Harm from Goji berries is not found, but despite the great benefits of goji berries have contraindications.

  • It is not recommended to use goji berries to people who are allergic to red and orange vegetables and fruits
  • People who take medicines, because Goji berry can effectively reduce the medicinal effect of medicines
  • To people with a weak bowel prone to diarrhea
  • Children up to 3-because they are at that age prone to diathesis on red and orange
  • . People with oncology, because they are sick.they take a large number of medicines, and the purifying function of berries will reduce the effectiveness of treatment

How to take goji berries for weight loss? Recipes

Probably everyone already knows the curative help of Goji berries in the fight against excess weight. For the first time the connection of this product with weight loss was discovered by Chinese nutritionists. They pointed out that with the regular use of Goji berries, the production of growth hormone by the body increases. This hormone is able to strengthen the ligaments and bone tissue. But, the natural

increase in the body of growth hormone also leads to the burning of excess fat .

IMPORTANT: Even a strict Ducane diet allows you to eat Goji berries. The reason for the absence of a ban on the use of this berry is associated with a low content of carbohydrates in it. So, low caloric content.

To reduce weight, you can use both raw berries, and a decoction of dry Goji berries. Thanks to the high nutritional ability of the fruit pulp and low caloric content, this product can be eaten, dulling the feeling of hunger.

Where to buy goji berries?

In our country, goji berries are most often sold in dry form.

Buy them you can here.

IMPORTANT: In order to use dried berries in combating obesity, they make a decoction. In a thermos, put 50 g of berries and pour them with boiling water. In a thermos, berries should be infused for 10 minutes. Drink a decoction of Goji berries on an empty stomach two times a day.

Recipes from Goji Berries for weight loss

In China, a very popular tincture of Goji berries.

RECIPE : To do this, take 50 g of berries and place them in a dark glass bottle. Berries need to be filled with quality vodka. A bottle of tincture is put in a dark place for 10 days. Then the tincture can be used for the intended purpose. To reduce weight use two 10-mm doses of tincture on an empty stomach.

RECIPE : Use goji berries and for making tea. It is not as effective for combating obesity, but it is a fortifying aid. To make this tea, you will need:
• 1 tea spoon of black( or green) leaf tea;
• 5 Goji berries;
• 5 chrysanthemum flowers.

Mix the ingredients and pour them with boiling water. This tea is brewed 10-15 minutes. When heat treated, useful substances from Goji berries will fall into the water, and then into the human body. Where will have a beneficial effect on almost all organs.

IMPORTANT: Goji berries can be used as an aphrodisiac. To do this, you need to take a bottle of red wine, pour in 50 g of berries and leave to infuse for a month. The main thing is not to forget to close the lid of the bottle tightly.

Goji Berries for Nourishing and Improving Skin and Hair Condition

Due to its unique composition, Goji berries can serve as whole vitamin complexes for improving health, prolonging youth and beauty. Due to the presence of sufficient beta-carotene in the composition of this product, these berries can be used in food to improve vision, skin and hair condition.

Goji berries for physical endurance and stress resistance needed for weight loss

Substances from the group of alapthogenes contained in Goji berries can increase physical endurance and resistance to stress.

Goji Berries for the Prevention and Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus

In addition, this product can be used for the prevention and treatment of diabetes mellitus. The composition of Goji berries includes glycosides that lower the level of sugar in the blood.

Goji Berries for Cancer Prevention

IMPORTANT: Goji berries include germanium. This anti-cancer mineral, recognized by many oncologists, helps Goji berries to prevent the development of cancer cells in the body.

Goji Berries for prophylaxis and treatment of prostatitis

Goji berries feed the prostate gland and improve lymph flow in the genitals. Substances from this product are able to increase the number of spermatozoa in men and treat female infertility.

Goji Berries for Health: Prevention of Anemia

Anemia( anemia) is a disease associated with low hemoglobin levels in the blood. The structure of Goji berries includes iron .Thanks to him, as well as other substances from this product, with the regular use of Goji berries, you can increase the number of red cells( erythrocytes) in the blood. To treat anemia, doctors advise drinking a decoction of dried berries twice a day.

Goji Berries: Useful advice

Tip # 1. Buy berries in small quantities. Dilute them with water. If the water turns yellow-red, it means that Goji berries have not been heat treated. So, all the useful substances in them are preserved.

Tip # 2. Syrups and jams with goji berries( and more often just with an extract of these berries) are very tasty. But, there is practically no use for them. Therefore, do not buy such products in order to improve their health. It will be a waste of money.

Doctors about goji berries

About the opinion of 8 doctors of dieticians can be found here.

Goji berries indisputably

have useful qualities and are able to help in the fight against excess weight.

But, they can not be considered a panacea for their problems. This product can help, but only in combination with a properly formulated diet and exercise.

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