Pancreatic disease - pancreatitis: symptoms, signs, causes. Treatment and diet for inflammation of the pancreas

One of the organs of the human digestive system is the pancreas. It produces digestive enzymes, which decompose food products into proteins, fats and carbohydrates. And also, with the help of beta cells of the islets of Langerhans, it produces insulin.


  • Where the pancreas hurts: symptoms, signs of the disease
  • The golden rule for pancreatitis is not to overeat
  • How to relieve the pancreas?
  • What foods are banned from pancreatic disease?
  • What products are resolved with pancreatic disease?
  • Diet for pancreatic disease. Menu
  • Drinking regimen for pancreatic disease
  • Vitamins for pancreatic disease
  • Pancreatic damage to parasites
  • Drugs for pancreatic disease
  • Pancreatic treatment for folk remedies
  • Advice and feedback on pancreatic disease
  • Video. Some signs of pancreatic disease

Pancreatic diseases can lead to :
• Acute pancreatitis
• Hepatitis virus types A, B, C
• Development of benign and malignant neoplasm
• Cirrhosis

Where the pancreas is sick: symptoms, signs of disease

Pathologiespancreas in severe form can lead to acute pancreatitis. It is a disease in which various inflammations develop in the tissues of the pancreas. In acute pancreatitis, the following symptoms:
• Dull cutting pain in the pit or in the hypochondrium region
• High temperature with low or high pressure
• Pale or cyanotic skin tone
• Nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, eructation, etc.
• Diarrhea, bloating or constipation
• Shortness of breath, sticky sweat and yellow coating on

. IMPORTANT: Patient with the above symptoms should be urgently hospitalized. Even with modern medicine, this disease has a high risk of mortality.

Diet for pancreatic disease

Golden rule for pancreatitis - do not overeat

Pancreatitis can also occur in lighter forms. Treatment of this disease must necessarily include a diet. The main thing in pancreatitis is not to overeat. Some doctors generally advise 2-3 days to refrain from any food. In the early days with acute pancreatitis you can only drink water.

Regarding the diet for pancreatitis, it implies the use of food, which is based on proteins. Fatty and carbohydrate-rich foods with pancreatic diseases from the diet should be excluded.

IMPORTANT: Diet for pancreatitis implies the rejection of three "F": Fried, Fatty and Yolk!

Eat with the above described problems, preferably 5-6 times a day. In this case, the size of one serving should not exceed 250 g. The products should preferably be recoated. This will prevent their irritating effect. Diet in pancreatitis means eating cooked or steamed foods.

Pancreatitis: the rule of three "F": give up fried, fatty and yolks

How to relieve the pancreas?

The therapeutic diet and healthy lifestyle, in the absence of other problems in the human body, can help to forget about problems with the pancreas for a long time. Even if a full victory over the disease does not come, the symptoms of the disease will visit the patient very rarely. In order to relieve the pancreas, you need to know what foods can be eaten, and which ones should be discarded.

What foods are banned from pancreatic disease?

For pancreatic diseases, it is necessary to refuse fried( pork, beef, potatoes, fish, chicken, etc.), flour( chocolate, cake, pie, pancakes, ice cream, rye and white bread, etc.), dairy productscottage cheese, sour cream, mayonnaise, etc.), some fruits( orange, grapes, apple, pomegranate, etc.) and vegetables( cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplants, etc.).In addition, people with pancreatic problems need to give up carbonated drinks, coffee and alcohol.

IMPORTANT: If you have problems with the pancreas, you need to reduce the amount of sugar consumed!

Preparing foods for a diet with problems with the pancreas is best in the

steamer What foods are resolved with pancreatic disease?

The diet for problems with the pancreas allows you to eat some by-products( chicken and pork liver), butter, boiled egg and salt. But, the number of these products should be minimal.

It is allowed to use cooked or steamed poultry and fish meat, veal, whole-grain bread, biscuits, various soups, mashed potatoes, baked or boiled vegetables( potatoes, zucchini, cauliflower, carrots, etc.) in case of problems with the pancreas.), low-fat milk, hard cheese and other products.

Diet for pancreatic disease. Menu

The standard menu for the described problems:
• 1st breakfast: rice porridge( viscous) with the addition of steamed chicken meat;
• 2nd breakfast: albumen omelette, green tea;
• Lunch: vegetable soup with boiled meat;
• Snack: Cottage cheese and tea with milk;
• Dinner: Boiled cauliflower with fish( per pair);
• Before going to bed: a glass of yogurt or curdled milk.

Drinking Regimen for Pancreatic Disease

Pancreatic diseases involve the refusal to drink alcohol, coffee and sugary beverages. The first 2-3 days after the beginning of the therapeutic diet, you can consume only alkaline mineral water, decoctions of some herbs and dogrose. In a day with this diet, you need to drink 2 to 2.5 liters of water. It is desirable to use it between meals.

Vitamins for pancreatic disease

For the proper functioning of the pancreas vitamins involved in insulin metabolism are needed. A special role among them is assigned to vitamin B1 .It is used by our body for the synthesis of pyruvic acid. It oxidizes glucose and prevents its accumulation in the tissues of the body. Most of of vitamin B1 is found in:
• Carrots;
• Green peas;
• Pumpkin;
• Bulgarian pepper.

Carrots are rich in vitamin B1, which means it is very useful for pancreas

. Also our pancreas needs vitamins B2 , B6 and B12 .They participate in protein, fat and carbohydrate metabolism. Such vitamins can be found in:
• Hard cheese;
• Liver;
• Greenery;
• Brewer's yeast.

In addition, for the proper functioning of the pancreas, it needs fat-soluble vitamins A and E .Although these vitamins are also found in food, it is best for pancreas problems to use them in ready-made form. To enhance the effect of , vitamins A , With and E are taken together.
Do not forget about the "universal" vitamin C , which is necessary to strengthen the immunity of the whole body.
Chromium and Vanadium - activate the action of insulin, control its normal level in the blood.
The chromium provokes diabetes of the second type. Chromium is found in products: mulberry, gooseberry, blueberry leaves.

IMPORTANT: For pancreatic disorders, the necessary vitamins may not be absorbed completely. Therefore, useful substances from food should be supplemented by courses of vitamin preparations prescribed by the attending physician.

Pancreatic lesions of


May occur:
Single-cell microscopic parasites - lamblia. They disrupt the activity of the pancreas and provoke its diseases. They oppress her secretory activity, than reduce the amount of secretion secreted by the gland in the intestine.
Giardiasis is often asymptomatic or disguised as a disease of the gastrointestinal tract, especially in adults.
Lamblias live in commonwealth with worms and other protozoa.
Opisthorchia - worms - flukes, penetrate into the pancreas from the biliary tract.
Symptoms of : general weakness, nausea, vomiting, lack of appetite and loss of immunity.

IMPORTANT: If you find such symptoms in your body, you need to pass tests for the presence of parasites, or get a diagnosis from a homeopath.

Drugs for pancreatic disease

Drugs for the treatment of the pancreas are selected by a doctor who observes the patient. Such a complex can include antispasmodics, analgesics and cholinopreparations. Also, the attending physician can prescribe anti- enzyme and enzyme agents, as well as H2-blockers and antacids.

These drugs include:
• No-shpa;
• Creon;
• Platyphylline;
• Femotidine;
• Papaverine;
• Atropine;
• Ranitidine;
• Pancreatin;
• Pankournen;
• Pantcitrate;
• Enzyme forte;
• Gordox;
• Counter;
• Analgin;
• Baralgin;
• Gelusil;
• Phosphalugel;
• Almagel.

Treatment of the pancreas folk remedies

Treated by folk remedies without the diagnosis set by a specialist is highly undesirable. But, if you are seen by the attending physician and are certain of what kind of disease you have, then you can try to cure it with folk remedies. The main thing is not to overdo it and keep in touch with the attending physician.

Treatment of problems with the pancreas folk remedies implies the consumption of food useful to the body products. For example, different dishes from oats. With such a disease, porridge or a decoction of oats is very useful. Also, folk medicine in such problems recommends eating a glass of freshly squeezed potato daily before meals.

Oat decoction is an excellent remedy for pancreatitis

With pancreatitis, pain can be reduced with the help of Golden Mustache decoction or chamomile. But, whatever treatment you choose, I remind you that without the professional treatment of a professional doctor, you can not help your body by means of folk remedies.

IMPORTANT: It is extremely dangerous to engage in self-medication with pancreatic diseases.

Tips and Feedback for Pancreatic Disease

Pancreatic problems occur in people who are abnormal to their diet. The best prevention of this problem is a well-thought-out diet.

The main advice: adhere to a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition

and problems with the pancreas can be avoided.

Video. Some signs of pancreatic pathology

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