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Mysterious basil: the mystery of the east, the secret ingredient of the west.

This miraculous plant is equally highly valued in the east and west. In India it is called the Sacred Tulasi, and it is believed that in this form the g

oddess comes to the earth. In Italy, one of the stripes of the green flag was made in his honor. We call this plant a basil, and in our everyday life it only appears. Let's get to know him better.

Chemical composition of basil

Basil grows in tropical and temperate areas. We call it a fragrant cornflower. It contains many vitamins:

  • Group B vitamins. This and thiamine, and folic acid, and riboflavin, and pyridoxine
  • Famous vitamin C
  • Beta-carotene
  • Vitamin A

The basil also contains trace elements. Among them are such irreplaceable substances as calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium. But this does not mean that if you have bad teeth due to calcium deficiency, then you will benefit from basil. Although calcium in the plant is sufficient, it is used as a seasoning or medicine, which means that you can not eat it much. Much more important is the vitamin composition.

Basil is not any specific plant, but a whole genus, in which there are grass and even shrubs.

Benefits of basil for the body

In India, basil is considered to be sacred. In the eastern system of medicine - Ayurveda - much attention is paid to products that help the body cleanse.

The Divine Tulasi is one such product. Due to this property, it is often used in diseases of the excretory system: inflammation of the bladder or malfunctioning of the gastrointestinal tract.

  • A unique combination of vitamins improves the look of the skin and strengthens the legs. Any woman knows that the condition of the skin and nails is a sure sign of how the body works.
  • It is good for people of mature age to consume dishes with basil, because it has a good effect on the elasticity of the vessels. Magic grass helps with arthritis and rheumatism.
  • Leaves of fragrant cornflowers are a recognized antiseptic. They even can be used to disinfect wounds. If you use them inward, they will help to disinfect the lesions on the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract
  • . If you are young, full of energy and do not have health problems, basil is also useful for you. It helps maintain the body in a tone, gives energy. The plant tones up not only the body, but also the brain. In Ayurveda, it is used to improve the memory of

. The properties of the basil of purple

. This basil is the most fragrant of all the other herbs. Taste properties allow you to add it not only to salads, seafood and home-made products. He is often put in tea. Unusual appearance allows to grow basil as an ornamental plant.

Useful properties of basil lemon

Lemon basil has a pronounced citrus note in the smell. Therefore in Italy it is often used to flavor local cheeses. It is indispensable in the preparation of canned food. Lemon basil is equally good in both fresh and dried form. Therefore, it can be used in the composition of herbal teas.

Properties of Asian basil

A distinctive feature of Asian basil is the unique taste of cloves. Therefore, it is especially good for spicy dishes, be it meat or warming beverages.

Properties of Mediterranean basil

Mediterranean basil is the sweetest among all species. It is used not only as a component of a dish, but also as an independent snack. It can be used even when making desserts!

Basil for men use

Basil is considered to be the strongest aphrodisiac. The smell helps to tune in to a romantic wave. It relaxes and increases potency. The best way to test this is to take a warm bath with essential oil of basil. For a few minutes before the procedure a few drops of this remedy should be mixed with honey or cream, and then added to water.

Basil use for women. Basil in cosmetology

  • The fact that basil strengthens the skin and nails has already been mentioned above. Other cosmetic properties of this healing plant are due to the fact that this is an excellent antiseptic
  • . Decoction of basil can be used to care for problem skin. He will remove excess fat without destroying the natural lipid film. At the same time the skin will not feel "defenseless", and the work of sebaceous glands will be normalized
  • This remedy is indicated for skin care after thirty. It promotes cell rejuvenation, maintains a general tone, soothes micro-irritation

Basil application in cooking. Salads with basil, photo

In the east, the sacred Tulasi is used for medicinal purposes. While in the west they prefer to use it in cooking.

In Italian cuisine this plant is not just a seasoning, but also the basis for many dishes. For example, the famous pesto sauce is a mixture of crushed nuts, cheese and basil, seasoned with lemon juice, garlic and pepper. There are so many spicy herbs here that the color of the sauce becomes saturated green.

The plant is placed in such familiar salads as Greek and Caesar.

And here's an unusual recipe: a puffed salad of beets and basil. Cut the boiled beet into thin circles. Just finely chop the cheese. Lay all layers: beets, spinach, brynza, basil. Each layer of lightly sprinkle with lemon juice. Top you can sprinkle with hot pepper.

Properties and benefits of dried basil. Seasoning basil

  • Fresh basil has an incomparable taste. But when drying its useful properties are not lost. Therefore, in winter it is often used as a dry seasoning. From the taste leaves the burning and notes of black pepper, a little is lost the saturation of the fragrance. But the dried basil - a unique and unique seasoning
  • The famous spice fan Yulia Vysotskaya notes that the spice is perfectly combined with vegetarian products: tomatoes, beans, cabbage and beans. Even ordinary vinegar becomes balsamic, if you add a few leaves of basil. Often European sausages and pates have a unique taste precisely because of the addition of this spice
  • It is believed that the heat treatment impoverishes the flavor of the seasoning. Therefore, it is better to add it to the ready-made dish, which you then let it infuse. Eat basil 10 minutes before the readiness

Drink basil. Basil juice, the use of

Basil is not only dried. Where it grows abundantly, juice is squeezed out of it. The drink is rich in phytoncides. These biologically active substances stop the growth of bacteria, fungi, protozoa. It is the juice of the basil that tones and imparts vigor to the body and mind.

Basil tea is good. Decoction basilica benefits

In the Asian countries of the former USSR it is customary to add basil to tea. Especially good in the heat lemon basil with cooling notes. In India, the sacred Tulasi is used as an independent drink. It is brewed without the addition of herbs.

Decoction of basil tidies up the nervous system, raises the tone. At the same time, there are no harmful substances in it, like caffeine, which is contained in coffee and in tea.

Basil essential oil is the use of

In essential oil of basil, there are as many phytoncides as in juice. It has all the useful properties of other forms of its application. But the essential oil also has a carminative effect. It is used for bloating. This is an excellent natural antispasmodic.

Basil in folk medicine

Spicy herb is widely used in folk medicine.

  • When rocking, keep a few basil leaves in the mouth
  • It relieves nausea
  • If you rinse the eye with this flower's eye and make compresses, you will regain the visual acuity and take off the fatigue
  • And the tincture of basil flowers on the Cahors can be drunk to women who feel reduced desire and frigidity
  • If you have a toothache, moisten cotton wool in the essential oil of this plant and put on a sore spot
  • But most of all basil is used for colds

Basil from bronchitis. Basil for the flu

From many viruses and bacteria that cause bronchitis, alcoholic tincture on the basilica helps. She also removes the symptoms of the flu. To prepare it, take:

  • 30 g of basil leaves
  • 70 g of St. John's wort
  • 0,5 liters of vodka

Herbs insist on vodka in a dry dark place for a week. After that, 30-40 drops of tincture are dissolved in a glass of warm water. Rinse your throat three times a day.

An unusual recipe for influenza, bronchitis and other colds - potato compresses. For their preparation you will need:

  • 3 potatoes
  • 5 drops of essential oil of basil
  • 2 drops of iodine
  • 1/3 teaspoon of soda

Cook the potatoes in the peel, mash, add the rest of the ingredients. Form the cakes, wrap them in cheesecloth and put them on the chest. The patient should lie under the blanket before the compresses cool down. It is advisable to sleep after the procedure.

Basil and oncology

Medicines against cancer have not been invented yet, but the properties of the radioprotector are attributed to the basilica. They say that it not only protects people who eat it from radiation, but also neutralizes harmful effects. Official medicine does not comment on this information in any way.

Hazardous properties of basil, harm

Harmful properties of spices are associated with its toning effect. There are people who have an increased tone contraindicated. These are pregnant women. People with cardiovascular diseases should also not abuse basil. Its effect on diabetic patients has not been studied.

So, basil is a miraculous plant. Its healing properties were known in the east and west long ago. Despite the abundance of species and methods of its use in medicine, the properties of it are the same. Basil is indispensable in cooking. But there are special conditions of the body, even when this wonderful plant is contraindicated.

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