Why do cracks appear on the lips? How to treat cracks in the corners of the lips, seizures, cheilitis?

The article tells how to properly deal with cracks on the lips.


  • Causes of cracks in the lips
  • Causes of cracks in the corners of the lips
  • What is cheilitis and how to deal with it?
  • How to treat cracks in the lips?
  • Catering for the occurrence of cracks in the lips
  • What vitamins and dietary supplements to use when cracks on the lips?
  • Treatment of lip cracks: preparations for external use
  • Natural lip balms: recipes
  • Treatment of lip cracks with folk remedies at home
  • Cracks on the lips: advice and feedback
  • Video from the Gubernia tV health school on the topic "Cracks on the lips"

Many women dream of beautiful lips. And when cracks appear on them, it brings not only aesthetic discomfort, but also painful sensations. If cracks occur on the lips, it is recommended that they be removed as soon as possible.

Causes of cracks on the lips

Cracks on the lips do not appear from kisses in the frost. And more precisely, not only because of


  • allergic reaction to lipstick, toothpaste, lip balm
  • lack of vitamins A, E, B. Deficiency in the body of vitamins leads to loss of elasticity of the lips. In such a situation, with active stirring lips develop cracks
  • licking lips. Saliva leads to the destruction of the protective layer of the skin of the lips
  • dry air in the room where you live. Dry air takes moisture from the surface of the lips, resulting in the loss of the elasticity of the
  • , too, being in the sun, frost. Exposure to harsh temperatures also dries

lips. IMPORTANT: The most common cause of cracks on the lips is insufficient moisturizing.

Causes of cracks in the corners of the lips

Cracks in the corners of the mouth are present in the people seized. The causes of the appearance may be more serious than the causes of the appearance of a crack on the lip:

  • dryness of the skin
  • lack of vitamins in the body
  • non-observance of personal hygiene
  • use of fluorine-containing toothpastes
  • deficiency of iron in the body
  • consequence of problems in the body( gastrointestinal diseases,diabetes mellitus, hormonal failure)

IMPORTANT: Often the reason for the occurrence of seizures is a certain causative agent that manifested itself with weakened immunity

If local treatment is confoundedthe various procedures and moisturizing lotion does not help, see your doctor for tests in the search for the pathogen( streptococci, fungi, etc.).

What is cheilitis and how to deal with it?

Halitus is a lip disease, accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • cracks on the lips
  • appearance of seizures
  • lip peeling
  • pink lip rimmed, which is usually completely invisible, becomes bright red
  • bubbles on the lips

IMPORTANT: If the abovesymptoms consult a dentist for advice and treatment.

This disease can not be treated with moisturizing cosmetics alone. As a rule, medical treatment is necessary.

How to treat cracks in the lips?

Treatment of lip cracks reduces to both recovery of from from within , and to the recovery of your skin from the outside :

  • proper nutrition
  • restoration of vitamin balance in the body
  • moisturizing procedures
  • use of medical drugs

Nutrition in the event of cracks on the lips

Food in the event of cracks on the lips should be reduced to two main rules:

IMPORTANT: compliance with water and vitamin balance in the body

Drink daily according to 2 liters of clean drinking water .

Use daily products containing the necessary vitamins: orange fruits and vegetables( orange, persimmons, carrots, sea-buckthorn, pumpkin), , meat, fish, beans, nuts, any fresh vegetables.

Restrict to fried, sharp, smoked, fatty foods.

What vitamins and dietary supplements to use when cracks on the lips?

If you can not fill the vitamin deficiency in the body through nutrition, you can not resort to ready-made vitamin-mineral complexes and dietary supplements. Special complexes or additives to combat cracks on the lips are not provided.

IMPORTANT: If you decide to drink a vitamin complex or dietary supplements, you can choose universal restorative preparations containing vitamins A, E and B. The

Vitamin Complex Aevit is convenient because it can be used both for nourishing the skin from the inside and outside. The basis is vitamin E and retinol. The drug prevents dryness of the skin, and this is exactly what is needed in the fight against cracks on the lips. You can also split the capsule and apply on the lips with massage movements.

Treatment of lip cracks: preparations for external use

External treatment of cracks on the lips reduces to the restoration of the structure of the skin. Preparations suitable for topical treatment of lip cracks:

  • Bepanthen plus. The drug is not classified as cheap. It positions itself as a preparation in the form of a cream or ointment that promotes the rapid healing of damages and cracks in the skin and its additional moistening. The main active ingredient is dexpanthenol
  • zinc ointment. A budgetary remedy that has an antiseptic and healing effect on the skin. Does not allow to develop inflammatory processes. The main active ingredient is zinc oxide
  • synthomycin ointment. The drug is an antibiotic and due to this is an excellent anti-inflammatory drug
  • Boro-plus cream. Also available is a drug that boasts an exceptionally natural composition: medicinal plants and herbs. It heals the skin well and does not harm its natural composition

Natural lip balms: recipes

Worthy alternative to the purchased skin care products can be the cosmetics you have prepared - a natural lip balm

The basis may be beeswax or petroleum jelly.

Recipe for balsam based on beeswax.

Ingredients: 25 g of beeswax, 15 g of avocado oil, lemon essential oil, honey.

In a water bath, melt the wax, add the avocado oil and mix for a few minutes. Add some natural honey honey, after removing it from a water bath. Add a few drops of lemon oil to the mixture and put it in a cool place.

Recipe for balsam based on petroleum jelly.

Ingredients: 2 items of l.vaseline, bitter chocolate, cinnamon powder.

Chopped chocolate on a fine grater, add Vaseline to the melted on a water bath. Stir until the chocolate is completely dissolved. After add a pinch of cinnamon and remove from the water bath. After thoroughly mixing, pour into a prepared container and put it in a cool place.

IMPORTANT: Do not forget to make a standard test for allergy to the components of the balm. On the inner fold of the elbow, apply the components of the balm and watch the reaction during the day.

Treatment of cracks in the lips with folk remedies at home

Treat cracks on the lips and you can also use folk remedies:

  • use for lubricating cracks avocado oil or tea tree
  • soften the skin of the lips with fish oil, melted fat, fresh butter,
  • mix cottage cheese with carrot juice in the proportion of 1 to 1. Apply for 30 minutes on the lips, then rinse with warm water
  • severaldrops of aloe juice apply on cracks
  • apply olive or sea-buckthorn oil on lips and hold 15 minutes
  • before going to bed massage lips with honey mask. Apply honey to the lips and pat with light movements
  • several times a day rub your lips with cucumber juice. Scratch the cucumber on a fine grater and squeeze until juice
  • is mixed in equal proportions with butter and honey. The resulting mixture is applied to the lips of
  • , mix a spoonful of animal fat with tiny pieces of rose petals. Apply on cracks

Cracks on the lips: advice and feedback

Cracks on the lips make you experience some discomfort. It is more pleasant and easier to observe measures for the prevention of appearance of cracks than to treat them later:

  • observe the rules of proper nutrition
  • drink 2 liters of clean water a day
  • observe the hygiene of the mouth and hands
  • use skin softening lips
  • do not apply hygienic lipstick or balmbefore going out. Apply 30 minutes prior to release so that the product absorbs
  • Do not lick or bite your lips.

Take care of your lips, nourish them from the inside and out. Then you do not have to struggle with the discomfort that you can feel when there are cracks on your lips.

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