Endometriosis of the uterus, cervix, ovaries during pregnancy: symptoms, reviews. How does pregnancy take place in endometriosis, can endometriosis be cured by pregnancy, can it be the cause of a stagnant pregnancy?

Pregnancy in endometriosis: course.bearing, risks, treatment.

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  • Endometriosis in pregnant women: symptoms
  • Endometriosis in early pregnancy
  • Influence of endometriosis of the uterus, cervix, ovaries on pregnancy, bearing, fetus: pain, discharge, smear, abortion
  • Can endometriosis be the cause of a dead pregnancy?
  • Signs of pregnancy in endometriosis, pregnancy test
  • Is it possible to cure endometriosis with pregnancy?
  • Endometriosis and pregnancy after age 40
  • Is it possible to confuse endometriosis with pregnancy?
  • How to keep pregnancy with endometriosis?
  • Medication abortion in endometriosis
  • Pregnancy after laparoscopy of endometriosis: bearing
  • Pregnancy after after Byzanne and Jeanine
  • Endometriosis and pregnancy: feedback from
  • Video: Getting ready for pregnancy: endometriosis

Women's health is very valuable and fragile. It is necessary to follow it and, in case of any unpleasant symptoms, contact the doctor. In this article

, we will talk with you about such an unpleasant disease as endometriosis, which is even dangerous during pregnancy.

Endometriosis in pregnant women: symptoms of

Endometriosis took its name from the word endometrium - the inner lining of the uterus, which always stands out during menstruation. In the absence of disease, the membrane is located only inside the uterus. But with the appearance of the disease, the envelope begins to settle behind the uterine cavity and forms foci of endometriosis.

When during menstruation blood is released from the foci of the disease, which can be located not only in the uterus, but also the ovaries, inflammation of the abdominal cavity and the appearance of adhesions occur. It happens that the disease is asymptomatic and can be identified only with gynecological examination.

Endometriosis is a disease that occurs in women aged 25-40 years. Such an ailment can be found in women during menopause, but in this case all the symptoms most often occur without a trace.

Endometriosis can be:

  • Genital
  • Extragenital

Genital, in turn, happens to be external and internal:

  • In the first case, the focus is manifested outside the uterus
  • In the second - in the walls of the uterus

In general, the focus of endometriosis, which is outside the uterus, is benign. But recently, cases of detection of endometriosis in combination with oncological female diseases have become more frequent, which is the cause of hormonal disorders.

Endometriosis in Pregnant

Approximately 40% of women who can not become pregnant after endometriosis are found after the examination. It is he who often causes infertility.

But if the woman still became pregnant, then the pain and bleeding that were during critical days, no longer torment the future mother. But still, a pleasant period in a woman's life when diagnosing endometriosis has complications:

  • Probability of premature birth or miscarriage
  • Weak labor
  • Bleeding in the last trimester
  • Rupture of the uterus during labor
  • Education and rupture of the ovarian cyst
Pregnant need a thorough examination

Therefore, if a woman becomes pregnant with the disease with endometriosis, during this period she needs more careful observation and immediate hospitalization in case of complication of the disease or simpohms, which pose a threat to the pregnant woman and the baby.

Endometriosis in early pregnancy

As you understand, getting pregnant with endometriosis is difficult, so it is better to cure the symptoms of ailment before planning a pregnancy. In addition, pregnancy in the presence of endometriosis is extremely dangerous, because there may be miscarriages, tears of the cervix.

A particularly dangerous period is the early pregnancy, when the risk of miscarriage is particularly high. Therefore it is necessary that the doctor carefully controlled the course of pregnancy.

During pregnancy, hormones are often used to stop the germination of the endometrium. In this position, this is the safest method.

Also in the early stages of continuous monitoring of the thickness of the endometrium. Doctors regularly check the thickness of the shell down to mm.

Pregnancy with endometriosis

It should not be very thin, but it is also necessary to prevent its proliferation. In any case, the deviation is corrected for hormone therapy.

Influence of endometriosis of the uterus, cervix, ovaries on pregnancy, bearing, fetus: pain, discharge, smear, interruption of pregnancy.

One can hear the claim that endometriosis can be cured by pregnancy. This is partly true, because pregnancy often excludes excretion and pain that occurred during critical days with endometriosis.

Also during pregnancy hormones cease to be produced, which lead to proliferation of mucous membranes. Therefore, the emergence of foci of endometriosis is virtually excluded.

But still this is a temporary phenomenon and the foci may appear again after the first ovulation. Therefore, it is better to take a course of treatment, and only then plan a pregnancy.

Endometriosis in early pregnancy

In addition, often this ailment can cause a miscarriage, especially in the early stages. Interruption of pregnancy is a huge emotional, mental and physical stress for a woman.

Therefore, either try to get rid of the disease, but only after thinking about conception. If such a situation occurs, then watch your health and condition and follow all the doctor's instructions.

Can endometriosis be the cause of a dead pregnancy?

During a frozen pregnancy a woman ceases to be pregnant outside her own desire. Another type of this situation is miscarriage.

The main sign of a stunted pregnancy is the absence of a heartbeat with ultrasound and examination by a doctor. Endometriosis can lead to a dead pregnancy, but often this happens not only in the presence of foci of the disease, but also with other concomitant abnormalities, among them:

  • Genetic and chromosomal pathologies are the first and main reason. At 80% of women in early terms, a frozen pregnancy is detected if this cause exists.
  • Diseases of an infectious nature, among which may be rubella, toxoplasmosis, herpes, influenza, SARS.Also dangerous and venereal diseases.
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Conflict between mother and father, namely Rhesus incompatibility or incompatibility by blood group.
  • Problems in the mother with liver and kidneys, as well as diabetes mellitus.
  • Taking certain medications even before pregnancy planning. This should be discussed with the doctor during pregnancy planning.
  • Negative environmental factors that surrounds the mother - it can be emotional loads, and noise with dusty places where the mother is often.
Endometriosis may be the cause of an abortive pregnancy.

A combination or several of these causes lead to a woman's pregnancy with complications. In the worst case, miscarriage or pregnancy fading occurs.

Signs of pregnancy in endometriosis, pregnancy test

If you saw 2 strips on the test, but you know that you have endometriosis, you need to urgently consult a doctor. The gynecologist will give you a direction for ultrasound.

This is extremely necessary, because you first need to find out that pregnancy is the uterine. In the presence of foci, cases of ectopic pregnancy that can also affect the test with two strips are not uncommon.

If the pregnancy is ectopic, then it is necessary to perform an urgent operation and remove the fetal egg from the tubes. By the way, during the operation spikes are excised, this increases the chance for a woman to become pregnant.

Pregnancy in endometriosis

But, if you were told a happy news and a pregnancy, the uterus is not prescribed at the beginning. And only a regular and thorough observation. Beginning in the second trimester, when progesterone is suppressed by estrogens, progesterone medications are prescribed that reduce the muscular activity of the uterus.

Most often, with endometriosis in the last weeks, a woman is determined to be preserved. In order to conduct a cesarean if necessary.

Is it possible to cure endometriosis with pregnancy?

When a woman is in an excellent position, it contributes to a change in her hormonal background. In turn, this situation is not in favor of emerging foci of the disease.

Because the production of estrogen decreases, but the progesterone on the contrary becomes larger. This amount of hormones does not contribute to the emergence of foci of the disease.

In addition, if breastfeeding occurs in normal mode, then a favorable condition for curing for ailment will last. But if the foci found on the ovaries, then, unfortunately, get rid of them will not succeed.

Endometriosis and pregnancy after 40 years

As we have already seen, endometriosis most often overcomes women under 40 years old. But, what is the situation with the female representatives who crossed this barrier.

Even if a woman does not have a history of endometriosis, there are still other risks of late pregnancy:

  • High probability of miscarriage - one third of women after 40 years of age have such a sad experience. At this age, not only the body grows old, but also the egg, so genetic defects are more often detected.
  • Chronic diseases worsen. At this age, women already have permanent diseases. Especially it is necessary to carefully monitor your health and undergo a medical examination in case of problems with the kidneys and the heart.
  • Diabetes of pregnant women is three times more likely to affect women after 40.
  • Very frequent is a multiple pregnancy, but also during childbirth in this case, labor activity is weak, there are severe bleeding and tears.
  • Almost half of future mothers after 40 are resolved by cesarean.

If the future mother shows an endometriosis, the gynecologist very often advises to lay down for preservation and is under the daily supervision of medical personnel. There are cases when women with late delivery are in the hospital for the entire period of pregnancy.

After 40 you can give birth to a healthy baby

Do not neglect such advice of doctors, as not only endometriosis can bring a future mother a health hazard, and a child for life. Many accompanying problems also require careful observation.

But do not despair, because medicine does not stand still, and perinatal diagnostics and even more so. Modern research already at an early date can reveal deviations in the development of the fetus and take the necessary measures.

In addition, the mothers to whom God gave the late child more trepidation, gently and consciously relate to their role. And their children are born in love, and most importantly - very desired.

Is it possible to confuse endometriosis with pregnancy?

In the Internet you can find a lot of information that young girls on ultrasound or a doctor's examination were diagnosed incorrectly. Frequent cases of the fact that endometriosis was confused with pregnancy.

That is, the girl comes for an examination to the doctor with complaints of pain in the lower abdomen and bloody secretions. And after the examination, she is diagnosed with endometriosis, prescribing hormonal treatment.

But when after a while the bloody discharge did not stop, the girl came to the examination to another doctor, where it turned out that she had an early pregnancy, and there were serious problems with the fetus.

Recall that gynecologists do not advise planning a pregnancy until you cure endometriosis. But if this has happened, then it is necessary to carefully examine and determine whether the foci of the disease do not interfere with the normal course of pregnancy.

How to keep pregnancy with endometriosis?

Despite the fact that it is quite difficult to get pregnant with this disease, there are still such cases. This situation occurs when a woman does not know about her illness or has not been examined for a long time.

Future mother should remember that in the early stages of pregnancy, the presence of this ailment is a huge risk of losing a child. It can be both a miscarriage and a frozen pregnancy.

You can save pregnancy with endometriosis

Therefore, to maintain the health of the mother and the life of the baby is required by special hormones. After the formation of the placenta, the risk of losing the baby decreases. But despite this, a pregnant woman must comply with all the prescriptions and advice of a gynecologist.

Fortunately endometriosis does not affect the development of the baby. Therefore, if you take care of yourself, you can give birth to a wonderful healthy baby. After birth, be sure to determine the doctor about the treatment of the disease, since getting rid of it is simply necessary.

Medication abortion with endometriosis

This type of abortion is performed with medications that provoke miscarriage. The period in which it is permissible to have an abortion is up to 7 weeks.

There are many burdensome consequences that a woman can experience after a medical abortion at one or another period of her life. But if a woman has endometriosis and early pregnancy, gynecologists often insist on maintaining a pregnancy.

Medical abortion with endometriosis

Since abortion under such conditions only aggravates the situation. In addition, it is not uncommon for a woman to develop benign or even malignant formations after a certain time.

In addition, pregnancy and childbirth can alleviate and even exclude the course of endometriosis. Therefore, consult a doctor before making such an important decision as an abortion with endometriosis. Take care of your health and the life of the future baby.

Pregnancy after laparoscopy of endometriosis: incubation of

Laparoscopy is a surgical intervention for the treatment of gynecological diseases. Endometriosis can also be one of the indications for the use of this intervention.

The question of pregnancy after this operation has several answers, depending on the specificity of the disease:

  • If there was internal endometriosis, then you should try to get pregnant in the next cycle, the optimal period is 3 months after the operation.
  • After the operation to remove external endometriosis and despite the fact that the ovaries are restored after a few days, it's better to talk about the terms of conception with a gynecologist. Since pregnancy, which occurred within 3 months after the operation, often have to be supported by hormonal drugs.
  • The timing of pregnancy after laparoscopy can also be divided into several categories:
  • 20% of the fair sex pregnant in the next cycle.
  • The same number of girls learn joy in 3-5 months after the operation.
  • A little more - 30% of women become pregnant in the period from six months to 8 months.
  • 15% of women learn that they are pregnant about a year after the operation.
  • and the remaining 15% can not conceive even after a year. In this case, it is necessary to consult a gynecologist and determine further actions to obtain the desired result.
  • 30% of attempts take about 6-8 months. Another 15% begin to prepare for maternity within a year.
Pregnancy after laparoscopy occurs depending on the severity of the disease and the complexity of the operation.

. If the pregnancy occurred in the first months after the operation, then the normal course of the condition and the hormonal background should be maintained with certain medications. In other cases, pregnancy proceeds without complications.

Pregnancy course after Byzanne and Jeanine

OK Byzanne and Janine are used as hormonal therapy in the treatment of endometriosis. Also, these drugs naturally are an obstacle to pregnancy. To use such drugs, you should always consult your doctor about the dosage.

But many women are interested in the question of how quickly one can get pregnant after using these drugs. There is no exact answer to this question, since it is deeply individual.

But, if you read the forums on the Internet, where women share their experience on this topic, you can find information that 80% of women become pregnant after 1-2 cycles.

Admission of hormones stops the development of foci of edometriosis

But it is still worth noting that if you took drugs not only from unwanted pregnancy, but also to treat endometriosis, then before planning pregnancy, take a look at the gynecologist.

Remember that pregnancy with endometriosis can have negative consequences, especially in the early stages. The course of the same pregnancy after the intake of Byzanne and Janine is not due to complications.


ANNA, 32:

"I can not get pregnant, as an examination revealed endometriosis in the uterus. Already nausea from these pills, but the result is not there. In addition, permanent spotting discharge is brown for 10 days after the end of menstruation. Just horror, I do not know what to do. I think about the operation, but it's scary. "

Valeria, 28 years old:

"Also revealed endometriosis. And for half a year I could not get pregnant. Since one child already exists, I decided that until they were very sad. I'm busy with myself, I took the right. And then I noticed a nausea in the morning. I decided at first that I was nervous before the driving test. But still decided to buy a test. And, about a miracle, 2 strips. Now I will take care of my health and will be careful. "

Inna, 25 years old:

"For 4 years I tried to get pregnant, I drank the strongest hormones. And a miracle did happen. In addition, after childbirth and GV this nasty endometriosis has evaporated. So at me now two pleasures - my daughters and disposal of this illness ».

Victoria.27 years old:
"6 years with her husband are trying to get pregnant. All this endometriosis did not let me see the happy 2 strips. Doctors said that it was not possible to perform an operation for those who did not give birth. But there was no more strength left, and these hormones in tablets were already boring. Decided. The result - in 2 months my happiness was no limit. And now I'm already in the sixth month. "

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